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MARS-Astrology and Sex pt.2

So now that you know how you and/or your significant other actually “do the deed”, it’s time to look at how you seduce, and no this is not where Venus comes in. This is actually when you’ll need to know your rising sign because the house your Mars is in describes your most effective seductive techniques. Also it describes your sex appeal outside of the bedroom whereas you Mars sign is all about the deed. Be sure to radiate your Best Traits when trying to seduce your crush. 

Mars 1st House

Mars in the first house is the Alpha in any pack. They seduce by competition, they love the idea of rivals and the thrill of the chase. In love or lust,they are brazen but completely unsubtle. 

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Look After You

Here’s something else I found. This one is when they are all adults. Awkward Christmas party

If ever there was a doubt
My love she leans into me
This most assuredly counts
She says most assuredly

Maya tapped her fingers against her thigh, her burgundy sweater dress rippling with each tap. The thick fabric fell around her and would be scraping the floor if it wasn’t for her chunky brown boots. Her free hand continuously rubbed at her protruding belly—never tiring of the unexplainable feeling of being so close to her baby boy. 

She stared at herself in the reflection of the mirror as she sat down her volume boosting mascara as Riley stepped into the room.

“It feels longer than five years since I moved out of here.” 

Riley plopped onto her old bed, now fitted with more sophisticated fitted sheets—a dark purple color that matched nicely with her gray walls. Though they were grown adults, both married and one with a child on the way, they both still found comfort in the room. Maya told Riley she was pregnant in the bay window even. It felt like coming home and when they both struggled, Riley’s room is where they both went.

Riley looked around with a sigh.

“My grandparents are here.”

Maya held in an agitated sigh. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the older Matthews couple. She loved them—she did. They are the people who raised not only Cory, but also her own stepfather in a way. Shawn wouldn’t be the man he is today if it wasn’t for them, but ever since she got married four and a half years earlier, they always found a way to slip in their judgmental gazes her way.

Her husband wasn’t what they would have chosen for her. She got married too young effectively ruining her life. They once thought the same of Topanga and Cory—she isn’t sure why she was surprised by their frosty response the first time she showed up with a ring on her finger.

Because she broke their son’s heart and for that, they might always hate her a little bit for. 

It didn’t matter if it was over six years ago.
It didn’t matter that she was obviously happy.
All that mattered to them was she was married right out of high school and it wasn’t to their son.

“You know they love you.” Riley twisted her diamond around her finger with her thumb—a nervous twitch that she had picked ever since the ring settled around her left hand three years previously.

“I think they would love me more if I had the last name Matthews,” Maya kept a small hand on her belly as she slowly settled beside her best friend.

“Well, my presents have decreased since I switched.”

Maya rolled her eyes. “Speaking of, where is that insanely handsome husband of yours?”

“Off making me angry. You know I am thinking of divorcing him?”

Maya threw her head back at Riley’s expression, snorting at the ridiculous thought. “We both know he is your favorite person on this whole planet. Maybe in the universe.”

“He’s supposed to be here already.” Riley pouted, her arms crossed tight over her chest. 

“And he will be. My hubby isn’t here yet either. Mostly because he promised to pick yours up.”

“See! You should be mad at him too.”

“You and I both know the second he walks through that door, he’s going to give you that lovey-dovey smile and you’re going to give him that Riley grin you have been giving him since seventh grade—

“It has not been since seventh grade.”

Maya raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. “I’m sorry, eighth?”

“Whatever. You make me sound like putty in his hands. I could stay mad at him if I wanted to.”

“You could, honey. You just don’t want to.” Maya pulled herself up, lending a hand to her overdramatic best friend.

“Now let’s go. Just keep me occupied until our husbands show up. You know I am emotional.”

They started down the stairs, Maya tensing at the laugh that came from none other than her ex-boyfriend.

She hadn’t seen him since she had gotten married and she was never thinking the way he would see her next is when she was six months pregnant. She was sure he knew that she was permanently off the market—that was why he didn’t come around as often.

She stepped down from the last step and once again, her left hand settled on her swollen belly. It had become her safety net that she never knew she needed. 

His eyes didn’t leave her belly, shock dawning his features.

The Christmas party continued to roll on, no one noticing the sick look on Josh’s face. Maya clawed into Riley’s arm making sure she didn’t skip away to greet the guests. 

It wasn’t like their break-up was awful. They didn’t even date that long. Something she thought she wanted for so long fizzled so quickly, she sometimes had a hard time remembering exactly how long they even dated. The long game quickly became the short game and waiting around for someday turned out to be a waste of time. 

Her heart didn’t shatter when they decided to split. If anything, she was greatly relieved. She no longer questioned if they would be together. She got her answer and was free to move on.

Josh stepped forward giving Riley a tight hug before awkwardly turning to Maya. “Hey, Maya.”

She gave a sweet grin, reminding herself that it he is allowed to be shocked, though she had an itch her throat to tell him to stop staring at her stomach.
“Uncle Josh, how have you been?”

“I must say, I felt a lot better five minutes ago.”

It shouldn’t annoy her. It really shouldn’t. If he was trying to guilt her for loving someone that isn’t him, she shouldn’t be angry. Sure, they only dated a few months, but there was always a promise before that of something amazing. She was nailing the coffin shut by being married, but it wasn’t like this was a new development. He had not spoken to her since she was in high school. 

“I thought that whole marriage thing was a joke.”

Maya felt anger. She wasn’t sure if it came from being pregnant or maybe the fact she was tired of that comment. Because Maya Hunter settling down at the ripe old age of nineteen just didn’t make sense. She got asked if she was pregnant more times than she could count the first year of her marriage. 

Love wasn’t the first go to in a young marriage.

There had to an underlying reason.
But there wasn’t one. 

“It is as real as his child in me.” 

She felt her blood start to rise in temperature and she started to think of all the different ways to tell him off. She might be a married woman with a baby on the way but she was still Katy Hunter’s daughter and she wasn’t in the mood for someone like Josh Matthews.

She was used to his parents. Their thinly veiled insults towards her husband. What his profession was, any trouble he might have seen in his younger years. He coughed in a way they thought wasn’t polite and she would hear about it.

Her mouth opened—ready to take fire with more riling comments when she heard a calming voice.


Maya glanced over her ex’s shoulder who was still waiting for her response—probably didn’t even realize the rudeness of it.

“Dad.” She hadn’t seen Shawn in a few weeks because of a job he had down in one of the Carolinas—she couldn’t remember which one—and she wasn’t expecting to see him for another week. 

Josh was left unattended, Maya no longer caring, to reach out to her father. He felt safe and warm when his arms wrapped around her, her belly kicking at being enveloped. She was sure the baby boy knew his grandfather was in close proximity or maybe even now he knew that Shawn Hunter was one of Maya’s favorite people and he had been keeping her calm ever since even before he married her mom.

“How’s my favorite grandson doing?” Shawn kissed the top of her head, knowing she was trying her hardest to keep her temper in check.

“Much better once his dad gets here.”

Maya released Shawn from her grasps, he keeping an arm around her shoulder as they turned back to Josh and Riley. 

Shawn began a discussion with Josh about the joys of photography and Maya felt her previous anger began to slip away. Josh seemed to have forgotten about her diamond captured finger and her swollen belly and for that Maya was relieved.

Maya slipped away suddenly craving her mom’s sugar cookies that she knew she had brought with her to the party. Riley followed over to snack table instantly.

“I knew he was going to say something not needed.”

“It’s alright, Riles. I am used to it.”

“You shouldn’t have to be. So we are young and fresh out of college. Why does that mean we should feel bad for starting families?”

Maya raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. “We?”

Riley became flustered. Her face becoming the slightest shade of pink. “You know what I mean.”

“Oh, I do?”

Riley turned to respond, but her eye caught someone at the door. “Smackle!”
Smackle hung her jacket up before rushing over to greet her two best friends.

They had not been able to see each other in the few weeks leading up to Christmas with all of their jobs and lives being so hectic. Smackle herself was in graduate school and took almost all of her time.

“Let me see the ring!” Riley squealed snatching up Smackle’s left hand and the modest rose gold ring sparkled.  The rose quarts diamond was oval in shape and fit on Smackle’s thin finger like it was cut specifically for her.

Her engagement was no surprise to the friends and they had even begun to take bets on to when the question would be popped to their quirky friend.

“Where is—” Maya’s words died in her throat the site of her husband walking through the door. 

Riley sighed next to her and Maya couldn’t help but roll her eyes. 

“You’re right. I’m putty.”

Riley’s smile lit up the whole room as Lucas and Farkle made their way over to the trio, Zay not far behind.

“Hey, Huckleberry.”

Lucas grinned at Maya as though his mouth didn’t even know he was doing it.

“Hey,” Riley’s voice came out breathy and almost in awe when Farkle stepped in front of her, he now towering over her unlike back when they were kids.

“You still mad at me?” Farkle asked giving a quick kiss to the top of her forehead.  

“No, but only because you delivered my best friend her husband.”

Farkle shook his head wrapping his arms around her waist as they turned to the rest of the group.

Maya felt all of her panic and worry fall away at the seams once Lucas came to stand beside her, slightly behind her so her back was against the righter part of his chest. His left hand played with hers, their rings clinking together.

“How does it feel to have a fiancé, Zay?” Lucas grinned at his oldest friend.

“I figured you two are married and your wives are happy, so how hard can it be?”

Maya rolled her eyes at him, and she, Riley, and Smackle shared a look. Smackle had filled them in on how their friend had proposed. He had dug through her memory box (after asking Maya and Riley for the okay, of course), and found the etiquette book that he had given to her so long ago when she was still dating Farkle and the triangle was still fresh and wrong. Zay was the only one outside of the drama and in a way, it made him understand the group and without knowing it then, understand his future wife in a way the others didn’t comprehend. 

He rewrote in the margins all the way he still loved her and found her beautiful, but this time in ways she would make an amazing wife and mother. On the last page, he taped the ring beside the etiquette of how to accept a proposal (not marriage of course) and in the margin, wrote: Just say yes. 

Maya cried for a good thirty minutes after Smackle told her and that was how Lucas found her when he came home from a long day of at the animal hospital—she was sitting in front of a canvas with paint smeared across her cheek and tears falling from her eyes.

Even now she was wiping at her made up eyes to make sure she didn’t make a scene in the middle of the party. 

The rest of the group began to discuss wedding plans which Maya and Lucas had no way of giving input for her. Neither had wanted a wedding and wanted to be married before they moved for school, so they ended up married in a restaurant where they had their first date.  Another reason for the Matthews to not agree with their marriage because of how abnormal they went about it.

They never cared the looks they got from people when they told them about their wedding day because honestly, neither cared. They were both happy and never felt slighted from their decisions. 

“I missed you today.” She mumbled turning around to look up at him.

“I have been right here.”  

Maya rolled her eyes not understanding why she would have expected another response. He always gave the same response when she told him she missed him.

“Josh is here.”

“I saw.” He muttered, never liking Riley’s uncle. Of course, when he was younger he tried to find reasons for why he didn’t like her, but soon he came to terms it was because of how Maya smiled at him and forgot anyone else in the room even existed. 

“Don’t do anything stupid, Huckleberry.”

He laughed at her command and grabbed the finger pointing at him pulling it up to his lips to kiss it. 

“I am not fifteen anymore, Maya. Besides, you’re my wife. Why would I be bothered by an ex-boyfriend?”

“Good answer.” She sighed standing on her tip toes to give him a peck, his left hand instantly going to rest on the right side of her belly—stroking it lovingly.

Throughout the rest of the night, Maya caught Josh multiple times staring at her and Lucas. She felt herself shrink into her husband under the other man’s glare and Lucas’ hand was tighten on her waist when Josh found reasons to come by into the kitchen. It wasn’t that Josh was this terrible guy that she needed protecting from—it was just that Lucas and Josh hated each other.

By the end of the night, after everyone else had left, Maya was curled up in one of the big comfy chairs in the living room with Lucas’ arms tight around her. He was discussing baseball with Zay and his voice alone lulled her to sleep.

When she came, she heard soft voices and decided to pretend she was asleep for a little bit longer. 

“I don’t think I ever said congratulations.”

Josh’s voice put Maya on edge and she was nervous about how the conversation was going to go.

“Thanks. It was pretty quick so not many people knew. My dad wasn’t even there for it. He was on a business trip.” Lucas laughed as he continued to stroke Maya’s arm.

“I was angry with you for a long time, but I get it was always going to be you two. I just needed to get out of the way.”

“Well, I won’t disagree with you.” 

Maya mentally rolled her eyes at her husband.  

“You treat her well Lucas. I’m sorry my parents refuse to see that.”

“I could treat her better. I know she deserves a lot more than what I have given her. She has given a lot up for me and I just want to be able to repay the favor.”

Maya doesn’t hear Josh respond, but the silence wasn’t awkward she assumed her nodded or something nonverbal. 

“Well, I better get going. Tell her I am sorry for earlier.” 

Maya could fell Lucas shift her around to give Josh a handshake and before she knew it, it was just them two again. She then allowed herself to pretend to wake up. “You heard all of that didn’t you?”

Maya knew she was caught but feigned innocence, “Ranger Rick, I was asleep.”

“I know you Shortstack. Your body tensed the second you woke up.”

She pouted at him, “Well maybe you shouldn’t know me so well.”

“Yeah, I will get right on that.”

She tried to fight a smile, but it was useless when it came to him. “I love you. You know that right?”

“I love you too.” 

“Don’t ever feel like you have to repay me for following you to Texas. I did it gladly.”

He nodded at her and she couldn’t resist leaning up to push her lips against his. “I love you forever.”


She growled at his response and he let out a bark of laughter. It was common response when she told him she would love him forever and she wasn’t positive if it was because they got married on a Tuesday, hence when they made the vow to love each other forever or if it was because he was giving her a heads up that he was leaving her on a Tuesday.

“You are so mean to me.”

“Oh, I know.” 

She giggled pulling herself up before holding a hand out to him, “Come on Mr. Friar. Time to go home.”

“Anything for you, Mrs. Friar.”    

Title: The All-Knowing Jethro Gibbs

Code: JD0006

Requested by: anon

Words: 434

Note: Interesting… so very Gibbs.

“So I just told her, you know, that she shouldn’t be doing that.” You waved the knife around as you relayed your story to your husband. You were peeling potatoes for dinner at the counter as he relaxed in a kitchen chair. “I mean, I don’t fully understand why she was copying lesson plans from the internet anyways, but-“ You stopped speaking abruptly when you looked at your husband. It took you only a split second to identify the look on his face. “Are you… analyzing me, Jethro?”

He didn’t flinch.

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Starting book #19 for 2017! Maybe I WILL make it to 100 this year! (To be fair, I’m still working on Dark Money and some of the books on this list are short.)

My gym friends decided last week that we need to start our own bimonthly gym friends book club (most of us are in other book clubs and/or have crazy busy lives). Our first book is The Vegetarian. We’ll meet for discussions at our regular post-gym happy hour spot! Love it! I am so crazy fortunate to have so many reader friends!

Also, the husband is going to make me a Little Free Library of my own for Valentine’s Day!!! He’s actually making two because one of my friends is an artist and she said if he makes her one then she will paint mine for me!! Win!!! The husband is insanely perfectionistic, so I doubt it will be ready by Tuesday, but I don’t care–I’m THRILLED!!!!!! That man. He’s my favorite! 😍 I LOVE sharing books and if my LFL brings any joy to anyone even close to the amount the one in my neighborhood that I love brings me, it’ll be the best thing ever!

My husband had a dream

That I made cinnamon rolls and I was frosting them in bed.

He told me about the dream and I wasn’t quite awake yet and I said, in my impression of him, I was doing his voice and I said “bitch! Don’t you know that’s how you get ants?!” And he kinda laughed half asleep and I just went quiet before I said in the most hurt voice ever “I can’t believe you called me a bitch. You know I hate that word.” And he just sighed the longest sigh and said “not this again…I didn’t even say that part. You did.”

But you see…it’s part of his dream now.

We both know it happened and I keep bringing up that time he called me a bitch in his dream.

Floating ineffable husbands. This is my contribution to the Good Omens fandom. Please note the tartan behind the ducks.

What If - Howard the Duck.

Disney now owns Marvel. Marvel owns Howard the Duck.

Disney owns Huey, Dewey, and Louie… who has lived with in different times, their 2 uncles: Donald, and Scrooge. But who are the parents of this trio?

In the original comic strip, the boys’ mother is Donald’s sister, Della Duck. Ok. No mention of her ever again after that.

No mention of the father either.

What if… Howard the Duck is actually the M.I.A. father of Huey, Dewey, and Louie?

What if Howard the Duck, was somehow plucked from the Disneyverse and into the alternate human-dominated Marvel dimension? He’s lost hope of returning home to his life, his family, and finally gave up on ever returning. And that’s how he became the crazy, drunk, blunt asshole we know and love today.

And what became of Della Duck, might I ask?

You might go insane too if your husband disappeared one day, never to return, leaving you with triplets to raise on your own - thereby needing a family member to step in and take care of the minors as you dwindle down into madness and eventually death.


The silence was worse than the screaming.

Sigyn’s hands shook under the weight of the bowl as it filled with venom, dripping drop by drop, from the fangs of the serpent high above. No matter what position she held, it became heavier and heavier, like it was filling with lead.  Her muscles ached like she was supporting the sky itself.

“Loki?” Her voice was small as she looked down, but his eyes were closed as he hung limp against the ropes (and they were only ropes, she couldn’t think about them as anything but ropes, even as they glistened pink and wet and organic-

He had been like this for days, now, unresponsive. She wished he would scream again, because now she wasn’t sure if he was even alive, or if she was shielding a corpse.  But that was insane, wishing her husband would scream, desiring the wails of despair that had wrenched themselves from his chest for days upon weeks…

She had been thirsty earlier, her mouth a desert by the third (or fourth? Or fifth?) day, but now even that unbearable sense had been swallowed up by the burning muscles in her trembling arms. The bowl was almost full. She would have to move soon, to dump the venom down the mountain, but moving meant that Loki would be exposed again, tormented for a crime that had already been paid for a thousand fold.

In the silence between the unsteady drops, Loki’s laugh still echoed in her head

“It won’t kill Baldur,” he had said to Sigyn and the boys, brandishing the mistletoe spear like a sword. “Nothing can kill gods. It’ll just sting, a little. Remind him not to be such an asshole.”

“Language, love.” Sigyn had tried to cover Nari’s ears, but the boy had darted forward, trying to pull the spear from Loki’s hands.

“I want to hit him, Dad.” And Loki had nearly let him, unable to say no to his son, when Vali had aimed a punch at Nari’s ribs.

“No, I get to hit him!”

Loki had let them fight, laughing, and then jabbed them both with the end of the spear to make them let go of each other. “Neither of you will hit him. I’ve got a better idea. Poor, blind Hodur hasn’t gotten a chance to throw anything at Baldur yet…

It was too quiet here. “Loki, please,” she whispered, and even the whisper was loud, accompanied only by the drip drip dripping of venom. “Just tell me that you’re alive. Please, love.”

There was no response.  The frigid mountain air lifted his hair a bit, letting her see the freckles against the pallor of his cheeks, and oh gods, every time she saw his face, it was the face of their son, Vali, poor Vali, as he was transformed by Odin’s wrath, the wrath of a wronged father, into a beast, and now she could hear Nari’s screams as he was ripped to shreds by his brother, his organs ripped from his belly by his brother’s teeth-

She choked back a sob, closing her eyes against the image, from the joke gone so horribly wrong, and the venom in the bowl sloshed a bit. It was only a few drops that spilled, but it was enough to make her cry out a warning to the god chained below.

The drops hissed as they kissed his cheekbones, but Loki didn’t react, didn’t even flinch as a little tendril of steam curved upwards from his skin.  He was silent, and the rise and fall of his chest was so faint that it could have been Sigyn’s imagination. 

During the time before Arafinwë turned back

“Do you regret not going with them?”

Eärwen’s soft voice cut through the silence, dragging Anairë’s attention away from the lapping waves below. No ships would carry the Noldor host back to her, yet she could not help but seek out a surviving ship, carrying her children back to her.

“No,” Anairë answered coolly. However much she missed Nolofinwë and their children, she would not follow them in their pursuit of a madman. “Do you?”

A foolish question. It was Eärwen’s people who paid dearest for Fëanáro’s treachery. Yet was Findaráto not born within the city’s walls? Did Angaráto and Aikanáro not learn to sail under Falmari tutelage? And was Artanis not the light of Olwë’s eyes, his only granddaughter? Still, they had followed Anairë’s husband, after insanity. Perhaps for their sake, Eärwen regretted her choice to stay.

She was silent for a long moment. Eärwen wore her silence like lesser beings wore armor. There was a strength to it, an imperiousness that always struck Anairë as inherently tragic. She bore the words of others with too much grace, somehow carrying the burden of other’s words. Anairë would always try to lessen that burden, to allow Eärwen’s voice a platform. She did not know if she ever succeeded.

“Does it matter?”

“Yes,” Anairë said instantly.

Eärwen smiled sadly and shook her head, not in dismissal, but to clear her thoughts. She crossed the sun-lit room to sit beside Anairë. “I miss them dearly, but no. I do not regret my choice to stay.”

Anairë could not help but smile softly as Eärwen leaned against her. She ran her fingers through the silvery strands, offering what little comfort she could in the motion. Eärwen pressed her cheek against the soft silken dress.

“I am so tired,” Eärwen admitted.

Anairë nuzzled the top of her friend’s head. “I know.”

Finwë’s line had left Tirion – all but Findis left Aman, and she had gone with her mother in Taniquetil. When sought after, she called herself one of the Vanyar and refused the summons. Without a blood relation to Finwë, the throne fell to the spouses of the princes. Nerdanel had followed Indis, though, so the burden fell to Anairë and Eärwen. It was too cruel, especially to Eärwen, who undoubtedly missed her motherland.

“We have work to do,” Eärwen sighed.

“Later,” Anairë told her. “We deserve to rest.”

anonymous asked:

Some family fluff where Frederick is trying to get Morgan to say Papa? I adore your writing by the way!

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

“Come now, Morgan.” You heard your husband’s attempts at coercing the child into speaking one, simple word from the bedroom you rested in. After a long night of hard work for Ylisstol, Frederick insisted you rest easy (despite training soldiers and performing other knightly duties from early morning ‘til near midnight).

This meant you would not only be allowed to remain in bed extra hours, but Frederick would be in charge of your daily activities within your quarters. This included taking care of your six-month-old son, Morgan.

Despite being the spitting image of his father, the boy was reluctant to recognize Frederick as such. This fact drove your poor husband insane; how could the man who adored his son so much be ignored in such a cruel way? All he wanted was one thing;

“Say ‘Papa’. You can do it, can’t you?” He wanted to be called “Papa”.

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Imagine trying to convince Fili not to go to Erebor

Request for: anon

Original request: “May i request a Fili Imagine where you are married and try to change his mind because of the journey to erebor but he still goes and then when he comes back after the bofa you cry much and its all fluffy? ^^”

Pairing: Fili x Reader

Word count: 1452

It had been a wondrously sunny day and the crowds had been massive. It had been one of the biggest Dwarven weddings in centuries, according to Thorin - everyone had their eyes on you. You had glowed in your pure white dress and was thought to be the fairest of them all on that splendid day.

But nothing good would ever last.

The days soon turned sour once more and your mood changed to match. It was rare to catch sight of the sun and for many torturous months, you and Fili had been attempting to start a family together; suffice to say that you had so far been unlucky.

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Strange Magic Wedding Prompt: That Moment When Bog First Sees Marianne Walk Down the Isle

My heart flutters at the thought of him swooning, tearing up, having to keep it together and doing so by the barest thread of his own will, watching her float like mist on water. 

Watching her wear a gown of Dark Forest petals and wonder if it was jealous of the comparison and competition when brought up next to her eyes that he could swim poetry in. 

Watching her ease towards him on a walk far too long but not long enough- for if he could just pause this moment and watch it over and over again… but no. For even in its perfection -watching her and only watching her- there is nothing quite like her joining the space beside him as they bond their lives together in something already complete. 

For marriage is not another step. They’d been married for so long. And yet it was different, then… watching her… 

…his Princess… 

…his Queen… 

…his wife… 

And it would be perfect.

And then my brains just like, lol, nah, you know it wouldn’t even be like that because dorks be dorks. 


And Marianne is just like “you are the man I’ve chosen to love…”

All in all it’d be a wonderful wedding. Either way it turns out. 

anonymous asked:

So, why do you like Chichi so much?

In a word?


In a few words?

Personal connection and relatability

In a lot of words?


For me, I grew to love her. I was introduced to the series as a kid catching what episodes I could, and Chi-Chi wasn’t really on screen enough for me to notice her or really form much of an opinion at all. I never hated her, but I was kind of indifferent, which was a common trend with me reacting to any mom-type characters in my media at the time. I was a kid. I didn’t have the experiences necessary to connect to her yet. She was simply another mom to me. Only… well… whereas Bulma was the “cool and irresponsible mother,” Chi-Chi was the “real mom” - or so far as my younger mind was concerned.

Chi-Chi was pretty much Mom to me - by which I mean, she reminded me of my mom in a lot of ways (from the yelling when she’s upset to the over protective doting to the way she looked at her husband), but I was never really my mom’s friend, even though I had a great relationship with her. She was just kinda there to me.

Now, however, I am friends with my mom and I understand and relate to Chi-Chi a whole hell of a lot more.

Studies over adventure?

Yes, duh.

A 4-5-6-9-10-whatever-child-yr-old is needed to fight in a dangerous battle?

Are you crazy - hell to the nooooo.

She’s a form of realism among the fantasy of the series. She tries to remind the audience that all this fighting going on, while fun and entertaining and perfectly okay for her husband, is insane and abnormal and you’re crazy to put a child through all of this. It’s a call to the fact of the age of the character, Gohan, when in a lot of middle grade/ young adult / shounen media it’s…not really unheard of to toss kids into the middle of battle and not many people bat an eye over it. Chi-Chi reminds us to not consider this normal.

So, I love her for all of this, I love her take on motherhood. Her obsessive need to give her children what she believes is best (and she’s right). My mom did more good for me in the time when she could be the housewife and force me to study, push me into routines. My grades and my life started going nuts when she couldn’t do that anymore. So seeing Chi-Chi’s insistence brought back how important that all was and how I could have probably gotten further in life if I’d been pushed harder like I had as a child.

Beyond the mothering aspect -

I also love her for her relationship with Goku and how she approaches him. I could go on and on and on about GoChi and how the elements I see in their relationship resonate with my parents and my own, or how their ability to compromise really really matters to me.

But you know what else I love about Chi-Chi?

Her character as a whole. Her goal-setting mind.

A childhood idea/dream/promise becomes reality for her because she does what she needs to do to make it happen. Oh, sure, she sits around the house at first, but when it’s about that time for her to be married, she decides ‘I’m going to go out and do this myself instead of waiting around.’ She has a goal and she sets out to enter a martial arts tournament just to reach her goal of finding Goku. That drive alone is admirable to me. Not many people can work up the courage to leave home alone to follow a dream. (Marrying Goku was definitely her childhood dream and while having a female character fixate so heavily on a guy is kind of annoying in media, the fact that she picks herself up and goes to that tournament on the chance of getting what she’s always wanted….yeah, that’s something to make it a worthy goal to me.)

Even then! She was willing to let it all go when Goku admitted to making the promise without understanding what it was, that it was all some misunderstood mistake. Freakin! Ah! Willing to step down from your goal because of new information being brought to light? At that point, it’s not her giving up - it’s her being strong enough to realize misunderstandings are a thing and she can be upset but not angry anymore. (And lucky for her, Goku proposes anyway - yay happy end, goal met!)

I do read a lot into the small things sometimes, but that’s a good example of her character at work.

A lot of the characters in DragonBall are goal-oriented. Even the minor ones have their own personal goals. It might be part of what makes them so good and relatable and real, I dunno. 

[Also - Chi-Chi’s cute as hell, she’s the #1 Goku fangirl, and she’s not scared to fight or stand up to something when she needs to]

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