So in Dragon Age: Inquisition, there are 5 people in charge of the Inquisition: the Seeker, the Spymaster, the Ambassador, the Commander, and the Inquisitor. Now, the Inquisitor is the player character so the gender varies, but for me it’s a girl. Do you know what that means?????

Of the 5 ruling members of the titular organization, 4 of them are ladies and no one questions it. (Cassandra is the Seeker, Leliana the Spymaster, Josephine the Ambassador, and me the Inquisitor. Cullen is the only male, in my save anyway.)

So basically, no matter how you swing it, there’s always going to be a majority of women ruling the Inquisition since Cassandra, Leliana, and Josephine are NPCs.


I feel like Dorian is the kind of guy that gets snarkier and more sarcastic the more pissed off he gets especially when he’s in physical pain. Also, he somehow manages to remind you how good looking he is no matter how close he is to death.

This comic is the combination of both.

I was supposed to just practice anatomy today but this works too..


Put simply, I meshed together the female Lavellan Tarot with my Character Alana. Since playing the game I’ve been incredibly inspired by the art and have prove so by purchasing way more DA items than I should. I found out after speaking with Mr. Thornborrow, one of the very talented concept artist of DAI, here were four individuals who created the art tarot cards. So this is for the awesome inspiration that is their art. Inquisitor Alana Lavellan and Solas tarot. Oil on some scrap wood that I found. I combined both pieces digitally and rendered them together to create my lavellan and Solas romance. Now to put these two pieces on my walls <3 @nthornborrow thanks again for the input and the minor correction on my last post and thanks again for all the attention it received. Tumblr peeps are awesome