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Different Strokes | Chronologically

I was looking at the page for the Different Strokes series and realized how hard it is to tell how the one-shots and drabbles fall chronologically, so to make things easier, I thought I’d lay it out for anyone who actually desires to read things in order.

Technically, Checkpoints would come first seeing as it’s a prequel of sorts, but it’s also in progress, so you may want to save it for last.

But beyond that:

  1. At the Stroke of Midnight | December 2022/January 2023
  2. A Stroke of Luck | February 2023
  3. Modern-Day Sorcery | February 2023
  4. Boring [part one/part two] | March 2023
  5. Throwback | March 2023
  6. Waking Up Second | April 2023
  7. Home Is In… | April 2023
  8. Spring Cleaning | May 2023
  9. 11:59 | June 2023
  10. Holiday | July 2023
  11. Eggnog | December 2023
  12. Ten to Midnight | December 2023/January 2024
  13. alone/together | February 2024
  14. il y a deux cœurs ici (there are two hearts here) | March 2024
  15. arrivals/departures | July 2024*

For everything else, like tags, Q&A, and these fun little Instagram posts, you can check out the series page

My goal is to keep this post updated as more pieces are added to the series. The latest addition or most recently updated will always be marked with an asterisk (*).

If you put your hand into a fire, does anyone have to tell you to move it? Do you have to decide? No: When your hand starts to burn, it moves. You don’t have to direct it; the hand moves itself. In the same way, once you understand, through inquiry, that an untrue thought causes suffering, you move away from it.
—  Byron Katie

anonymous asked:

re: hatemail post: 1. That post is very helpful. 2. Do you have any opinion on the growth of "purity policing discourse" (best term I can think of) in some Tumblr fandoms? (Hopefully you've avoided it.) It's the idea that if you enjoy anything that people may consider "problematic", you yourself are a horrible person. So if you write or read fic about (going for the big ones) pedophilia, rape, incest, or ship a pairing that's abusive (canon or not), you should be disgusted at yourself.

I haven’t encountered it much directly, just in reblogs on my dash on occasion. 

I think it’s a very complex subject. Morally I think we should engage with it, because I don’t think there is always a clear answer, and I think continually approaching it to try and wring what we can from it is what leads us to a greater consensus, eventually. 

I think the specific belief that if you read X, Y, or Z you are flatly a bad person and should feel bad is a very…young sentiment. It’s something I don’t see expressed a ton by people who have had a lot of experience in the world, because it boils something very complicated down into something overly simple. Engaging with the idea is a positive thing; a broad statement tends to ignore the lived experiences of others, and avoids questions like who determines what exactly X, Y, and Z are, and to what extent, and whether cultural pressure is appropriate to use on people who are consuming this work, or on people who are producing it, or both, or neither. It avoids the question of whether, in fact, the portrayal of something in literature leads to it in everyday life, or affirms people who actually do it. Sometimes it does. But sometimes it doesn’t. Who judges that? What qualifies a person to judge that? Literature is not entirely quantitative, and never will be, at least I hope, so there is no magic formula, no degree you can get in Deciding What An Author Meant or Deciding What Effect A Story Has On Everyone which will actually confer upon you the authority to be correct in all cases.  

Working out how we react to things we find objectionable, from things we just think are personally gross to things we genuinely believe are damaging to society, should be an ongoing process of inquiry and critical thought, not even always in dialogue with others but within ourselves as well, to work out where our boundaries stand. I think setting a policy of “I am for X and against Y in all cases” blocks off the ability to engage in that process. Sometimes that is necessary, for whatever reason, but it’s also very difficult and dangerous to impose that on others. 

I mean, I don’t read AO3 stories tagged for rape or incest, because I don’t enjoy reading those things. But I appreciate that AO3 has made the tagging system available so that my personal preference for avoiding them doesn’t interfere with someone else’s ability to post them. And to inquire into whether they are harmful, culturally, is an important work, but it’s not something that you can do if they aren’t available to be examined – and it’s not something you can make a broad statement about, I think. The world of the story is too wide and varied and diverse for that.

So yeah. I think it’s a complex question and deserving of ongoing thought. I don’t think it’s invalid, per se. But I think absolutism does the examination no favors, in this case. 

How Well Do We Know Each Other?

A/N: hope you guys like this! any and all feedback is appreciated :-)

word count: 1k+

“Jack, come sit down!” you holler, adjusting your chair so that you fit in frame. “I have to have this edited and posted tomorrow!”

“Don’t yell at me,” your boyfriend smirks, stepping into your bedroom. “It’s not my fault that you just remembered that you don’t have a video ready.” He plops down in the designated chair and pulls his phone out of his back pocket, unlocking it and opening whatever app he’s used to store his questions for the video you’re about to film. You hope they’re better than the standard ‘what’s my favorite color’ material, although you’ve only given him as much time as it’s taken you to set up to craft ten thought-out inquiries.

“Ready whenever you are,” he says, dropping his phone into his lap and using the viewfinder to fix his hair. “I’m tired, though, so can we make this quick?” “You made me sit through filming a video for three hours last week and you didn’t even use it!” you retort, raising a brow. “This’ll take however long it takes.” “Alright, alright,” Jack sighs, raising his hands in surrender. “Let’s just get started. The more time we take to film this, the less time we have to cuddle.”

You turn to face the camera and begin recording, almost flying through your intro. Even though Jack’s comment was unneeded, you have to agree; it’s almost one in the morning and you’d much rather be in bed with your boyfriend snuggled up next to you than filming at this time of night.

“I’ll ask first, and then we’ll switch,” you explain to Jack. “Ready?” At your boyfriend’s nod, you start, “How old I was when I got my first tattoo?” “Sixteen, right?” Jack guesses hesitantly, looking to you for some sort of positive or negative reaction. “Is that your final answer?” you ask, keeping your face emotionless. Jack can read you like a book, and although the results of this video don’t necessarily mean anything, you still want to give him a bit of a challenge. When he nods, you confirm, “Yep, I was sixteen. What did I want to be when I was in high school?” “A politician,” Jack answers right away, smirking confidently as he leans back in his chair. “Good!” you grin, crossing your legs. “I wasn’t sure if you’d remember that one.” “Have a little faith in me,” he teases, laughing at the face you make in response.

“Ready for the next question?” you ask, expecting him to struggle a bit with this one. “What’s my favorite makeup brand?” A few seconds pass before Jack groans, “God’s sake, love,” and rubs his eyes tiredly. “Like I know this.” “You come makeup shopping with me all the time,” you point out, giving your camera a sly smile. “Think about what display I spend most of my time in front of.” “The one with the peaches,” Jack starts, and you nod; he’s on the right track. But then he goes, “The breakfast collection,” and you can’t hold back your giggles. “Do you think that’s the brand name?” you ask, laughing harder when he gives you a look that says yes, that’s exactly what he thinks it is. “My favorite brand did release a Sweet Peach collection,” you tell him. “You got that part right. Think, babe. I took you with me to meet one of the co-founders last year.” At Jack’s clueless look, you press, “In L.A.? A launch party at his house?” “Oh!” your boyfriend gasps, sitting up straight. “Oh, I remember that! Too Faced! That’s my answer.” “Good job!” you praise him, patting his thigh with a laugh. “I’m impressed.”

From there the video moves quickly; you finish asking your questions in a matter of minutes and start answering Jack’s. His are considerably harder and more specific than yours and leave you confused; he asks you things like “When I was eight, I played what position in football?” (the answer, which you get wrong, is left midfielder - you didn’t even know that was a thing) and “How many times have I broken a finger?” (trick question - he hasn’t broken any fingers).

By the time he’s gotten to his last question, you don’t know what to expect and are preparing for the worst. So when he asks, “How much do I love you?” you beam as well, relieved to have a question whose answer you know like the back of your hand. “To the moon and back,” you reply, finishing the phrase he’s told you so many times that it’s engrained in your mind. “Correct,” Jack murmurs, and leans forward to plant a gentle kiss on your lips.

When you pull apart, you tell your camera, “Looks like Jack won,” - and he has, due to the fact that you didn’t ask him questions about your childhood he had no way of knowing the answers to like he did you- and give a dramatic pout.

“Eh, I don’t think so,” he pipes up, and you glance at him to find that he’s staring at you, a look on his face that you could only describe as pure love. “I should’ve told you - my last question determined who won. You got it right, so you’re the winner.” “You’re changing the rules of my video?” you clarify, frowning at Jack. He kisses the side of your head in response and tells your camera, “Well, guys, that’s it for today’s video!”

After running through your usual outro spiel, you turn off your camera and flop straight onto the bed behind it. “That was sweet of you to let me win,” you tell Jack. “What was that all about?” “I gave you hard questions,” your boyfriend shrugs, coming to sit on the bed beside you. “It seemed fair. Plus, you looked really cute in those God-awful pajama pants.” “Hey, now,” you warn, glancing down at your duck-patterned fuzzy purple bottoms. “These are my favorite!” “I know, love, but they’re ugly,” he chuckles, laying down next to you. “Anyways, you did a good job.” “You did, too,” you smile, nestling your head against his chest. “We know each other pretty well.”

Bundle of Nerves / Clay Jensen

Words: 1000

Despite all your reassurance, Clay was still nervous when he picked you up for your date. He had walked to your house and you assumed he had talked to himself the entire way as he was still mumbling to himself under his breath when you answered the door.

You slipped your hand in his when you both left your driveway and started walking down the street. Squeezing it firmly, you sent him a smile which caused him to look down at you. “I’m sorry,” he said.

Confusion grew and was expressed in your face, “Why are you apologising?”

He shrugged a shoulder weakly, “This isn’t really my thing…I’m not sure what to do or how to act,” he admitted.

You couldn’t help but laugh, “Clay,” you said. “That’s not a bad thing. It just means we have to figure it out together as the night goes along, which will make our date all the more interesting. Just be your incredible self and don’t try to do anything you wouldn’t normally do just because you think it’s what you have to do. You don’t have to do anything or say anything different,” you assured him. “Just…be yourself,” you repeated.

Clay nodded, taking in your words, squeezing your hand back. “Thank you,” he said.

Your smile grew, “Of course,” you dismissed. “I only told you the truth.”

He shook his head, “Not just for that, but for coming out with me tonight.”

Turning your head to look back at him, you raised an eyebrow, “You say that like you didn’t expect me to say yes when you asked me.”

Clay used his free hand to awkwardly rub at the back of his neck, “I kind of didn’t. I wouldn’t have blamed you either.”

“Why would you say that?” you asked, finding it had to comprehend why you would have said no. It wasn’t even a possibility that crossed your mind when he had finally asked you earlier in the week.

He shot you a look of disbelief, “I was a fumbling mess,” he reminded you, his embarrassment over the memory rising.

You only shrugged, a small smile returning as you remembered how he had approached you in the library too-how he seemed almost…lost as he sat opposite you. You had asked him how he doing, you could tell how nervous he was. Clay’s leg was shaking and his fingers were nervously weaving together.

Clay’s words were stuttered out as he replied to your question with a strained, I’m fine.

You knew he had a reason for sitting down, but he was reluctant to start talking about it so you danced around the subject for a while-mindlessly talking about everything you could think of to get him to relax before your brought up your inquiries.

“I thought it was cute,” you told him, your face flushing slightly, starting to swing your and Clay’s entwined hands. Clay’s cheeks matched yours and you were brought into a short period of comfortable silence.

You and Clay made your way to Rosie’s Diner where you ate your dinner and continued to talk. The discussions during your meal was entertaining and insightful. You had known Clay for years but you managed to learn so much about him within the few hours you spent with him tonight.

He was funny and sweet and you were glad he had worked through any doubts he had about asking out you.

Instead of taking you straight home, you ended up strolling around town and continuing to learn things about one another you hadn’t even realised you didn’t already know.

Your conversation drifted from family to your futures to life and what could, and most likely is, beyond the world around you. There were no barriers and you felt like you could talk for hours on end and never get bored with him.

Clay was no longer nervous, all fears and insecurities he had disappeared throughout the night-relieving whatever pressures he had put on himself earlier in the week.

“Tonight was…” you trailed off, glancing over at Clay who was leaning forward beside you with his elbows resting on his knees, “thank you,” you said, unable to find the words to describe the date in the way that you wanted.

He laughed and pushed on his legs, leaning back into the park bench. “I think that what you said is a good thing.”

Nodding your head, you crossed one leg over the other, shifting you body so you were facing him properly. “Most definitely.”

Clay’s smile didn’t leave him as he met your gaze, “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself,” he commented.

“What about you?”

Surprise flickered across his face, “Of course I had a great time,” he said, as if he couldn’t believe your question. “It would be impossible not to when you’re around.”

Bashfully, you tugged a piece of hair behind your ear, “Well the same could be said about you,” you insisted. Licking your lips, you take a deep breath-a smile forming for the countless time throughout the night. “I was wondering,” you began, “if you would like to do this again,” you said.

Clay fell speechless for a brief moment, “I would really like that,” he nodded, a beaming grin covering his face.

“Good,” you murmured, pushing yourself closer to him.

“What are you-”

Pressing your lips against his, you cut off his words. “Is this okay?” you asked quietly after a moment.

He nodded, his eyes still closed, “What was that for?” he questioned when you pulled away.

“Another thank you,” you whispered, a giddy smile taking over your face. “A way to seal the night, just because I wanted to,” you continued to list. “Take your pick.”

Clay moved his hand so it was cupping your face, “It is definitely a good way to seal the night,” he told you.

“Yeah it is,” you agreed. “We should do it again.”

Laughing, Clay leaned forward, connecting his lips with yours once more.

scholarlyscoundrel  asked:

☀ What's your rp pet peeve? + ☢ What fads/trends are you so over?

If I see on your rules page that you don’t tag triggers, you’re an asshole and I won’t role play with you. Autoplay is also a big one. Also, trim your threads, people! And tag NSFW! 

I guess if we were still able to reblog text as links that would be a big one, but I’m dating myself. 

As far as trends go, it’s funny to me that the URL trends that came on the scene when I was in Marvel have pretty much stayed the same. Not annoying, endearing. That being said, I’m not a huge fan of contained themes and super formatted replies. I don’t mind if my partners have one and I don’t mind matching style (so long as you don’t care that I copy/paste when it’s too fancy for me to get my head around and write around it), but they’re not my thing. I get the aesthetics reasons for it, but for me, it takes attention away from what I’m writing.

I’m just so glad Photoshopped replies never took off, though; I would’ve been so fucked. 

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Talk to me about the main religion of the angara and different other ones that might not be as popular 8)

     i forgot where this meme came from.

               THE MAIN TENET — or central religion of the angara is that you are reincarnated into your family when you die.   all angara are well aware of this belief,  though it is by choice whether one may indulge in it or not (  though,  that is considerably rare since it’s a very popular doctrine  ).   since it came before the kett,  the angara have stuck to it very closely.   maybe even closer than before.   the purpose of this tenet is unknown,  but to the modern eye it’s as though their people either became more desperate or see this ideally as a beacon of hope.   either way,  it serves reassurance ; which is why the discovery of the jardaan is seen as very compromising,  if not devastating to the angara,  which many will most likely deny this claim to try  &  desensitize them.

               on a smaller note,  there are some branches or sub-doctrines aligning with this overall idea usually.   one such is placing angaran meditation crystals by one’s grave to help guide their soul to the next life safely.   while there is belief of a possible afterlife,  the image of it tends to…   vary.   the enlightenment of an afterlife is mostly feared,  if not infamous,  because it would mean breaking the cycle of reincarnation.   many angara believe it is void like deep space,  full of either the unknown or nothing.   there’s simply nothing explainable waiting for you after life.   the closest title referring to it is  haranj-jedaal ’ —- the legitimate translation for it is the death lure .   this is where all the extinct families go to essentially,  because they have no bloodline left.

               certain rituals are thought to keep or conjoin some people to continue being reincarnated,  though,  such as the combination of two families or the adopting of a sholaon.   they usually involve some sort of exchange,  such as blood or a memory-triggering object.   it’s a harmless process,  but it’s thought to ensure you can keep someone alive by holding onto their memories or an actual part of them. 

If you owned a priceless jade which
You have misplaced in a room filled with clutter.
You’d remove all the clutter
In order to find it.
The real essence has been
Misplaced in a room filled with thought.
Remove the clutter and
What has been obscured will be found.
—  Wu Hsin - Being Conscious Presence

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since your spark is fused with the matrix, you could probably live forever, even after elita passes.... so how long after she dies are you going to live on for? (if Op can't answer can mun please - im really curious!)

“I would rather not think about that, Anonymous…

My apologies.“

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I just saw that "Esme's-gonna-be-executed" post you wrote for Emily and HOLY H E C K THAT'S PAINFUL. I, TOO, LOVE DEATH AND DYING (by which I mean A+++ writing, but OW)

( post

     asdlkjfsadfsd I wish I could take credit for that but alas that’s emily’s
     Angst Handiwork™. she says she loves me and yet submits obscenely
     long drabbles that sentence me to eternal suffering ????? BUT YEAH


rosaxui  asked:

BEEP [ rin doesn't know how to use a phone for the life of her hjhgkj ]

[ SENT ] Please calm down, Master — I promise you that your phone isn’t BROKEN; the little popups when you hold down a letter on the keyboard just shows ACCENTED letters that can be used in the event that you were to speak in a different language.

[ SENT ] No one has HACKED your device, as far as I know — that’s just how it naturally functions, so there’s no need to freak out!! I promise!! You’re making great progress, but you mustn’t get frustrated over the keyboard — the keys are a bit small, but your thumbs are hardly fat…


[ UNSENT ] …Please don’t tell me you blocked my number again…

16. A…helpful text