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anonymous asked:

Are there any dougin's that you would recommend where there is no Zosan rape?????

Okay, after I took a long sigh to calm myself down, I may give you the answers.

This is the second time I repeat this matter, about the word “rape” - the fact that there’s nothing like “rape everywhere in ZoSanZo doujinshi”. To attack as a top isn’t the same as being a rapist. [Yes I admit there’re doujins that truly gave the rape scene but the amount of them isn’t  many]

So I will answer your question following the meaning of wanting to know a recommend doujin list which there’re not R18 scene or just slight R18. And since most of the dou I like (and remember) are ZoSanZo, I may not give you the list content other couple’s doujinshi.

These are just English scanlation.

Yamato & Haga Inochi (Circle Ichioku)

Nari [ROM-13]

[Hachimaru] Saruya Hachi’s