• Dorian:How do you want to be remembered Cassandra? Valiant yet sexy rebel against the status quo?
  • Cassandra:I don't have any control about how I'll be remembered.
  • Dorian:Sword raised high, blue scarf dramatically fluttering in the wind, sun rising behind you...
  • Cassandra:Blue scarf? Why would I be wearing such a thing?
  • Dorian:It's a painting of course. Work with me! It'll be fantastic!

soupfulness asked:

For Cullrian Prompt Saturday! Sense8 AU, just anything about that show lol (I just fnished watching it yey!!!!)

GOODNESS I loved the shit outta Sense8 and may have went a little overboard with this one.  I just kept writing and writing, and even though I decided to skim over some parts, it’s still getting pretty long, so I decided to just split it up into two parts!!  So here’s the first part!



When the visions first began, Cullen thought he was losing his mind.  He was still a young Templar recruit and spent the entire day struggling through his training with a skull-splitting headache.  At the time, he didn’t think much of it.  He was too focused on fulfilling his dream of becoming a Templar to allow a mere headache to get in his way.

However, while he rested in the barracks for the evening, he was awakened by the sounds of creaking bedsprings and heavy panting.  Who could be so shameless as to do such a thing in a room full of other men?  Cullen pulled a pillow over his head, hoping to muffle the noises, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t ignore what was happening just a few feet away from his own cot.

Cullen sat up, prepared to yell at the culprits to go find someplace more secluded, but as he took in his surroundings, he fell speechless.  This wasn’t the barracks.  He was in what appeared to be a brothel room, with two men quite vigorously engaged in their intimate activities.

“Maker’s breath!” he gasped, starting to feel panicked.

Hearing Cullen’s interjection, one of the men pulled away from his partner, scrambling to cover himself with the blanket as he stared at Cullen with bright gray eyes.  “How did you get in here?”

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