insane britney


Britney at a beach in Santa Monica, CA, April 23, 2004

This would be her first public appearance with then-boyfriend, Kevin Federline.

I feel really bad for her. The paparazzi wouldn’t stop harassing her. If you look in one of the top photos, you’ll see Britney sitting on the sand next to Kevin, and what should be their ocean view is blocked by all the savage paparazzi. All the photos are closeups– they were literally invading her space.

She tried to have a good time, as you can see in some photos, and tried to ignore the paparazzi the best she could. What should’ve been a relaxing day at the beach during a tour turned out to be a publicized photoshoot where she was harassed.

This was just the beginning. This went on for years.

And people wonder why she went fucking insane.

I’ll always love you, @britneyspears