when people don’t count peter as a marauder i get so angry it’s like i’m swimming in a sea of rage so just to clarify

  • no matter what he did peter was and always will be a marauder
  • the marauders were formed at school and in school peter was their friend
  • lily was not, is not, and will never be a marauder
  • moony, wormtail, padfoot, and prongs. not moony, padfoot, and prongs.
  • at one point in time (or many) james, remus, and sirius considered peter as their brother. hence, peter’s a marauder.

aka stop excluding peter from the marauders when he is one thanks bye

i’m really close to my huge goal, so i’ve decided to do another tumblr awards (hopefully it will help me reach that goal) // thanks to daria for the amazeballs banner ay


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  • best url, best icon, best theme, best mobile theme
  • best nonfandom, best fandom, best overall


  • a follow from me
  • unlimited promos for the winners, five the for the runners up
  • a link on my blog for a whole month
  • a url from my urls page if you want
  • friendship and love (◡‿◡✿)

yippee ki yay!!!!!!!!

I recently reached 1000 followers and I wanted to do something to celebrate so here it is, my first ever tumblr awards! Thank you so much to every one of my followers, I love you and really appreciate all of you ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

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  • Best Url
  • Best Theme
  • Best Creations (can be edits, graphics, writing, art etc.)
  • Best Multifandom
  • Best Harry Potter
  • Best Hunger Games
  • Best Marvel
  • Best Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
  • Best Doctor Who and/or Sherlock
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more categories may be added depending on the number of notes this gets

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  • My love and friendship yay :D
  • Eternal glory and bragging rights!

thanks to my bae for making me this fab banner, i’m gonna make this short so welcome to my october blog of the month!!!!


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both will get a follow if not already, a link to their blog will be on my blog, random promos whenever i like to 3.3k+ (if you want one just ask) and the most desirable prize - friendship!!!!!!!

deciduous - an autumnal mix | l i s t e n

i. autumn leaves - ed sheeran | ii. sweater weather (acoustic) - the neighbourhood | iii. falling slowly (once) - glen hansard & marketa irglova | iv. skinny love - birdy | v. i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie | vi. let her go - passenger | vii. bonfire heart - james blunt | viii. keep your head up - ben howard | ix. afire love - ed sheeran | x. long way down - tom odell | xi. not about angels - birdy | xii. i wanna be yours (slow) - arctic monkeys

yes hi and welcome to rachel and tara’s tumblr awards :)


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  • best harry potter blog
  • best themes
  • best fics
  • best graphics
  • best gifs
  • nicest blogger
  • rachel’s favorite (brosbeforedoes)
  • tara’s favorite (voldenope)

there will be one winner for each category 


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  • our everlasting love and friendship

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