wanderloved asked:

Share 10 facts about yourself, then send to 10 of your lovely followers! :)

  1. I’m naturally blonde but 5 years ago I dyed my hair and since then I changed it a lot. I was dark brown, bright red, mahagony, copper, orange, black, purple and currently reddish brown.
  2. My eyebrows are really really dark  And messy most of the time. 
  3. I’m obsessed with shipping fictional characters(and sometimes even real people oh my god) 
  4. My top 3 OTPs are: Destiel, Johnlock & Spirk. They just give me a lot of emotions
  5. I am really good when it comes to analaysing people. 
  6. I love reading and I’m still waiting for my own book-like adventure 
  7. Traveling makes me happy
  8. I believe one day I’ll win an Oscar for screenplay (stop laughing)
  9. I make interviews in my head all the time. But even if I say so myself,  I must say that I’m very funny and intelligent in those interviews.
  10. I have boyfriend for almost year and a half now. We are very much alike. Thinking that we’re both intelligent as fuck and things like that. But he’s very important to me.