Maybe this is just me being too negative, but I have a couple of concerns about last night’s episode. The convo between Coulson and May in the cockpit…the moment he mentions that “perhaps our destiny is here, in this time” makes me wonder if there will be a glitch that will confine him to that time and he knows it. Something to do with Ghost Rider?

Also, when the camera zoomed in on May’s face during the “Hand-Scene”, I got the distinct impression that she was holding something back. She inplied that her leg wasn’t doing well. Is it just pain or is her leg infected? The writers tend to like torture and if she gets septic, she could die. More angsty drama.

New Mod!


I’ll be one of the new mods around here - my name is Mod Flowey! I’m not as mean as my namesake inplies I’ll be…well, unless I absolutely need to be. My pronouns are she/her (cis-female), and my other fandoms include Danganronpa, Steven Universe, Touhou, and various adult animated shows.  

Hopefully I don’t disappoint in my new job, ehehe…but hey, it’s nice to meet you all!