Nietzsche himself once chose a phrase to designate what we are calling his fundamental metaphysical position, a phrase that is often cited and is readily taken as a way to characterize his philosophy: amor fati, love of necessity. Yet the phrase expresses Nietzsche’s fundamental metaphysical position only when we understand the two words amor and fatum—and, above all, their conjunction—in terms of Nietzsche’s ownmost thinking, only when we avoid mixing our fortuitous and familiar notions into it.
Amor—love—is to be understood as will, the will that wants whatever it loves to be what it is in its essence. The supreme will of this kind, the most expansive and decisive will, is the will as transfiguration. Such a will erects and exposes what it wills in its essence to the supreme possibilities of its Being.
Fatum—necessity—is to be understood, not as a fatality that is inscrutable, inplacable, and overwhelming, but as that turning of need which unveils itself in the awestruck moment as an eternity, an eternity pregnant with the Becoming of being as a whole: circulus vitiosus deus.
Amor fati is the transfiguring will to belong to what is most in being among beings. A fatum is unpropitious, disruptive, and devastating to the one who merely stands there and lets it whelm him. That fatum is sublime and is supreme desire, however, to one who appreciates and grasps the fact that he belongs to his fate insofar as he is a creator, that is, one who is ever resolute. His knowing this is nothing else than the knowledge which of necessity resonates in his love.
—  Martin Heidegger, Nietzsche II
Lazy Lord victorian vest_Sims4

The lazy Lord victorian vest is for modern and for histarical sims. Is he just a modern sim from the 2015 who try to look fancy or is he a Lord from the victorian age who dont care for his blouse to be inplace? No matter from witch century he comes, the vest is from Teen to Elder. and the blouse under the vest commes in white and black.
Can be downloaded tomorrow here at me TSR account.

  • Tbh the main reason they gave him the job is cause cause he’s fUCKING T A L L
  • Which he’s fine with
  • Money is money
  • His coworkers REALLY enjoy his presence
  • You’ve been a classmate of his since the end of elementary
  • So you definitely know of Kim Mingyu
  • Who
  • Btw
  • Is really fucking popular
  • You don’t understand it tho
  • Why does everyone like him so much??
  • He’s just a flirt
  • And a jerk
  • He gets asked out on the daily
  • But he?? Always turns them down
  • No one knows why but it only adds fuel to his fangirls fire
  • You find it kinda weird that he decided to work at a library tho
  • Like you’d think that someone with his looks and social skills he’d be
  • Like
  • Idk
  • A waiter
  • Or somethin
  • But nope!
  • Kim Mingyu is a shelver at your favorite library
  • Which kinda pisses you off but it’s your favorite library and you’re not gonna ditch your favorite place just cause of some playboy butt face
  • Yeah
  • That’s right
  • Playboy
  • Butt face
  • That’s Kim Mingyu
  • “Why do you hate him so much? He’s such a nice person!”
  • Tell that to your stuff that somehow always ends up on the very top shelf of the book shelves in the fiction section which just so happens to be Mingyu’s favorite spot to hang out and he for some very odd reason is always around when you arrive to get you stuff yet again
  • Yeah
  • You’re a little pissed
  • “Wow! What a surprise to see you here! Did you come to find me~?”
  • Shove it up your ass Kim
  • “You know why I’m here.”
  • With an (over exaggerated) huff, you, once again, grab a step stool
  • You make sure to send a very hard core glare in his direction after you have retrieved your things
  • To which he responds with the stupid adorable smile of his
  • Fuck his stupid adorable smile
  • He’s the worst
  • You hate how cute he is
  • Like yeah you hate him but you know handsome when you see it
  • And wow
  • Kim Mingyu is out of this world
  • And you hate it so much
  • You like to imagine just rubbing dirt all over that pretty face of his
  • So anyways
  • One day you were in the library working on your homework
  • And like
  • There was no Mingyu in sight
  • But y’know whatever you hate him anyways???? Why are you worrying about some jerk??
  • But then it like
  • Goes on for over a week
  • And you start to get worried???
  • Woah feelings are weird things man
  • Finally you just give up and walk over to another shelver
  • “Hey… uh… where’s Mingyu?”
  • She begins to look a little worried
  • “He’s been out sick… Poor kid! If I could I would make him some nice, warm soup and heal him back to health!”
  • Okay thanks
  • You leave because you were done with that conversation
  • And as much as you wanted to just forget it
  • You were totally worried
  • Seriously though feelings are freaking weird
  • So you gather up all of your things and head to the nearest store to buy the kid some microwavable chicken noodle soup
  • You’re too poor and lazy to make him legit soup
  • He’s just gonna have to deal
  • Luckily you remembered where his apartment is from that one party you attended
  • That was an awful party btw
  • You ring the doorbell
  • Mingyu opens the door
  • And kinda just
  • Freezes
  • “Huh? Uh? Wha-? Why-?”
  • “Close your mouth before you catch bugs.”
  • Without even asking you stride into his apartment
  • He goes along with it but it’s SUPER OBVIOUS that he’s nervous
  • Also he looks like shit and you have to hold back from making a comment
  • You grab the soup out from the bag and pop it in the microwave
  • And then you head to the door
  • Cause this is really awkward and you kinda just wanna leave
  • “I bought you some chicken noodle soup. Make sure you eat it because that was 2 dollars more than I ever want to spend on you.”
  • Before you open the door you turn back to see a very shocked and VERY red Mingyu
  • You assumed the redness was from his sickness
  • “Also…”
  • Hesitation…. Just say it god dammit
  • “Get well soon. The library is boring without you”
  • And then
  • Miraculously
  • Mingyu shows up to work the next day
  • And guess what ends up on the top shelf in the fiction section?
  • “You’re antics will never change, huh?”
  • You sigh as you grab for the step stool
  • But
  • After picking up your things
  • There’s a note underneath everything
  • “I like you”
  • You immediately whip around to see Kim Mingyu directly behind you
  • And because you’re standing on a step stool you’re finally his height
  • He smiles
  • But he’s kinda freaking out ngl
  • “Go out with me?”
  • You don’t say anything
  • Just
  • Lean in
  • Placing a kiss on his cheeks
  • “Only if you stop hiding my shit.”

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