Nietzsche himself once chose a phrase to designate what we are calling his fundamental metaphysical position, a phrase that is often cited and is readily taken as a way to characterize his philosophy: amor fati, love of necessity. Yet the phrase expresses Nietzsche’s fundamental metaphysical position only when we understand the two words amor and fatum—and, above all, their conjunction—in terms of Nietzsche’s ownmost thinking, only when we avoid mixing our fortuitous and familiar notions into it.
Amor—love—is to be understood as will, the will that wants whatever it loves to be what it is in its essence. The supreme will of this kind, the most expansive and decisive will, is the will as transfiguration. Such a will erects and exposes what it wills in its essence to the supreme possibilities of its Being.
Fatum—necessity—is to be understood, not as a fatality that is inscrutable, inplacable, and overwhelming, but as that turning of need which unveils itself in the awestruck moment as an eternity, an eternity pregnant with the Becoming of being as a whole: circulus vitiosus deus.
Amor fati is the transfiguring will to belong to what is most in being among beings. A fatum is unpropitious, disruptive, and devastating to the one who merely stands there and lets it whelm him. That fatum is sublime and is supreme desire, however, to one who appreciates and grasps the fact that he belongs to his fate insofar as he is a creator, that is, one who is ever resolute. His knowing this is nothing else than the knowledge which of necessity resonates in his love.
—  Martin Heidegger, Nietzsche II

The Star Wars Sequel Squad is looking for new members! It’s been a while since I started this network and I’ve sort of been neglecting it tbh. So I’m looking to add at least 20-25 of new members so we can all cry about space together.


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  • Entries close July 11th

Looking For

  • People who are positive about the sequel trilogy/upcoming films
  • In the Star Wars fandom/post at least some Star Wars
  • Organized blogs with some sort of tagging system
  • Active and friendly bloggers

What You’ll Get

  • + follow from me
  • Some new friends!
  • A spot on the network page
  • Place to cry about Star Wars
  • Place to share your creations, selfies, blog rates, etc

If You Get In

  • Please have your submissions box open 
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If you have any questions, send them my way! 

Lazy Lord victorian vest_Sims4

The lazy Lord victorian vest is for modern and for histarical sims. Is he just a modern sim from the 2015 who try to look fancy or is he a Lord from the victorian age who dont care for his blouse to be inplace? No matter from witch century he comes, the vest is from Teen to Elder. and the blouse under the vest commes in white and black.
Can be downloaded tomorrow here at me TSR account.