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Crossfit WOD 111201

The posted WOD:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
15 foot Rope climb, 2 ascents
20 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
Run 200 meters

I was psyched to try this one because of my new inov-8 F-lite 230 shoes. I hadn’t actually ‘ran’ with them yet, so this was the 'field test’. Up until now I’ve been happy with their performance, they are great for everyone of the Oly lifts as well as skill work. The minimal sole and lightweight design is pretty awesome. But, I’ve never run with them, let alone run with ANY shoe that didn’t have a lot of heel cushion.

I still workout independently at my local gym. We don’t have a rope, so I had to substitue towel pulls. Unfortunately I forgot my 'towel’, so I had to use some hand towels, that ended up failing on my at the end of the WOD. I know the mainsite recommends 15 pulls for each 15 foot ascent, but I cannot agree with that calculation. A true rope ascent I’d be using my feet for assistance, and my reach is 7 foot. So I scaled the towel pulls to 10 each round.

I was interested in seeing how I performed with the wall balls. The last time I did them, I was horrible at it. My legs were shaking the whole time, my torso swayed, and I honestly couldn’t keep launching the ball to the proper height. Keeping in mind I only have an 18lb medicine ball at my gym.

I completed 4 complete rounds in 14:53. I decided I wanted the workout and did an additional round. I finished the 5th round just under 17 minutes.

The towel pulls were enough, although I ripped through one of my towels by the end of the WOD.

My wall balls were a huge improvement. My legs felt strong. My torso didn’t sway, and I was able to complete each round without breaking up the 20 reps. I was very pleased with that.

The run was awesome as well. I mean, I was tired and my legs were jello-like by the end, but the shoes performed with flying colors!!!! I normally have shin tightness and even shin pain during any kind of run, and with these shoes I had none!? This whole time I thought my shin pain was from my arches and biomechanical problems, it seems that the massive cushion in my heels might have been the root of all the causes!!

Great workout today.

My favorite running convo, “I hate running…why do you run then? Cause I love racing… & hate losing…” #running #crossfit #brooks #trailrunning #inov8 #cfbn #cfendurance (Taken with Instagram)

EDIT: So the story behind the smile is as we were coming around the bend a lil past the ½ mile point the photographer yells out to me and my bromance Mikey, cool…, here comes the big guys…that will get ya a lil flex and a smile all day…