I remember how I hated them. Because they hated me. And I couldn’t understand why. I wondered why I even existed. That’s when I found out I had this demon inside me. It wasn’t my fault, but everyone acted as if it was. That just made it worse. But then… a few people came along who paid attention to me. That made it better. It was alright then, even though I had this monster inside me. Even though everyone else acted like I didn’t exist. Because I wasn’t alone anymore. For the first time in a long time, I was happy again. Really, really happy. They made me remember how good life could be. They made me glad to be alive. But when I think back to where I was before I met them, it’s scary. Nothing but pain and darkness. What would I be like if I stayed there? All alone. That’s how come I can understand him.” 

N a r u t o  U z u m a k i

Note: I don’t think we give enough credit to Naruto—or at least, not at this point in time. This was Naruto reflecting on his life after meeting Gaara, after seeing how similar their situations were yet how drastic their outcome. 

Naruto may not have a high cognitive intelligence, but his emotional intelligence goes above and beyond the norm. Emotional intelligence refers to a person’s ability to perceive, control, evaluate, and express emotions. Research has found that individuals with strong leadership potential also tend to be more emotionally intelligent—which just supports even further why this unpredictable hyperactive ninja became Hokage. 

I know at this time we found it really amusing that he always stated, “I’m gonna be Hokage someday!” and assumed that obviously the show was going to end with that because of the efforts he put to get there, but I think it’s really important to note how Naruto was such a great candidate for that position because of this inherent quality. 

I read somewhere how when encountering a person who is extremely unstable mentally or otherwise, the first and foremost thing you should do is listen to what they have to say—to try and understand them. Why? Because most of the time, such people just need someone to just accept their emotions and their words as holding importance—to accept the fact that their emotions are real and worthy of attention. 

We have made Naruto’s ‘talk-no-jutsu” somewhat of a joke and just something more funny than serving a purpose—and yes, sometimes it does appear as if it is overdone—but just think about it for a second. This is the ninja world where these shinobi are constantly killing and such a life is traumatic at times. Think of all the people Naruto has met that have gone through so many traumatic experiences and are just not mentally stable and the very first thing he always does is listen. To try and relate. To understand them. To say, “Hey, I hear what you’re saying, and I understand your emotions are real.” 

This quality of his—THIS right here is why he TRULY became Hokage. Why he was so qualified for the position. He never believed any feeling or thought was below him and he always listened to each person he encountered. He brought people together this way. And when you’re sitting at such a high position as Hokage (or whatever position of leadership), it is SO important to be both perceptive and receptive of e v e r y person out there—no matter what their status/rank/race/age/personality/ideology/etc.

And on top of that all, Naruto was very self-aware. Do you see how he reflected on being the kyuubi container? He’s this thirteen-year-old kid who realized that the hate people had was targeted toward the kyuubi container, not him. But because they were one in the same thing, the hate was also targeted towards him. And because he was able to grasp this concept, he was able to use this to push forward to turn that hate around by reaching out to one person at a time until he was reaching out to the whole of the shinobi world. 

It’s honestly so beautiful. We could all learn so much from his character. And try to apply some of his methods to our daily lives. Imagine how much positive change that would bring into this world. 

Fun fact : originally when Croix was first introduced I thought she might try to specifically “recruit” Diana as her own apprentice or something so I was going to write a fic where Croix built up a really great bond/relationship with Diana and the whole school knew it and was happy about it and then one day Croix had Diana learn a spell that actually turned out to be a curse and essentially made Diana curse herself.

But then we found out Diana doesn’t like Croix at all so I just twisted the idea into the one I wrote in Breaking Silence.

BTS: Jungkook AU/series


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I’m Pregnant! Carl Grimes x reader (Spoilers!!!)

Request: Can you do a Carl x Reader where the reader is Negan’s daughter but she’s secretly fooling around with Carl. Then once Negan is about to hit Carl over the head with Lucille, the reader screams that she’s pregnant with Carl’s baby? The whole fight at the end doesn’t have to happen, but I’d really like it to end as a fluff. :) It’s okay if you don’t though, lol. Thank you.

Warnings:Near death, mentions of child, this imagine being short af, swearing


Y/N’s PoV

It all happened so fast, Sasha came out of the coffin as a walker and Carl took the oppuritunity to shoot one of the Saviors in the shin and finished him off with a blow to the chest. 

My father was tackled by Sasha and pinned to the floor. Negan by blood was my father and his ways wern’t my own. To see Carl with a gun to his head pained me. Carl and I have been dating/ fooling around for a while now and I didn’t dare tell my father becuase I know he would personally kill me. But that didn’t mean that I hated him. He loved me and I loved him but he does tend to be a but scary sometimes. 


“Stay in the car Y/N. Oh God damn it honey!” My dad said pushing Sasha off of him and inot someone else. Seeing Sasha as a walker hurt me more than I could let on. I’ve known her ever since me and Carl met each other. 

“You seem like a nice girl Y/N.” Sasha said to me as I sat at the dinner table meeting everyone.

“Thanks!” I said shoving a spoonful of soup in my mouth.

“Well I’m glad your apart of the family.” Sasha said flashing me a bright smile.

“Me too. You guys are such lovely people. And this place! It’s amazing can’t wait to be spending most of my days here.” I said smiling at everyone around the table.

“Y/N? Y/N! Get ahold of yourself we have a war to win.” Simon said opening the door for me. I hopped out and pulled out my pistol.

“I’m going inside the gates!” I yelled to Simon over the gunfire. 

“Your dad’s not going to like that!” Simon shouted back ahooting at the top but hitting nothing. 

“I don’t give a shit! I’ll be fine! Cover for me!” I said running away from SImon my gun low at my waist. The walls were filled with Garbage people and Saviors, the Alexandriaites scattered between them. I began shooting Garbage people from left and right surprisingly not getting noticed by Saviors or other Garbage people. 

“Y/N!” I heard Carl’s voice in the distance.

“Carl?” I yelled back shooting people as they walked by.

“Over here! Hurry!” I ran behind a truck next to Carl shooting down peole with a rifle. 

“Got anything stronger?” I asked referring to my empty pistol.

“Behind me.” He said jerking his head behind him. 

“Thanks.” I siad throwing my pistol aside trading in for an AK.

“Cover me I’m going to look for Negan.” He said and my eyes widened in alarm. I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “I know he’s your dad Y/N but we have to end this-”

“Be careful. Don’t let him kill you.” I said before kissing him quickly. 

“I’ll try.” He said before running off.

After a while Rick was being lead by Jadis with a gun to his back and I decided to follow close behind letting people know not to shoot me or they’d be in big trouble. I soon followed Jadis to a big open area one that looked like where Glenn and Abraham were murdered (Rest in peace) Carl was kneeling on the ground his gun thrown somewhere else as Jadis made Rick kneel next to Carl.

“You’re not gonna win.” Carl said looking up at my dad.

“Oh Carl it’s already over. Let me point your one ball up the street and take it all in.” 

The rest of the events were a blur as my dad leaned down to Rick and began talking to him. Rick obviously said something that didn;t settle well with my father becasie he got up and turned to Carl.

“Dad wait!” I yelled no realizing what I was doing.

“What?” He said balancing Lucille on his shoulder. 

“I’m pregnant… With his baby.” I siad slowly pointing to Carl. “You can’t kill him. I won’t let you!” i said walking up protecting Carl.

“What why? He got you knocked up and in a world like this?!” 

“Because I love him. And I wanted this! We both did!” I said stadning up to Negan. “Dad I love him and these people so leave.” I demanded as my dad looked hurt.

“If you don’t let me get rid of it I will never call you my daughter again.” Negan siad pointing to my belly with Lucille.

“You’re not taking it. Because it’s mine and I love it.” I said turnign away from him with a tear rolling down my cheek.

“We’re rolling out!” Negan yelled to his people. 


I hope this is what you wanted and thanks for requesting so I love you!!!!!

Masterlist Jeon Jungkook

So this is a collection of my favorite imagines, one shots, and smut that I’ve enjoyed reading. (none of these links are mine. Will credit writers)

Detentio0n by naughtykpopimagines

Taekook Threesome by naughtykpopimagines

Vampire Series    Ch.1  |  Ch. 2  |  Ch. 3 by naughtykpopimagines

Give Me Love by noir0neko

Tease by jungblue

Touch Your Toes by dom-joonie

Mirrors by btsmutimagines

Tease by btsmutimagines

Sunday Mornings and a White Shirt by jeonghsk

Punished by exobtssmutimagination

Needy by exobtssmutimagination

Straight Face by exobtssmutimagination

Lock the Door by monstaccato

Ribbing by ellieljade

Syrup by cuzimsickwithhope

Lay Back by xiuminsm

Baby Girl by xiuminsm

Tight feat. Jimin by cuzimsickwithhope

Baby, You’re The One by noonatrash

Six Days Without Fucking You Are Too Long by parkjiminsprincess

For your entertainment by chimble

I’ll play along pt. 1 by jackoffjae

Good Boy by bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff

Lesson by bangtantrashwrites

The following is by bxngtansmut

Me in the morning: Done washing up, walked the dog, eaten properly, done well 

Me in the evening: (eyes dilated, five cans of ginger beer and 2 empty mugs are next to me, shaking slightly) come and slam, and welcome to the jam, come and and slam, and welcome to the jam, slam, girl youve got me in the zone jus t s lide

anonymous asked:

Lol I'm not sure the entire media could survive an advertising crackdown like gamer gate. They're so fragile at this point I'd think the entire industry would crumble. I've seen it suggested the US government should give out newspaper vouchers so they don't have to rely on advertisers., Although with a Republican house and senate and Trump's hatred of the media and criticism I think that's inot possible.

And here’s the thing.  Gamergate, overall, was tiny compared to the people defending Felix.

He’s literally got his own millions of subscribers and the fanbases of dozens of other popular Youtubers like Jontron, Boogie, Markiplier, PBG, Sargon, Phillip Defranko, etc.

Gamergate cost Gawker a million bucks.  This new uprising could potentially do a whole lot fucking more.


okay so i just read some headcanons that fake ah crew! geoff is like batman’s number one fan and this popped inot my head.

like the crew has a friend (the reader) whoknows about their life but doesnt really care. 

she is a total sweetheart, all about morals and helping others, god knows how she’s friends with these losers. 

doesn’t tell them about her job or her past but they dont really care. 

then one day, theyre robbing a bank in the middle of the night (for the first time theyre actually stealthy) and a figure appears in front of them and geoff nearly has a heart attack. 

it;s not batman, but y/sh/n (your superhero name) in their signiture mask and their fist raised, telling them to put the money down and leave. 

gavin nearly shits his pants from fear, he had heard stories of you and how strong you are. so he instantly surrenders, 

ray gives up but is also causal about it. “ i got it dude, im settingt he money down, cool mask though , you like pokemon?”

michael holding geoff back from running at you for a picture and an autograph, sure you werent batman, but you were still famous from all of gotham and los santos

jack is merely sizing you up before nodding at ryan who charges at you in a battle. 

geoff wasnt happy “ ryan no what are you doing s’ll kill you! get me a picture!

during the fight your mask falls off and they see that it’s you. 

theyre all totally silent, hard to read their emotions until geoff speaks up. 


*gavin ends up fainting. 

ever sicne then theyve been super protective of you when you fight crime. 

“ jack im okay im a superhero ill be fine i dont need a sweater.”


geoff constantly asks you questions. 

“have you meet batman?”


“ *gasp* do you know his secret identity????”

“ yes.”

“ can you tell me!?!?!”

“ nope, sworn to secrecy geoffy.”

“ but Y/NNNNNNNNNNN!!!!”

you end up taking them with you when you fight crime. you regret that desision. 

“ y/n becareful he has a gun!’’

“ im aware jack!”

“ guys where did gavin go?”

*gavin screaming*

“ ill go get him.”

“ thank you michael.”

youre flirty frenimies with the gotham sirens. when they meet the fake ah crew the guys are dumbstruck by them, jack is protective momma bear when they get too touchy around you. 

“ why is y/sh/n freinds with a gang like you?”

“ why is she friends with a dumb wanna-be clown like you?”

“ umm…guys?”

“ stay out of this y/n, im not letting these bitches touch my babygirl.”

i think im gonna make a ton of little ficlets like this. 

what do you guys think?????

tagged by: @hhemeraa
tagging: @korollvov (im tagging myself because i wanna do it on my other blog) @miighted, @vxndictae @illustriae @axeswung @maltrust @caedxs @lncaendia @prideofnoxus @gotjinxed + anyone else wants to do this! 

instructions: fill out the questions about your muse, repost, and tag as many people you want.

1. what does your muse smell like?

he is a dancer, his whole purpose is to be a distraction; charming and well-kept. he holds a very nature-like scent, like freshly cut roses, or the general aroma of a forest after the rain.

2. how often does your muse bathe/shower? any habits?

there is no way in hell he is going to show up to a place with dirty feathers. he loves the feeling of water && bathing in rivers and lakes. he is a very clean person in general, since he cares about his appearance A LOT. have you seen how birds fluff their feathers && pluck them && they go poof when they bathe/shower. that’s rakan. 

3. does your muse have any tattoos or piercing?

No. but he isn’t against the idea of getting some.

4. any body movement quirks ( ex.knee shakes )?

he walks with a confident strut that sometimes looks like he is dancing. he has the habit of showing off his wings cause he is THAT type of person. 

5. what do they sleep in?

I mean he is shirtless 24/7 so shirtless??????? 

6. what’s their favorite piece of clothing

his cape!! he loves it because it has some of Xayah’s feathers as decoration on them

7. what do they do when they wake up?

roll over && kiss Xayah all over the face until she gets annoyed 

8. how do they sleep? position?

when he is alone he sleeps in a half-assed fetal position because he is used to being the big spoon with Xayah.

9. what do their hands feel like?

rough && calloused. he is a freedom fighter, so of course he’s gotten his fair share of fights. They feel like stone, which suits I suppose. 

10. if you kissed them, what would they usually taste like?

CHOCOLATE. he loves chocolate so much he would literally find any chance to eat it, even if it’s not the best time to do so. So chocolate.

Ziam Songs

You and I

“You and I” is clearly about closet :

Not even the gods above
Could separate the two of us

I know how it goes for wrong and right
Silence and sound
Did they ever hold each other
Tight like us
Did they ever fight like us

Meet in the middle
There’s always room for common ground

Never together
Cause they see things in a different light

And it’s a Ziam song :

We don’t want to be like them
We can make it till the end
Nothing can come between
You & I
Not even the gods above
Could separate the two of us
No nothing can come between [Their love is stronger than their handlers]

Ziam made it about themselves.

At every single concert :

They literaly sang it to each other. All the time.

Liam cried the first time they sang it. Niall teased him about it.

WWA : Europa, North America, South America

OTRA : Australia, Japan, Asia

And after Zayn left and they returned from the break, Liam, Harry and Louis were late on stage for You and I. Liam was the last one to come back and when he did, he cried during You and I. Niall even hugged him.

And even the press noticed.

It’s from Liam’s POV :

I figured it out from black and white
Seconds and hours
Maybe they had to take some time [feelings]

Liam made it about himself. He literaly tattooed the lyric on his arm.

I won’t mind 

It’s Zayn’s POV and also a song about closet :

Don’t look around cause love is blind
And darling right now I can’t see you
I’m feeling proud so without a doubt
I can feel you

Cause we are who we are when no one’s watching
And right from the start, you know I got you
Yeah you know I got you

I won’t mind
Even though I know you’ll never be mine

We messed around until we found the one thing we said we could never ever live without

I’m not allowed to talk about it
But I gotta tell you

It’s definitely Zayn trying to convince Liam it’s ok for them to be together and that it’s more than just a fling for him : it’s love. And he’ll love him even if he knows people won’t let them be together.

Little things


You can see Liam checking for their handlers before serenading Zayn here :

Also some staring around the 2:10 mark and some more serenading around the 3:17 mark.

It’s not their song but it’s the one during which Zayn cried at his last concert. (probably because it was their 1st emotional song as a band)

Last First Kiss 

(thanks to @team-adziam ^^ saw the tags)

There’s already a good masterpost about it here : X and X X


It’s interesting to note the recurrence of “You” in the titles of Liam and Zayn’s recent songs : “You” for Liam and “It’s you” for Zayn. They always look at each other during the “You and I” part of the song (and often at the “It’s you” in Little things).

A few other examples :

The video from which this gif comes from has been deleted (no wonder…) but here a sample of gifs for more context : X

anonymous asked:

Companions react to sole performing Frank Sinatra "fly me to the moon" in a bar wearing fancy clothing

Cait (platonic) - She got herself three fingers of whiskey and sat on a bar stool, listening. She wasn’t much into such things, all fancy, but she had to admit, they had style and their voice managed to charm everyone, even Magnolia herself.

Cait (romanced) - She tried to escape their gaze, embarassed. Yet, their look made her feel so warm and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to just listen to them forever, or drag them away from the stage, so she could have them all for herself.

Codsworth - He was well aware it was a love song, yet he just enjoyed hearing their voice filled with such affection, instead of sadness and despair, bringing cozy atmosphere into the dark bar.

Curie (platonic) - She was absolutely charmed, watching them with a dreamy smile on her face. Curie was very fond of the pre-war culture and seeing and hearing Sole like this made her feel like singing herself.

Curie (romanced) - She wasn’t sure if the song was being sung for her, or if they just accidentally kept looking at her the whole time. She was sure only at the end, when they pointed their finger at her at the last word ‘you’. She wouldn’t let them go anyway away from her till the rest of the evening and night.

Danse (platonic) - He wasn’t fond of mooching in such places, there was always another task to be done, yet he found himself unable to focus as they started to sing, corners of his mouth jerking up in a smile. This was nice. Unproductive, yes, but very nice.

Danse (romantic) - He was glad none of his brothers or sisters were here, for he was sure the look on his face was almost idiotically happy. It wasn’t often he felt this special and he did take a while to thank his lucky stars before fully focusing on their singing.

Deacon (platonic) - One moment, he admired how they look in such fancy clothes, the other, he was standing right next to them in his own white suit, singing along with them, trying, that is. But people seemed entertained and they both even received a small applause at the end.

Deacon (romantic) - He just kept smirking at them as they sang, giving them a slight applause at the end. When they approached him, he was looking unamused and said ‘You’re sappy’, before bringing them close to him in a kiss.

Dogmeat - As much as he loved his owner’s voice, right now, he was probably the most interested in the chunk of meat Magnolia gave him and he’d be happily gnawing on it as the bar filled with their voice.

Hancock (platonic) - He stands beside the bar with Magnolia, listening and sometimes joking that they might replace her, on which she replies in the same joking matter, that she’d at least have more free time. They are truly good, though and it appeared that everyone else thought so as well.

Hancock (romantic) - He does stand beside the bar with magnolia, but is unable to focus on anything that isn’t their face, or their voice. He doesn¨t even care the amused look Magnolia gives him, or the something she says, something about ‘love sick puppy’. He starts clapping out loud at the end and is more than content when the others join in.

MacCready (platonic) - He recalls meeting them in this very same bar and feels proud, both of him and them. They sing nice, he knows as much, otherwise he had to scold himself for not paying absolute attention.  Maybe they’ll sing again, he keeps telling himself, hopeful.

MacCready (romantic) - He pulls his hat down into his face, but just enough so he can still see them, their gaze piercing and soothing at the same time and he feels his cheeks burning. He waited for them to come to him, when they finished and when they ddi approach his table, he placed a shy kiss on the side of their mouth, earning a sweet smile.

Nick Valentine (platonic) - This was one of the best moments with Sole so far. The atmosphere filled by cigarette smoke, dim lights and their voice felt like real perfection to him and they did look like one as well. He made sure he stood up and gave them a grand applause as they finished.

Nick Valentine (romantic) - He had to take the cigarette out of his mouth, for the smile on his face would surely cause it fall down on the alcohol stained table. When they finished and Magnolia took their spot again, he invited them for a dance, holding them close to his body.

Piper (platonic) - Now this was something. Firstly, they looked so perfect, she was almost ashamed for her own clothes, but then again, hers were still in better shape than most of the drifters’ there. Secondly, they sang.  She always cursed the fact she didn’t have a camera on the best occasions.

Piper (romance) - Did it suddenly get hot in there? She always had kind of a crush on Magnolia, because of her singing and now them? As they sang, the eye contact was never broken, even though it was very very hard for her. She kept smiling for the rest of the night and in the morning as well.

Preston (platonic) - He didn’t feel too well in Goodneighbor, but he had to admit that this was more than nice, his general being on of the main reasons really. He sipped on his beer as their voice echoed through the room. He tried not to be disappointed, when their song ended, hoping the would sing again soon.

Preston (romance) - He coudln’t tear his eyes off them. Their voice felt like they sang it right inot his ear and their outfit defined the shape of their body so well, he felt like he was hypnotized. At the same time, he was more than moved by the song and in his mind, he was already showering their body with kisses in their Rexford room.

Strong - He wasn’t comfortable in the ‘bar’, as the humans called it, and neither were the people and the robot. He only noticed that human was speaking funny, but didn’t pay much attention. Talking never was his forte.

X6-88 (platonic and romance) - This was pointless, but they just wouldn’t have what he was saying.. Yet, they did seem relaxed, singing on stage, dressed as they were and he had learned to respect their decisions, as long as they weren’t extreme.


Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky writes a list on how not to lose you and you find it in the back pocket of his jeans. Requested by anonymous, a fic based on the song Tell Her You Love Her by Echosmith.

Words: 1.6k+

Warnings: Nightmare (just one, brief). It’s all fluff here, folks!

A/N: I wrote this on my iPad on iNotes lololol. Thank you thank you thank you to my bae @buckyywiththegoodhair for helping me out when I was stuck. Without you, this fic wouldn’t have happened. Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think :):):)

Bucky had a hard time readjusting when Steve brought him to the tower merely 2 years after he had chosen to go back under, despite being constantly reassured that the only reason Steve had brought him back was because he was confident in new technology that could help reset Bucky’s mind. And it had done the job well. Simple words could no longer trigger the super soldier. But there was nothing they could do for his memories. Those would stay for as long as they wanted. He was plagued by nightmares, but he eventually found solace. In you.

It was an accident, really, how it all started. You were just heading down to the gym on a restless night when you heard grunts and pleas coming from behind his door.
At the time, he was still adjusting to being around so many new people. He would mostly hang out with Steve, but when Steve wasn’t around he kept to himself. Never being outright rude or impolite, just quiet.
So when you heard him struggling on your way to the gym, you made a split second decision to open the door, the urgency of his pleas leaving no time for you to second guess what you were about to do. When you got to his bedroom, you didn’t even bother knocking, you just opened the door and ran to him. His eyes were shut tight, sweat beading on his forehead, his arms gripping the sheets as his whole body thrashed against the mattress. You were careful but urgent in your attempts to wake him up, his screams of pain growing too much for you to bear. So you slowly placed a hand on his forehead and whispered his name. His face scrunched up in confusion, little lines forming between his eyebrows, but his eyes stayed shut and his breathing was still erratic. So you repeated his name over and over again, gradually raising your voice, until his body relaxed and his eyes finally fluttered open. His eyebrows knitted together in confusion before a flicker of recognition flitted across his eyes and he finally registered who was sitting on the bed next to him. You slowly lifted your palm from his forehead and started running your fingers through his damp hair. You stayed like that, gazes never breaking, until his breathing completely calmed.
“You okay?” You kept your voice low so as not to frighten him. He nodded slowly and your lips lifted into a gentle smile before you got up from where you were perched on the bed and started making your way to his bedroom door. Before you could leave his room though, he called out your name. Turning around, your eyes met his once more, “Yeah?”
A ghost of a smile crossed his lips. A real smile though, not the forced polite ones he’d given everyone on the team when he first arrived. “Thank you, [Y/N]”

After that night you two slowly grew more comfortable around each other until eventually he started confiding in you. About the things he’d done, the nightmares that plagued him, his fears. And when he finally did get more comfortable with your presence, a side of him came out that you could only assume was akin to what he was like in the 40’s. Playful, funny and charming. Somewhere along the line, you had completely fallen. He had been through so much and yet he had come out of it the kindest, most considerate man you’d ever known. In a new world, where the people were different and the customs had changed drastically, he had adjusted so well.
His presence became a constant in your life and besides Nat, he was your best friend. So you tried your best to tamp it down, hoping it was just a passing thing. It made sense you would develop a little crush right? He was built like an Adonis after all, you weren’t immune to that. It didn’t help your case that you would sometimes catch him looking at you with longing in his eyes. He never made a move though. You suspected he was afraid of losing your friendship in the case you didn’t want him like he wanted you. So one day, when you two were watching a movie in his room, his arm draped across your shoulders, you decided to throw caution to the wind and finally take what you had wanted for so long. So you grabbed the remote and pressed pause. He looked at you with a playful smile and lifted an eyebrow, “Bathroom again?” He was poking fun at your ridiculously tiny bladder. You shook your head at him, a smirk on your lips. “Nope. Just tired of waiting.”
His eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “Waiting for what?”
“For you to make a move.”
And then you were crashing your lips onto his. He reacted almost instantly despite his initial shock. And when he really registered what was happening, his hands came up to cup your face, tilting your head and taking control of the kiss. His lips were firm and soft against yours and it was everything you had wanted for so long and so much more. His tongue ran across your bottom lip, asking for permission that you quickly granted him. He explored your mouth fervently and you sighed at the feel of him, your hands flying to the front of his shirt. When the burning in your lungs got too uncomfortable, you parted for air, your eyes fluttering open and meeting his slightly darkened ones.
He grinned. “I’m really glad you did that.”
You wiggled your eyebrows at him. “Well someone has to have balls in this relationship.” He threw his head back laughing wholeheartedly and your heart danced at the sound. You joined him, overcome with joy.

7 months later, you were doing his laundry when you found a crumpled up note in the back pocket of his pants. Bucky had recently moved into the same living quarters as you. It wasn’t something you guys had talked about, it just happened. He was finding it harder and harder to sleep alone in his room when he knew what it felt like to fall asleep holding onto you. Besides, he was your boyfriend and you guys weren’t trying to hide it from the team any longer. You were never good at that anyway, anyone with eyes could tell.
Unfolding the note, you found it was a list. Scrawled in his messy handwriting, it read:

1. Treat her better, make sure to see it through
2 Don’t be just everything she wants, be everything she needs
3. Don’t run away when you get tired
4. When she says she needs you, tell her you need her too
5. Tell her she’s lovely
6. Always tell her the truth
7. When she says she loves you, tell her you love her too

You scrunched up your nose at the cheesiness, but found yourself smiling anyway. The words sounded familiar to you, you were pretty sure they were lyrics to a popular song right now, you just didn’t know which one.
“Buck!” You yelled over the sound of the tv program he was watching in the living room.
He came strolling in, “Need some he-” his words cut off when he saw what you were holding in your hands. You smiled. “I’m just curious”, you assured him.
He shuffled on his feet and put his hands in his pockets, something you only every saw him do when he was nervous or uncomfortable. “I-I was just getting groceries last week when I heard this song. Sam gave me a notepad with his grocery list on it, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to write them down, seemed like good advice.”
You slowly approached him. “What for?”, you asked quietly, even though you already had an idea.
He sighed. “I’ve never been a serious relationship person, not even back then. And now dating’s even more crazy. Tinder? How is that a thing?” You chuckled. Trying to find your significant other purely by looks and a short bio did seem a little unconventional, even to you, a millennial.
“And I don’t want to mess this up, [Y/N]. It’s too good, you’re too good”, he continued, his gaze dropping to his feet.
You cupped his face and forced him to look back at you. You smiled before speaking. “You’re not going to mess this up. You’re the best man I know, don’t underestimate yourself. We’ve been doing fine so far, don’t you think? Actually, in my most humble opinion, we’ve been doing amazing. I love you so much. I’ve never loved anyone like I love you, and if you’ll have me, I’ll spend the rest of my days proving it to you until you believe it.”
His face split into the biggest grin you’d ever seen and he let out a breathless chuckle. “I love you, I love you so much. I’m not sure you’re even real sometimes.”
You beamed at him and pressed your lips against his, capturing them in a toe curling kiss. When you pulled back, you smiled at him. “Does that feel real to you?”
He nodded vigorously. “It’s the realest thing I’ve ever felt,” he whispered, a smile blooming on his beautiful face.
You ran your thumb over his cheek and grinned. “Good.”

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