Happy Telephone Tuesday, everyone! :3 

Today, we’re learning about how angel dragons react to music!

A gift for Ino, the creator of Telephone and the Dutch Angel Dragon species, and for Michelle, owner of Voodoo and Monstercat Creations, for bringing Jyde to life.

Jyde finally meets Telephone - but the encounter is less than dramatic.

Song is Beatophone (club mix) from Caravan Palace


How to Be Friends



Hang out with @aceofheartsfox, @ino89777, @biogodz, Fjord Frost, and Adum from Your Movie Sucks; they’ll be doing talking about video production, as well as a Q&A session and more!


The entire Telephone vs the Fazbear Guards. It began as a silly conversation between myself and marie-dreamland164 / dont-let-those-doors-open-up about how mike might handle something like Telephone the Angel Dragon (an adorable fur suit created and owned by ino89777) and it just turned into a series! I must admit, I rather like how these came out (though Gabe’s, admittedly, was the hardest to do…the poses were just awkward).

Fazbear Guards (and Janitor) vs Telephone Series: (each individual description has a link to an adorable Telephone video from ino’s YouTube channel)

Fuboo & Telephone

Jeremy & Telephone

Gabe & Telephone

Fritz & Telephone

Richard & Telephone

Charles & Telephone

Mike & Telephone

The guards are owned by inverted-mind-inc

Telephone is owned by ino89777

Please give these ladies some love for their amazing and wonderful creations that I simply borrowed for this series!


All the furries I saw at PCC2014!!! This con was a lot of fun for me and it’s good to know I’ve been progressing on my social anxiety >< I only felt mild anxiety talking to other furs and tried my best to talk just a little. Hopefully if I go to Saboten or for sure at Taiyou I can hold conversations and not be afraid!

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Hey Nimbus, what first got you into the angel dragon community? :3


Before I found out about them, I was trying really really hard to come up with a dragon of my own. TO be a fursuit and such. I really didn’t want a Lombax fursuit. 

The first of which being Charity. I loved him at first but I just didn’t..associate with him and was pretty distant so now he sits on the back shelf. 

(old photo is old)

I did come up with some better ones, but again always felt distanct.

THAN out of no where cipher-057 starting showing me this character called Telephone.

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“Its a thing called a Dutch Angel Dragon, apparently you can make-…”



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This was before the site was up and I THINK it might have been around when Ino was being harassed for the species so I found diddly squat on the species. But I began designing anyway! Eventually after a few weeks I discovered the facebook group and joined! 

TL;DR: Someone showed me Telephone and I fell in love. 

The backstory for the species is great too, After I read it, I just fell more in love~!

Telephone belongs to ino89777