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Does illustration only mean drawing on the paper? Many people think so. In this project, our group want to use some examples to refute it. In this contextual background, illustration is not easy to be defined. It could refer to 3D, moving image, handcraft, game and so on. The boundary of illustration has already been broken. We want to talk with some artists and explore the topic ‘future of illustration’.

Meeting Minutes - 22 Jan

Everyone shared five artists in the group. These artists are not the traditional illustrators, they use their own word to explain what is illustration in this modern society. After discussion, we chose five of them as our candidates.

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We will choose one of them as our partner and have a conversation with him. For practical reasons, our ideal partner is INSA or Thomas Burden. Because we haven’t got enough time and we need to leave several days to wait for their replies, we formulated two plans in advance. Plan A is for INSA and Plan B is for Thomas Burden.


  • Susan: contact with the artists
  • Grace: text editing for the poster
  • Rita & Yue: do the research on two artists/make the poster for Plan A
  • Hongyi: make the poster for Plan B