Inkquisitober Day 24: Wicked Grace Night

(please don’t tag/comment with your inquisitor, thanks)


Some of the final batch of Tarot Cards I’ve been working on since i got back. Tarot Card commissions are closed now, these are the ones I couldn’t finish before I went off to school. :) 

When I started making Tarot Cards almost 2 years ago if someone had told me I’d have made all these cards for people, I would not have believed them. These Tarot Cards have given me everything I’ve needed: confidence, great friendships, work opportunities. Each card is an experience I’m very fortunate to have shared with each and every person who decided to put their trust in me to draw their character. I’m happy, here’s to a future full of art and sharing! I love you all <3

Instead of just spiders in the Fade...
  • Lavellan: Shadowy human figures carrying proverbial pitchforks and torches.
  • Mage Trevelyan: Flaming Templars wilding tranquil brands.
  • Templar Trevelyan: Abominations in Templar armor.
  • Addar: A Qunari re-educator.
  • Mage Addar: An Avaarad with a control rod.
  • Cadash: Darkspawn.

Anyone who dares friggin tell me the inquisitor won’t kick ass in the next game can FIGHT ME **proceeds to angrily draw my quizzy Miera a prosthetic arm** lol