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I’ve been working! I mean, screaming! I mean- WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE.

Anxiety from doing A Dumb Thing today kept me from sleeping despite not getting any sleep the previous night, so I’m doing this. May as well make the nerves be productive if they’re going to ruin things as usual. Doesn’t help that I’m about to begin day 5 out of a 7 day stretch at mind-numbing day job. People are burning up my brain with nonstop chatter: I just want to be left alone to work on this so I can finally get on with things.

Only on the second eagle illustration. And as usual, I have not yet started on the ever important bird portion of it. So. Slow.

anonymous asked:

When Did you Start Liking Vegito? Wasnt he your enemy before?

Well, it appears it’s time for me to tell you all a little story. Now listen closely, because I’m only going to tell it once.

It seems you mortals know how things begin, I was a raging, oozing beast by the time Vegito emerged onto the scene.

Now, one would assume that we fought as soon he appeared, but this man is full of surprises. Rather than trying to beat me into a bloody pulp, he approached me and gave me this remarkable little bean to eat, executed in a rather…unorthodox manner.

In an instant, I was returned to my beautiful, non-melted self!

Vegito was quite the charmer during our encounter, so things ended up becoming a little…heated.

…Okay, extremely heated…

Next thing I knew, I was whisked away by this handsome stud back to his timeline with him. We’ve been together since.


1. All of this is based on practice and observation. i’ve never been to any anatomy / life drawing class. this is the way i do things and they happend to look half decent. 
2. dont stay only with this, if you’re truly interest in improving your art / develop your own art style go even further. study real anatomy, try both cartoon and realistic ones.
3. There are other body types both lets say this are the “bases”. fool around with proportions, thickness, lengths, fat mass, idk etc etc etc

I’ve done other mini tuts - pretty simple ones

H-town one of my favorite groups of all time.

What’s your favorite H-town song?
💗Pink sky

Dino x Riley/ Boondocks
G.I x Gerald/ Hey Arnold
Shazam x Huey/Boondocks

Art inquiries

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“The history of painting is full of graphic violence and narratives that don’t necessarily belong to the artists own life, or perhaps, when we are feeling generous we can ascribe the artist some human feeling, some empathy toward her subject. Perhaps, as with Gentileschi we hastily associate her work with trauma she experienced in her own life. I tend to think this unfair, as she is more than just her trauma. As are we all. I am more than a woman, more than the descendant of Africa, more than my fathers daughter. More than black more than the sum of my experiences thus far. I experience painting too as a site of potentiality, of query, a space to join physical and emotional energy, political and allegorical forms. Painting - and a lot of art often lasts longer than the controversies that greet it. I say this as a shout to every artist and artwork that gives rise to vocal outrage. Perhaps it too gives rise to deeper inquiries and better art. It can only do this when it is seen.” – Kara Walker on Instagram regarding the Dana Schutz controversy.

New Edition
Some throwback cartoons

Ralph x Gerald/Hey Arnold
Ricky x Kwame/Captain Planet
Ronnie x Mack/Daria
Bobby x Bill/Fat Albert
Mike x Rudy/ Fat Albert

Art inquiries

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… the duty of philosophy was to abolish the semblance arising from misinterpretation, even if many prized and beloved delusions have to be destroyed in the process.
—  Immanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason

“Me and Drake kick like Kid N’ Play”
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More Life x House Party

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Stream done

Thank you all so much for coming! I had a blast and was happy to help any art related inquiries! Hopefully I can do the same next saturday!