My Berlin Marathon 2014 Kit

The kit is laid out and ready. Here’s what I’ll slipping into for the race.

Running Shoes: Adidas Adizero Adios Boost

Shorts: Adidas Supernova Climacool London Marathon Official

Base Layer Shorts: Asics

Race Jacket: inov-8 Race Elite 105 Windshel with stuff sack

Race Shirt: Adidas Thunder Run technical tee

Base Layer: Champion Sport Pro Peformance base layer

Buff: inov-8 race buff

Smartphone Belt: Musicbelt

Gel Belts x 2: Fitletic running belt

Socks: X-Bionic Test Socks

Carb Gels x 9: PowerBar Strawberry

Hydration: SOS Rehydrate Lemon

Tracking: StatSports Viper with Polar HR monitor and harness

Running Watch: Polar V800

Headphones: Monster iSport Victory

Cap: Chicago Bears baseball cap from the Chicago Marathon 2014

9/28/16 6.23 miles
Dark, wet, cold. Pick three.
YTD: 976.83 miles
AVG: 3.5913/day
271 days in a row

Having trouble typing because 1) my fingers are still cold, and 2) you remember that weird golfer’s elbow thing I had going on a few months ago on my right arm? Now it’s my right arm. WTH?

It’s really just a particular sore muscle in my forearm, as near as I can tell. I feel it most when I extend my fingers, primarily my middle finger. Perhaps I strained it flipping someone the bird to vigorously? You’d think by now I’d be an expert bird flipper with well developed bird flipping muscles. Perhaps I need to do more bird flipping calisthenics.

Whatever. I knew it was rainy heading out, so in addition to putting my iPhone in my waterproof LifeProof case, I also put it inside a Ziplock™ brand zip-top sandwich bag. Wore my waterproof Vibrams so I wouldn’t get my Inov-8′s wet (so I can wear them for tomorrow’s run (but more importantly put DRY shoes in my backpack in the morning)). Also wore a hat (my Racine 70.3 2016 finisher hat) to keep the rain out of my eyes.

Found a few Growlithe candies, hatched a Magnemite, caught a few common Pokémon, and filled up my backpack with items. Dumped potions so I could collect balls/berries for the remaining ~4 stops. At some point I’d like to figure out a spot in my daily routine that I can hit a Pokégym and get into some more battles.

My wife’s got some after-work stuff to do so I need to get my run in at lunch. Feels so long since I’ve gone to the gym across the street from my office. It’s been a nice little break, but 1) I’m paying for the privilege, and 2) I ought to get my money’s worth. I definitely haven’t gotten any value for my September payment.

Meanwhile I’m trying to make plans to meet up with some tumblrs before and after the Chicago Marathon. And possibly during for the ones who’ll be spectating.

Heh. One of my coworkers lives on the route and was asking what time he might expect to see me. Trying to give him a decent window of opportunity but there’s a few variables I won’t be able to control. “Look buddy I’ll be at such and such a street at such and such a time and if I don’t see you in 5 minutes I’m going back to bed!”

Altra Provisions

I forgot to mention that I ran my first run today in my Altra Provisions - shoes that seemed like they were OK until I got some more longer runs in them, at which point I realized they wouldn’t work due to toe pain. This was also well past the time I felt I could exchange them.

I had apparently forgotten all about that since I’ve worn them for a few shorter runs here and there, but had been concentrating on training in the shoes I’ll be racing *cough* in, my Inov-8 f-lite 192s.

At about 4 miles into my run today my middle and ring toes (assuming they’re fingers) started feeling awful. I have no idea what it is about the shoe that does it, but they were killing me.

My Inov-8′s were soaked from yesterday’s run. I put them out on the back porch in the morning but they were nowhere near dry by 10:22am. Fortunately they WERE dry for my 3:30 attempt at a run - too bad I couldn’t go another mile and a half :)