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Deathspell Omega - Desecration Master

Very rough and quick sketch, but felt like getting the concept down on paper.

So I always ponder about how being the Inquisitor affects Dreshad’s personality and character, always having a lot of responsibility and heavy burdens. He is generally a cheerful guy, but I can easily imagine how all the events in DA:I would make him grow more stoic and distant.

By the end of it all, it has changed him quite a bit and I keep imagining in a post-Trespasser scenario, he has grown so stoic that he eventually starts wearing this golden mask to completely “disconnect” himself from everything while doing his Inquisitor errands. There’s also a version where he shaves his hair off, but I felt like keeping it here.

  • Brain: Imagine Cullen dying in battle.
  • Me: wat. no.
  • Brain: Like, dying defending the inquisitor.
  • Me: Brain, stop.
  • Brain: And she holds him while he bleeds out on the grass. And he touches her face and tells her not be afraid, that he loves her.
  • Me: no. stahp.
  • Brain: And she watches as the light goes out of his eyes. And her companions find her sobbing over him, with his head in her lap.
  • Me: I swear to the Maker I will pour bleach in my ears.
  • Brain: After he's dead and buried she realizes she's pregnant with this child.

Deathspell Omega - Inquisitors of Satan


Deathspell Omega - From Unknown Lands of Desolation