And today on the creepy stalker agenda, someone on Instagram is stealing photographs from my Facebook, tumblr and Facebook page and passing themselves off as me, even going to the extend of the following captions with posts:
“Me and pedro.”
“Me and pedro having a costa.”
“Me and pedro out for a morning walk.”

Now, I understand flattery and I’m alright with that, but when your directly impersonating me and dragging my boyfriend into it, that’s a fucking no no!

I somewhat see this as no different to me RPIng as loki, which is where the flattery comes in, but why not just come up with your own xenomorph? Why target me on my suit? Do I have some kind of life that you want?? I’d rather they just left me alone.

This is their link:

This is my account:

For anyone who wishes to be nosey or report them for me.

Sales People Posing As Building Inspectors

Sales People Posing As Building Inspectors #YQG @CityWindsorON #Personation #DoorToDorSales

(WINDSOR, ON) – Residents are being made aware that individuals are posing as building inspectors. Several people have reported that individuals, dressed similar to inspectors, knocked on their door and asked to enter their homes. Once inside, the men go to the water heater and begin talking about the benefits of one product over another and it becomes apparent they are salesmen from a water…

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Zodiac Houses: Libra/Slytherin/Thunderbird

With all their knowledge of books and people alike, nothing truly is a mystery to them. 

Want one? Just ask!


Impress-A-Vention! (by MarquandR)

Voice matching or voice mimicking is part of an arena of the voiceover industry that falls into voice over production work, specifically matching, voice replacement, ADR or looping. ADR stands for Automatic Dialog Replacement. This was previously referred to in the industry as looping. Voice matching includes adding background sounds to films, adding sounds of TV or radio and a movie and generally fleshing out the film in a studio or ADR sound stage. At times, it also means matching a celebrity to save time and money when a project is in an urgent situation.



Harry Potter Studios in semi-nice photos from last night…IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. We were running around like little kids and honestly trying to break the 13.5 hour record for being there…unfortunately we were unsuccessful, BUT THERE’S ALWAYS CHRISTMAS LADIES. And yes, that photo at the top is my inpersonation of Dumbledore grabbing onto the Phoenix and disappearing from the room OKAY because let’s be real that scene makes me laugh so hard every fucking time. And Em and I were planning the whole time to get matching Weasley sweaters but unfortunately they were $75 AND made of wool so it really wasn’t in the stars BUT IT’S OKAY BECAUSE WE GOT MATCHING SHIRTS AND SCARVES AND THEY ARE SO CUTE (check snapchat for pics heh).


Distrustale Papyrus

This version of Papyrus is not as brave as the original, well it used to be brave, but his attacks (Bones and stuff) started to disappear making him think he is a bit weaker without its attacks, then it gets worse after he got literally robbed and snatched of the rest of its remaining attack bones, leaving him with only one, he is now always in a shaking battle posicion to make sure it doesnt get robbed again, however he even gets worse, more worried, more anxiety, more distrustful and more sad do to people calling him a cruel and mean person do to the inpersonation he is suffering, *Someone* is Inpersonating Papyrus in the underground as a cruel skeleton that doesnt care about other and just wants to hunt down the human. He was excited at first because he thought it could be a mysterious fan of his that wants to be like him, but this person acts just really makes Papyrus’s life a bit more depressing. He is one of the main reasons, Sans is now always alert to intruders and Shadows that move in the darkness.