• Hagan(Burnie Burns), Zach(Michael Jones), Woody(Gavin Free), and Herman(Colton Dunn) are Lazer Team
  • Mindy(Alexandria Deberry) is Hagan’s daughter and NOT BARBARA DUNKELMAN
  • Adam(Alan Ritchson) is Champion of the Earth
  • Zach has the lazer
  • Hagan has the shield
  • Woody has the helmet
    • The helmet enhances mental functions
      • This gives Woody a British accent instead of a hick one to make him sound more intelligent
      • It also has a “Beer Goggles” setting
  •  Herman has the boots
    • Boots=Super speed
  • Hagan is a sheriff
  • Zach did SOMETHING to end up in the back of Hagan’s car
  • Woody catches fire at some point like a dumbass
  • Woody owns a ‘Milford’ shirt with the 'ord’ scratched off
  • Aliens
  • Use of Gav’s slow-mo cams 10/10

We’ve Been Told

  • Not a real dick that Woody adjusts
  • Once they put the pieces on they don’t come off (I know we were told that somewhere, I just cant find where)
  • Something about a rap battle in the back of a cop car I think? 
  • Aliens

RT Employes Seen

  • Joel Heyman is a reporter
  • Caleb Denecour is the soldier at the far end (maybe)
  • Kdin Jenzen is a “something or other important looking guy”
  • Gus Sorola is a scientist (had to add naked Gus, have fun burning your eyes out!!)
  • According to IMDb, Caiti Ward and Arryn Zech also appear
  • Meg Turney has said she makes an appearance 


  • Zach is in his late teens/early twenties. High School/college aged
  • Zach is possibly the leader, hence LAZER TEAM