The 5 founding principles of InPlaces

Places should have beautiful profiles. Like we do.

We see places as characters and we thought it would be terrible injustice to put these characters as just dots on a map or simply, aggregations. On the flip side, we wanted our users to not only find places but feel them. 

Tapping into local expertise

No one knows a locality better than the locals themselves and people who frequent it. That’s the theory behind most of our features. We are truly excited by the possible outcomes of crunching such data when it comes to local discovery. 

Beautiful & intelligent curation app

We truly value the purity of a place’s profile and that is exactly why we have placed strong emphasis on our curation layer. Beneath the simple UI one sees, there is a complex scoring mechanism that knows the kind of users the app should listen to!

In-store experience

The best things available at a place, moments from the past posted by you and your friends, recommendations from your friends and local experts, deals, coupons & recommendations from merchants

If you could consume all this in a very simple and instant way, that would make for an ideal in-store experience. And that’s what we want to offer.

As a Merchant platform

Merchants and small business owners can use the very same app & it’s features just like any other user to brand and market themselves. There is no separate merchant platform, no complex dashboards! Good riddance! 


Hey guys! I just posted the latest Really Not Radio show 03.20.15 where you will enjoy a first class listening experience from some of the best independent artists from all genres, from ALL over the world! #truestory Annnnd you have to check out Conversations InPlaces where I hang out with game-changing artists you should absolutely know about in some of my fav places around Los Angeles, CA. You will also get a feel for the artists musical palate from the songs they share with you during this 2 hour show! Jessica Jolia set off the launch show and set the bar EXTREMELY high with her musical selections 😁 #imjustsayin. It’s A LOT of fun, COME hangout! Make sure you grab @thejessicajolia ‘s debut single “Sometimes” on #iTunes and 🚨GO FOLLOW HER RIGHT NOW👣@thejessicajolia🚨 #reallynotradio #radioshow #musicwithstyle #ibreakrecords #listen #onrepeat #newmusic2015 #artistinterview #interview #lamusicscene #musicscene #ontour #bookme #redcarpet #comingtothestage #singer #songwriter #dj #producer #aandr #musicexec #dashradio #revolttv #viacom #owntv (at

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InPlace OnePage WordPress Theme

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Dear J

You’re constantly laughing, smiling and energetic. But you can see the genuine pain behind the person through the first 5 second eye contact.

As you already know, our previous pastor has left the youth ministry.

Just like a father would leave a family, the children would only feel abandoned, forsakened, lost and upset. Even more so when a stranger substitues inplace of the father. For they know, that nothing can replace what they once so dearly cherished.

In relation to a new and developing family life, Vision youth is the same way. Once PD left, you came into the picture. So graciously and generously, you willing commited your time and energy to support us.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for the others to accept nor respond to your hospitality. 

We are bitter. Lost. Hurt. It is hard for them to truly see your good intentions and largesse. 

You stay up nights working on schedules and planning for the new year ahead of us. You willingly give rides to those who are still rude and disrespectful towards you. On top of that, you are also a praise leader for the adults.

It’s a wonder how you patiently endure all the responsibilities left in your hands.

Surely God will make a way and bless you all the more.

It pains and almost angers me to see others blantantly disrespect and ignore you.

Recently, you’ve told me how tired and how you wanted to give up. As always you’re joking and grinning. But I can see your fatique.

Let us hope that God will make a way and that a new pastor would arrive quickly. Before everyone else falls apart.

- Conflicted



2:19 AM

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Hey guys! It’s HERE! I’m so excited to be launching Really Not Radio “Conversations InPlaces” where I introduce you to extremely dope and talented artists while hanging out at some of my fav places throughout #LosAngeles ayyyyeeee!!! The other cool thing about this new show segment is that you will ALSO get to press Play on musical selections, hand-picked by the featured artist!! 🎶 So COOL! I had the opportunity to rap and catch up with Jessica Jolia (@thejessicajolia) in Manhattan Beach. We had a great conversation!! Click on over to and I have the link in my bio for YOUR convenience. #ontour #JessicaJolia #conversation #reallynotradio #radioshow #musicblog #liveshow #dopeartist #art #singer #songwriter #talent #aandr #musiclover #musicfan #rnbmusic #discovernewmusic #soulmusic #onrepeat #thebeach #beachlife #dtla #artistinterview #whogotnext #beats #dashradio #indieartist #happyhour #wavy