The One Where Wynkner Genre-Swaps Fringe

JP: We- I can’t say too much, but next season, SEX. Lots and lots of sex. 
JW: (agrees quietly
JP: Gene will be de-heiferized. We’re in search of a young, male, cow now. (smiles) Season 4 everybody. Wait for it.

Paley LA

Aud: Now that Peter dsn’t exist, does that impact characters he came in touch with? Like his mother committing suicide.

Jeff: Without giving too much away – that is exactly the right question to be asking.

Three Questions Come To Mind:

- M O R E  Orla Brady #ins4?

- Does that mean that little Peanut was never there to encourage little Olivia to tell Walter that her step dad was physically abusing her; so Walter never knew to warn him off?

- Who did Big Eddy ended up loaning money to?

Theories & Speculations 4.01

- What if Lincoln’s partner who died while they were pursuing a suspect is John Scott. He’s there, but he’s already dead (and we don’t see him at all), and in the same way that he almost died of in the original pilot. That would take care of the “where is John Scott in this Peanutless-timeline?” issue.

btw… if Mark Valley is in the s4 premiere episode - surely there would’ve been something about it in the news? Considering…

- At the end of the promo when the Observers are chatting over chilis, and December says “They can never know the boy lived to be a man” - he’s most likely talking about Peanut, but IDK… how about little observer boy from S1? With multiple universes and timelines and the Observers’ ability to cross anywhere and anywhen - who’s to say he hasn’t become a Month. Maybe he’s the newbie with September who was checking out Liv.

- I get the feeling the Observers are up to something… At some point I want September to go rogue for the Fringe Teams. What’s the point of his witnessing August’s death due to L-O-V-E if he in the end doesn’t suffer (from) the same emotion. Maybe even Observers aren’t immune to destiny’s whims.


i was pretty sure the dead partner is a woman.

oo. Agent Jessup? xD