They’ll Tell You I’m Insane: Chapter Six

C H A P T E R  S I X

They’ll Tell You I’m Insane: Tayvin AU fic

Word count: 9,863

There’s been so much stuff going on, but after y’all told me that you’d die without an update, I had to get write this over the course of a few nights. I’m going back to school next week (*cries*) so sorry if I’ll keep you waiting after this chapter. I’m positive that I’ll be able to update once a week still, but probably towards the end of the week only. Anyway, shit gets real here.

* * *

Andrea had always said that time flies when you are in love; something Taylor had never been able to understand until Adam. It’d been a month since they have kissed and all the nervousness, fear, and paranoia she had felt in the beginning of their relationship was slowly fading away. She and Adam had grown closer and closer over the past few weeks, the occasional dates becoming an almost everyday habit. He had taken her to the same coffee shop as on their first date, only that this time, the feeling of anxiety and claustrophobia hadn’t gotten to her. She was safe with him; she knew. He’d taken her to many small but special places all around Nashville, not having invited her over for dinner quite yet.

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Bible immorality…is an open-and-shut case…

First…to desensitize the people…the OT bible writers fabricated numerous occasions…where god killed all men, women and children… indiscriminately.. (by flood/brimstone and ashes/illness/pestilence etc…)

Then…OT bible writers tried to blind the nation to the atrocities they were wanting the people to commit against others/children…by making out that it was their (fictitious/fabricated) god that had commanded the slaughter, enslavement and plunder of others/children…from which the religious leaders stood to get their 10% share of all the plunder…!

Finally…they dehumanized the victims/children…as “evil doers*”…and deserving of their slaughter and property theft…often, using the excuse…that they simply did not worship the one (unprovable/unverifiable) “true” (fictitious/fabricated) god…