Sooo, I made plans about making a sweet innocent red haird or maybe blonde, frackled chantry boy who is a templer since this is one of the 2 last classes I haven’t played yet.

Then I played around with makeup and hair color just for fun and welp. 

Now I got an goth necromancer trash baby <3

(also as always tranks KoriC for fab hair and Shantia for gr8 eyebrows!)


I played the culmination of Josie’s romance on my mage Quiz recently. Rhea Trevelyan is normally level-headed and diplomatic but leapt right into dueling a dude for her girlfriend and clearly had no idea what she was doing (I wanted to put that gifset on my games screenshot tumblr but it was too big to work damnit.)


Just Curious

How many Inquisitors does everyone have?

The Ridiculously Detailed Inquisitor Questionnaire that No One Needed

Obviously not all of these questions are needed, but I tried to come up with as many as possible to use as a character reference for writing. Thought I’d share! I tried to keep things from getting redundant as much as possible.

Questions under the read more!

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is anyone else so fucking in love with their warden/hawke/inquisitor that all you can think about is cute headcanons for them and imagine them doing cute things or being fierce or raw as fuck because that’s me right now