inquisitor lavellan cosplay


*sweats nervously* ha, of course this isn’t another Nalia inspired makeup test. Whywouldyouthinkthat

Blight Nalia! I went to practice Blight makeup, and I just suddenly started looking more like Nalia because she is best girl. (Nalia is Nipuni’s Inquisitor in case you live in the Deep Roads under a rock.)


We had Dragon Age Mafia!Au shoot some weeks back and here are the results!
Photgraphy by @neqquu
Me as Garrett Hawke
Marian Hawke @renjizombie
Sera @everstinari
Inquisitor Lavellan [ig]
Cullen @pamyuu
Zevran @steamvulture
Morrigan is Satu [twitter]


[ s ] o NYCC2017 happened a while ago, and I never posted anything. 

Here’s my Inquisitor again. One day, I’ll get around to making a chest plate.


photo credit: Carlos A Smith / casphotography