Catching Legends (or Why Jack Should Have Gone to Freeze the Toothpaste) by Inomuiro

For the RotGBB - Lighting Round :) I really enjoyed working with Inomuiro, she’s pretty nice and her fic is cute and made me laugh a lot <3 

And this was our first Big Bang! :D

inomuiro replied to your photo: yo suckas look what just came in the mail still…

Oh WOW!! May I ask where you ordered it from?

whoops whoops! I got to this late q_q hopefully you track your name!

I ordered both vol 1 and 2 from Barnes and Noble for about USD$15 each oᴗo

I was stoked to find 2 since everywhere else I see it sold out or jacked up to ridic prices. It’s a good good good book, it gets my At0mic Seal of Recommendation (◕ᴥ◕ᴗ)3

Re: sexually frustrate your character

inomuiro submitted:

Starscream could only stare while Thundercracker pulled the red medic closer, reaching up to trace a line along his cheekplate with a delicate claw, leaning so that their lips were almost, almost but not quite touching. Knock Out’s vocalizer let out a growl and he closed the distance, pressing their mouths together hungrily and crushing Thundercracker into his arms, like he didn’t care about scratches, like the only thing he wanted was the lean Seeker writhing against his frame, and this was so wrong, Starscream’s trinemate and his lover doing this right in front of him and he couldn’t move, could only watch and do all he could to suppress a desperate moan…

Knock Out looked up from his datapad, then to the right, casting a glance over the Seeker laying on the berth next to him, deep in recharge. He could have sworn he heard a muffled whimper. He listened, and soon enough he heard again the small moan, and he could see Starscream’s wings fluttering a little. He smirked. Whatever Starscream was dreaming, he was probably having fun, he thought…

SS: …yes, ah *wings twitches* that kind of reminds me of a dream I had once… *clears throat* anyway. You had managed to… pique my interest *shifts in his seat*. It’s too bad that TC and KO would never agree to that. 

KO: The idea of me kissing that aft of a seeker is far from exciting. However, Star having a naughty dream is definitely revving my engine.~ 

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I didn’t know him before reading he was in this movie. Now I want to catch up with more of his work, he’s really, really…

Really perfect? :D *insert overly girly swoon* I was in love in with him from Pushing Daisies (I’ve never been one to obsess over characters/actors/people in general, but he is SUCH an exception), but now I’ve made it my goal to watch everything he’s been in. Almost reached it ;) I’ve got 3 more movies left (I’m excluding Breaking Dawn from the To Watch list though), and I’m in the middle of Wonderfalls.

 inomuiro said: I’ll be honestly quite surprised if the “MASSACRE!” teaser gets played straight in the next issue. But yeah, with Roberts you never know…


and I wanna see just fandom reaction)) it will be really really funny. ALL TEARS

But killing Drift isn’t new at all. How many times he almost died? More than two definitely. And what? He still fine. He could get more resurrections than Optimus got ahaha :D Drift’s respawn. So JR need to write something new for him. yeah. 

Just my opinion though~

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(I would have picked reading too, but damn, that would have been hard to choose XD ) Uhm... zombie apocalypse or alien invasion? (yeah, I'm bored too...)

ahh it was hard but i figure if i didn’t read i would be horribly uninspired to write sooo. and alien invasion. i’ve had an obsession with aliens and area 51 since i was a kid!