Going 0-316 MPH in 3.77 Seconds

His home was gone.  His family was dead.  Ice was everywhere, covering everything; remnants of Drago’s attack on the village. They’d been too late.  By the time Hiccup and the others had arrived on Berk, Drago had completely desolated the island.  They had fought back; the others had put up a brilliant fight… until one by one… all of them… even Astrid…

There was a blizzard raging about the island, mimicking Hiccup’s inward turmoil.  He was kneeling in the snow, his head bowed, hardly noticing the cold wind whipping through his clothes.  He had thought they’d had a chance, once he’d rescued Toothless from Drago’s clutches.  He’d brought him back from the control of the Alpha—He’d rallied up all who was left on Berk.  But Drago’s army… his army was larger.  More prepared.  More deadly. And now Hiccup was alone.  Drago was gone.  So was everyone Hiccup had known, loved, and cared about. 

Why was he, Hiccup, the only one out of hundreds to live?  Oh, that’s right. Toothless had kept him alive… stupid dragon.  Stupid, selfless dragon…  why did he have to die… Why did they ALL have to die?!

Hiccup lifted his head, anger flooding through his veins. Drago had taken everything away from him.  He had taken away his parents, his tribe, his fiancé, his best friend.  Hiccup’s pulse started to quicken, and his fists clenched.  

He picked up the spear to his right, the very weapon that had killed his dragon, and his sword to his left.  He would hunt down Drago and his army for the rest of his days.  He would hunt them ALL down.  He lifted up his head and let out a scream; a scream of rage, hurt, and the beginnings of insanity.  He was shattered beyond repair.  The broken mind of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock now required one thing; blood.  The blood of Drago Bludvist. The blood of that damned Bewilderbeast.  The blood of his entire army which had slaughtered the people of Berk. He would find them.  He would end them.  Would it stop there?  He couldn’t tell; but all he knew was he would find all of them. 





Sooo….  I finished my Dark!Hiccup au.  :)   And this… is by far the goriest thing i’ve ever drawn or written….. o-o  (and there isn’t even any blood in the picture)

Also, if you’re curious, what I had in mind for the rest of this AU is Hiccup finds Drago, kills him, but the Hiccup that we used to know and love is now completely gone.  He becomes a deadly assassin, feared throughout many kingdoms and sought after by many ring leaders and cruel mercenaries. 

Enjoy :)

and so this month marks a whole year of me obsessing over these nerds and thus eventually creating this blog. 

last year at the exact same time I remember going to tumblr with my main account and liking every dan and phil posts in secret and drawing them secretly in my sketchbook. Finally i caved in and made this blog thinking it might just be a phase. little did I know I had truly succumbed to these two nerds. 

Heres to 1 year of phantheraglama!