(more domestic poly!relat)

-ok but bc Ian is so tall, you always have him help you clean the tops of things, like the fridge or the ceiling fan

-Oh and ofc the help of changing the light bulbs

-Ok but the first time they trashed the house for a video, you screamed and left until they cleaned it all up lol

-Joj is sonic when it comes to dishes

-Max tries sweeping, but he holds the broom with such force he sends the trash flying about

-On “normal days” you have them help you clean while you cook or rest

-On “film days” you make them clean all the mess up by themselves, cringing at the watermelon juice trailing about by the kitchen

-Ian is a total babe when it comes to washing the clothes, he measures the detergent and separates the lights from the darks which you find adorable and tell him repeatedly

-Max tried to clean the bathroom once, but it reeked of bleach and toilet cleaner for a week straight

-Max really can’t clean, but you still let him help

-Joj is like a housemaid, just buy him a frilly apron already jeez

-The room is a mess, Joj’s clothes are strewn around, Max’s hairbrushes are all over the floor, and Ian’s socks are in every nook and cranny

-You still love your boys bc they a least help you with the housework