Happy birthday to Mary Cassatt. As a woman, Cassatt was ineligible for admission to the École des Beaux-Arts. Perhaps this is why her taste in art was much more adventurous than that of any other young American expatriate artist.

A Woman and a Girl Driving,” 1881, by Mary Cassatt

Happy birthday to William Glackens (American 1870-1938)! Born and raised in Philadelphia, Glackens later moved to New York where he made this painting, which records a bruising visit to an indoor roller skating rink, made by Glackens, Robert Henri, and many of the other artists associated with The Eight (a group of American painters who focused their attention on scenes of daily life). The hilarious evening, in which Glackens was the first to fall, encapsulates the artist’s fascination with the modern city and its popular attractions. Glackens’s efforts to chronicle the contemporary urban scene were rooted in his training as a Philadelphia newspaper illustrator, when he worked alongside John Sloan and others on the Philadelphia Press. Come see this and other scenes of American life in the installation “American Impressionism and Realism” in Gallery 49.
Skating Rink, New York City,” c. 1906, William Glackens, Gift of Meyer P. Potamkin and Vivian O. Potamkin, 1964-116-7