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my top naruto ships w/ no disrespect to the canon
  • 1. SakuHina [my number 1 ship, fight me, these two girls would be konoha’s cutest couple. konoha’s queens. konoha’s most beautiful girls. loving mothers of sarada and himawari because nards and sauce were surrogate dads respectively. they got hair cuts together. you can’t tell me that sakura didn’t have feelings for hinata in the last. the most pure naruto ship imo. one big ecosystem of cute fluff with zero angst.someone give me a storyboard of the last being a sakuhina movie plz????]
  • 2. NaruSaku [my long time naruto otp. i’ve shipped this since middle school. heaven and earth. used to be my number 1 ship but then i accidentally started shipping sakuhina. just, the kushina-sakura parallels. they make each other stronger. power couple. sakura gave naruto some of the brightest smiles i’ve ever seen.]
  • 3. SaiSaku [sakura helped sai understanding emotions. sai could see throw sakura’s bs and self doubt. i also would have appreciated a scene where sai felt some self doubt with basically being ‘replacement sasuke’ and sakura telling him, ‘you are way more than a sasuke replacement. you’re nothing like sasuke, you’re you. and you’re a member of team 7 just like the rest of us’. just fuck me up.]
  • 4. ShikaIno [another childhood ship from when i first got into naruto. i hoped it would be canon, but as i got older i realized if they hooked up there would be no ino-shika-chou and tbh shikatema is just as good as shikaino and was developed so nicely i didn’t even feel cheated]
  • 5. NejiTen [I FEEL SO CHEEEATED. SO MUCH POTENTIAL. THEY COULD HAVE HAD IT AAAAAAAALLLLL. because for the part they never used tenten as a damsel in distress and she and neji would have been on such even ground. the ultimate power couple. they would have made each other so happy. I WAS ALSO CHEATED OF TENTEN’S REACTION TO NEJI’S DEATH. SHE WASN’T EVEN IN THE PANELS WITH GAI AND LEE WHAT EVEN]

Honorable Mentions:

SasuHina [okay, they barely interact. they had one conversation with each other and that was in the boruto movie. but they would have been such a good looking couple and it was confirmed that an uchiha-hyuga spawn would have one byakugan and one sharingan and honestly that would have been so fucking cool to see and have played with???]

NejiSaku [i am multishipping trash and sakura is my fav character, if you got good nejisaku recs hmu]

KibaSaku [please refer to the NejiSaku description and apply it to KibaSaku]

just about every sakura ship….. and just about every naruto ship…..

ShikaTema [they balanced each other out, had proper development with each other, good moments. it just seemed so obvious who shikamaru was going to end up with and if it was gonna be a someone other than ino, temari represent]

ShikaNaru [shikamaru got me with that ‘i’m gonna be naruto’s adviser and be by his side’ line]

NaruSasu [….. do i even need to say anything XD? Naruto was literally a narusasu love story]

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How were Utatane Koharu and Mitokado Homura important enough to be placed on a team headed by Senju Tobirama? How are Ninja Teams decided? By tracker teams, Ino-Shika-Chou, Taijutsu Specialists, etc.? What made the two advisers so important that they, who were probably civilians, got placed on a team with important Clan member and brother of the Hokage?


According to canon, there are at least some levels of intention behind genin team composition and design. We have seen that with the Ino-Shika-Cho team (a team created based on clan history and synergy) and Hinata-Kiba-Shino team (obvious tracker team). On the other hand, canon is also notorious for showing us only the exceptions to the Naruto world and not the actual statistical average. Why do I say that? Well, according to numbers during the 4th ninja world war, the allied ninja force numbered at 80 000 ninja and samurai combined. If we disregard unequal force contribution between villages and assume that they all contribute the same number of soldiers, then each village has roughly 13 333 ninja/samurai at the time of the 4th ninja war. 

So… 13 thousand active duty ninja per village. It’s not that much as far as army sizes go, but it is indicative of the number of academy students and genin hopefuls that the ninja academy has to put out per graduating class. Simple calculation utilizing turnover rate. Assuming the average shinobi stays active duty until 30 years old (which we were often told is a very good age for ninja since they tend to die young or be rendered unfit for combat. This number is even lower during war time), and the average starting age is 12 years old, then the average ninja has about 18 years of active duty as a soldier. Which means that every 18 years, the ninja academy has to produce enough actual genins (and not just genin hopefuls who get past the academy test but not the actual test from their jounin master) to replace the ninja population going into either retirement or KIA. That’s 740 genins per graduating class. 

Which again means that the number of ninja kids who get past the academy test and are assigned a team (but have not yet taken the actual genin test from the jounin master) must be above that 740 number. Maybe 800, maybe 1000. We don’t know. Canon hasn’t given us anything solid on that front.

And out of those dubious 740+ number, how many genins were shown to us? a measly 9, all of whom are either clan heirs or have some special relevance to the plot (8 clan heirs including Naruto who is both the son of the previous Hokage and the previous Jinchuriki, and Sakura). 

So that’s what I meant about canon being shit at showing us the actual average ninja child’s experience. We were shown the cream of the crops, the clan heirs and kids who won the superpower lottery, the exceptions and not the norms. We then see that these clan heirs are all grouped up in their own elite teams full of heirs and special snowflake kids. What about the other 731+ average ninja kids? How were they grouped up and what was their experience in the ninja world? Nobody has a fucking clue. Canon certainly did not give us anything regarding that. But considering all the special kids were already separated into their own little niche groups, my guess is that the plebe kids had to hang with other plebe kids. 

So from that observation, I’m extrapolating that just like our real world, the ninja verse group its own kids using two different standards: kids from the rich, influential families, and kids who don’t got shit going for them.

For the rich clan kids, they are grouped into specially designed teams with good synergy that compliments their skill set and promotes their growth (i.e. Ino-Shika-Cho). I imagine there would be some politicking behind the scene too. Parents pushing for their kids to be put on the same team together or getting this or that jounin master, or certain team placements acting as wordless statements from one party to another. Sure we don’t see any of that actually happening in canon, but clans are a thing in Konoha and we know they each holds power and influence (i.e. the fall of the Uchiha clan showed us that there are politicking among ninja, clans, and the village management. Tobirama specifically pushed the Uchiha into a position where they couldn’t jockey for more political power and influence, and their fall depicted how they gradually lost their sway over important village administrative decisions), so various forms of politicking both discreet and not are only logical. 

For the poor kids, the kids who don’t have big clan names backing them up, kids with no special power to speak of, who may stay a genin for the entity of their career, I imagine their placement comes with fewer frills. Because the village is still interested in efficiency and producing quality soldiers and workers, they probably have some forms or formulas for placement, but unlike the rich kid’s custom designed team composition, theirs is a more mass production style format.     


Going from the reasoning above, I think that there is a definite intention behind Koharu and Homura’s placement in team Tobirama. The reason for that? Because their jounin master is Tobirama. 

As you yourself pointed out, Tobirama is important. Not only was he the brother of the first Hokage and the second in command in their newborn village, he himself was a powerful ninja with a bloodline and who would go on to become the second Hokage. Anything regarding him had an incredibly high chance of being political in nature, especially something as important as genin teams under his tutelage. 

The way I see it, there are 2 possible explanations for Koharu and Homura being placed on Tobirama’s team along with Hiruzen who was both a clan kid (small clan) and whose clan was apparently allied with clan Senju. 

1/ Koharu and Homura were also clan kids albeit from very minor clans that weren’t explicitly mentioned in canon. Just because canon did not explicitly state that they were clan kids does not necessarily mean that they weren’t. They could very well be but Kishimoto simply didn’t deign to tell us about it. This wouldn’t be strange at all considering canon Naruto’s tendency for ass pull stuff with no explanation nor forewarning whatsoever (for example, that whole sensor thing. It just appeared out of nowhere in the middle of Shippuden. No forewarning, no nothing. Just one day, pop, it’s there. Deal with it).

In this case, then their being there is similar to Sarutobi. They were there because of clan alliance and to foster a bond between the clans and the village. 

2/ They were actual civilian kids from families with no prior experience in the ninja world. Which means that their placement in team Tobirama is likely a political statement. What sort of statement you say? Well, one of inclusion of course and that even civilian born ninja are important to the village. A sort of ‘even if you are the baker’s son and the maid’s daughter, you may still be taught by the Hokage’s brother!!! So join the army today and contribute to the course!’ political statement. 

Think about it for a second. Out of a graduating class of upward of 740 children, you get maybe double digit number of clan kids and kids with special powers. The rest of them are either civilians or ninjas from small families with nothing special going on for them. Narrative wise, they are nameless cannon fodder, especially in a universe where superpowers are the prerequisite to your having any sort of voice or influence whatsoever. However, logistically speaking, these clanless ninja are the actual meat of the village. They are the people at the ground level, the foot soldiers, the ones doing the million nameless jobs that keep the village running. A ninja village is a pseudo military organization, an army of specialized soldiers and operatives so to say. Regardless of how powerful some individuals are, you can’t run an army with only a double digit number of people. War can be a game of attrition, and in games of attrition, you need numbers. Especially during that tender time when the village was newborn. The ninja were enterring a new era then, one in which their wars would be in much larger scale as they were no longer between clans but between villages. Battlefields and territories would be larger which in turn makes supply chains and logistics that much more complicated and manpower intensive. Death toll and attrition rate would also be far higher than the days of clan to clan fighting. More than ever, they needed numbers. They needed new blood to hold up the clans which had taken a toll after all the years of fighting. 

More than that, there are also social factors to consider. Back in the days of its founding, Konoha was made up of a lot of clans with histories with each others. Some of them were allies. Some were enemies who had laid down the war axe under the new banner. In some ways, the ninja world is a small place. People ran into each other. People knew each other. People had history, had things to settle. That they belonged to the same village now doesn’t make all that go away. So civilian born ninjas and clanless families should also serve as social buffer to gently and gradually ease the clans into living with each other. 

There’s also genetic factors. Despite the fact that Naruto verse seems to function on lego genetics, my guess is that not all bloodlines play nice with each other. The fact that the more influencial clans tend to maintain bloodline purity instead of opting for breeding powerful hybrids (i.e. Hyuga and Uchiha all looking the same and placing heacy emphasis on purity at least in the case of Hyuga. Also, the fact that apparently pure Senju DNA is too much for normal folks as Hashirama’s DNA implanted in 60+ embryos killed all of the fetuses bar one who eventually grew up to become Yamato). Close proximity and the comraderie of fighting for the same side tend to breed passion though. Eventually, you are going to have people from differeny bloodlines bonking each other and probably producing children whose genetics don’t play nice. Best case scenario, maybe they have some health issues growing up. Worst case scenario, they die or are born with horrific birth defects. Neither of those cases are good for a newborn village. So again, they needed the genetic buffer provided by ninjas coming from civilian or clanless families. 

Civilian born ninja maybe weak compared to clan ninja on an individual level. However, on a village or national level, they are vital to the village’s existence. Without them, Konoha would literally cease to be. 

Tobirama, smart guy that he is, should be able to see that from a mile away. With this sort of reasoning, Koharu and Homura, two civilian kids, being placed in the team taught by the Hokage’s brother and second in command of Konoha is an obvious political statement meant to court more civilian families and ninjas. 

Gentle Reminder...

This was…unexpected. I don’t think any of us would have thought that these two:

This food-loving, swirly-cheeked baby boy

And this strong, outspoken golden-eyed beauty

Would meet each other…and fall in love

It’s a love story that I want to know about for various reasons, but mostly for one…

ChouChou Akimichi

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They, Chouji and Karui, got married, united, till-death-do-us part -ed this thang, and brought  this beautiful ball of perfection into existence (well..the narutoverse)

There are so many reasons why we should just have our lives fulfilled and slayed and just YAASSS!!!

1. First off, she’s absolutely gorgeous! Those golden honey eyes…those eyelashes…that hair…that chocolaty skin…just perfection

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2. She’s going to be apart of the Ino-Shika-Chou team, which is just going to be awesome.

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3. She’s hilarious

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4. She says what’s on her mind…at that exact moment

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5. She and Sasuke…no words XD

6. She brings joy and laughter to Sarada’s complicated and confusing life. Sometimes even drama. But Sarada doesn’t mind. Inseparable. ChouSara for life.

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Let’s give a round of applause to Kishimoto for slaying our lives with ChouChou 

Boruto Episode 2

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It’s really interesting that the next gen kids aren’t as close. Since their parents are friends, you’d think that all sorts of playdates would have happened (like with Boruto and Sarada/Ino-Shika-Chou). I guess it would be boring if they were all friends. In the end, I’m sure they will be, but for now it’s interesting to see which Next Gen kids are bonding and which aren’t. I look forward to seeing Ino-Shika-Chou’s development.

Also I keep seeing posts about Sumire being the next Hinata, but I really don’t see her ending up with Boruto. I feel like it’s clear that Boruto and Sarada are gonna be endgame, especially with the movie and all.

Naruto Friendships Gifs

Shikamaru & Chouji

Naruto & Sasuke

Naruto & Sakura

Naruto & Konohamaru

Naruto & Killer Bee

Naruto & Gaara

Lee & Gai

Kakashi & Gai

Kakashi & Obito

Kakashi & Yamato

Sakura & Ino

Sakura & Karin

Hinata & Hanabi

Hinata & Neji

Juugo & Kimimaro

Juugo & Suigetsu

Kiba & Akamaru

Itachi & Shisui

Mikoto & Kushina

Jiraiya & Orochimaru

Sarada & Chouchou

Boruto & Mitsuki

Boruto & Sarada & Mitsuki

Temari & Matsuri & Yukata

Sakura & Temari & Ino (wedding day)

Shikaku & Chouza & Inoichi (Old Ino-Shika-Chou)

Kakashi & Sakura & Naruto & Sasuke & Yamato & Sai (Team 7)

Kurenai & Hinata & Kiba & Shino (Team 8)

Asuma & Shikamaru & Ino & Chouji (Team 10)

Gai & Lee & Tenten & Neji (Team Gai)

Baki & Gaara & Kankuro & Temari (Team Sand Siblings/Sabaku No)

Sasuke & Suigetsu & Karin & Juugo (Team Hebi/Taka)

Minato & Kakashi & Obito & Rin (Team Minato)

Hiruzen & Jiraiya & Tsunade & Orochimaru (Team Sannin)

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ChouChou using it as blackmail, yes perfect. Thank you. May I request a sequel where they confront Inojin and he agrees with to ChouChou's demands because he aims to please. But ChouChou feels bad and her and Shikadai end up giving him advice.

The Art of Dating

I. Concealment | II. Blackmail | III. Parenting | IV. Apologizing | V. Sleeping | VI. Confessing

The Art of Blackmail

“Inojin, you sly devil! So you missed practice yesterday to chase after Sarada, huh, didn’t you?” ChouChou grinned as she ran up to Inojin. Shikadai sighed as he shook his head as if he wanted no part in this. The three kids were eating ramen at Ichiraku and ChouChou had instantly brought up the subject once they got their ramen bowls. 

Inojin almost spat out the water he had been drinking just now. “H-how did you know?”

“We followed and stalked you for the entire afternoon instead of going home like we should have,” Shikadai answered calmly as he blew on the strands of ramen hanging from his chopsticks.

“You didn’t have to say it that way,” ChouChou scolded. “Anyways, I was thinking, you can treat us both to dango today for skipping out yesterday and maybe you know, for us keeping your secret from Sarada.”

Inojin stared at his teammate. “Are you blackmailing me?”

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Okay, the last Naruto chapter lacked in many interactions we’d like to see, but it left so many doors open for us to wonder and imagine

cause imagine:

 - Naruto and Himawari, cause you know Himawari is the sweestest thing, that shows Naruto her drawings, Naruto would freaking melt and hang her drawings everywhere and kiss the tip of her tiny nose and make her giggle

- Hinata and Boruto, cause he’s a little brat with Naruto, but with his mother, he’d be so sweet I’m sure and hug her whenever he can (okay maybe not in front of his friends, but at home where it’s safe) he’ll be a momma’s boy I am sure

- Naruto coming home one night, pretty late because of all the work, and he just drops on a chair, exhausted, and Hinata comes behind and massages his tense shoulders and kisses the top of his head and he just melts. Then he asks about the kids and she says they’re in bed already, and he goes and kisses their sleeping children goodnight.

- Sasuke coming back after being who the fuck knows where doing who the fuck knows what, and Sarada kind gives his the cold treatment. Not exactly ignoring, but kind of ‘i don’t care about you’ attitude. Sasuke pretending it doesn’t bother him, but on the inside he’s crushed…

- Sakura wrapping her arms around Sasuke and kissing his cheek saying that Sarada will eventually forget about it

- Sasuke subtly trying to win Sarada’s affection back, going like 'sarada do you want me to teach *insert some ninja thing*?’; 'i kinda bought this book during my trip, I already read it, so you can have it if you want’

- Sarada finally giving in, and Sakura comes home one night to find her daughter in her hudband’s lap, both sleeping and open book on her lap and it’s adorable

- Sarada loves to play with little Himawari, so she goes to her house many times, but first stalking the house to make sure Boruto is not there, cause he’s annoying

- Boruto getting jealous when Himawari starts talking a lot about Sarada, cause 'himawari’s my little sister, not yours!! Get your own!!’

- Sakura and Ino hanging out at the house of one of them, and their kids doing homework together, cause Sarada and Inojin look like the kind of kids who do don’t fuck around in school. Sarada calling Ino aunt Ino, and Inojin calling Sakura aunt Sakura *u*

- The new Ino-Shika-Chou generation hanging out. Inojin constantly stressing cause the other two don’t seem to want do much, but 'Shino-sensei said we should practice this’ or 'mom said we have to learn this’ and the other two are like 'naaaah’, and he’s like 'whyyyy’ (okay we don’t have to imagine this one, it happened, but imagine it happening constantly)

- Shikadai being lazy like his father, but at the same time bossy like his mother, so he’s just like just sitting there, doing nothing, but always having comments like 'no you’re doing it wrong’, 'it’s not like this, it’s like that’, and the other two going insane sometimes, cause 'WHY DON’T YOU DO IT THEN?’

- Shikadai playing Shogi with his uncle Gaara, cause with his dad it’s boring, cause he can never win, but he loves to play it, so Gaara indulges him

- Shikamaru coming home one night tired and frustrated cause Naruto messed something up and he had to stay with him to fix it, and Temari is like 'oh yeah I know how to cheer you up’ and sitting on his lap, going for a hot kiss, but then she notices Shikadai standing there by the door staring, and she’s like 'GODDAMMIT why aren’t you in bed sleeping’ and Shikamaru growning and thinking 'I’m going to send him to the sand village to his uncles for a week or something’

- Kiba is Boruto’s and Himawari’s cool uncle and they love him and akamaru and akamaru’s spawn. He’d be so great playing with them.

- Shino being the weird uncle. But Himawari loves him and she gives him flowers for him and his bugs and Shino definitely tears up, cause she is so sweet and she never forgets him and she pays attention to everything he says

- Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke dumping their kids on Kakashi one day (maybe they go on a double date, maybe they just want their kids to bond with Kakashi) and Kakashi being so done, because Boruto and Sarada are like Naruto and Sasuke at the beginning all over again and he’s too old for that shit now. Himawari is a cute little thing, but she’s so curious, and he has to keep a close eye on her, cause she could dive into his shuriken drawer

- Ino still works at the flower shop ocasionally, and she teached Sai about flowers and how to make arrangements and he actually loved it, so he works for the shop when he has time free as well

Naruto Gaiden got me like

Me when I found out that Naruto Gaiden ch1 is out

Going to mangapanda to read it

Seeing Sarada, Boruto, Ino- Shika-Chou and Sara- Chou friendships

Seeing Naru-Boru and Shikamaru-Shikadai father-son bonds

Sarada starts talking about Sasuke not being around *sees where that is going*

“He left when I was still a baby. I never got to meet him at all…”

Damn I wasn’t ready for that. At all.I was so hyped and this is just too much. Sasusaku shippers have suffered enough already, and this is a prefect opportunity for anits to start hating and bashing again…I hope Kishi knows where he’s going with this.I need SSS family interactions, at least one, but I need it. 

But I’m trying to stay positive. I’m loving all the character designs and the kids’ personalities. And Chouchou is just adorably sassy

Random Facts about Rookie Nine

(Warning: I have started writing this since 4:30 am here. I just wake up when I was suddenly eager to crazy fangirling over this. Please don’t mind much about typos and grammar.)

Rookie Nine refers to members of Team 7 (Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki), Team 10 (Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, Chouji Akimichi), and Team 8 (Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuga). They are called Rookie because their teachers promotted them into chuunin as soon as they are graduated from academy. It is kind of uncommon for fresh graduate to make into Chuunin Exam, as usually one team takes year(s) before they are ready, which means Rookie Nine is basically like Generation of Miracles in another manga. Here 50 random facts I compile – which I warn you, will be really random.

  1. Team 7’s members are Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Naruto Uzumaki, while their teacher is Hatake Kakashi. The team is specialized at volunteering the frontline.
  2. Team 10’s members are Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, Chouji Akimichi, while their teacher is Asuma Sarutobi. The team is specialized at spying and interogation.
  3. Team 8’s members are Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuga, while their teacher is Yuuhi Kurenai. The team is specialized at tracking and survival.
  4. Each teams has one girl and two boys as members, making Rookie Nine in summary consists of six boys and three girls.
  5. Team 7 usually meets at Konoha Bridge and Team 10 is seen like a regular customer of Yakiniku shop.
  6. Iruka-sensei is Rookie Nine’s teacher during academy days.
  7. All of Rookie Nine members seems to have good old times with the Third Hokage, as displayed by their grieves over the Third’s funeral in the anime. The grandpa must have taken care of them really well.
  8. All of Rookie Nine members have strong loyalty to Konoha, include Sasuke before he decides to leave in the end of Part I.
  9. According to academy overall grade, Ino comes out as top of her class, while Sasuke ranks second, and Shino ranks third. They are sorted by ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, teamwork, and assertiveness.
  10. Sasuke can actually rank first, but his lack of cooperation has downgraded his rank. He is teamed up with Sakura and Naruto in order to learn teamwork. Sakura and Naruto, being not too skilled at fighting, naturally force Sasuke to always help them out of crisis, to which it becomes a good habit and Sasuke himself starts to see them as real teammates.
  11. Dead-last Awards are given to Naruto who loves to prank and causes trouble day and night; Kiba and Chouji who don’t seem that good at studying; and Shikamaru who is too lazy to do anything. I bet they can be usually seen standing in the corner of the class, being scolded and punished by the teachers.
  12. Sorted by intellegence, Shikamaru ranked first with his above 200 IQ, but again, he is too lazy to do anything and prefers watching the faraway sky than thinking about his grade.
  13. Shikamaru is closely followed by Sakura, who solves super difficult chuunin written test all by herself, when even the genius Sasuke, Neji, Gaara, and the other strong participants need to cheat since they can’t answer.
  14. Shikamaru is only surpassed by Kakashi-sensei, who is practically being the most intelligent human in the world by being a chuunin in the age of 5-6.
  15. In term of power, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura (in the age of 16) are the three strongest among them. Of course, Kakashi-sensei is super strong too.
  16. According to Sakura, Team 7 has the best teamwork with Team 10.
  17. Each members of Team 7 is also being disciple of Legendary Sannin (lit. trio ninja). Naruto is disciple of Jiraiya, Sakura is disciple of Tsunade, and Sasuke is disciple of Orochimaru. Each of second Sannin has surpassed the first generation with their rocking New Three Deadway Locks.
  18. Team 7 is the only one team that becomes direct student of a hokage (the Sixth).
  19. Sakura is the only one who becomes student of two hokages (the Fifth and the Sixth).
  20. Sasuke is the only one who becomes student of two village leader (the Sixth and Orochimaru).
  21. Naruto is the only one who is a son of hokage (the Fourth) and becoming hokage himself (the Seventh).
  22. Sakura is the only one from Rookie Nine who doesn’t come from a clan, where as the others come from the honoured clan of Konoha (Uchiha, Uzumaki, Hyuga, Nara, Yamanaka, Akimichi, Inuzuka, and Aburame).
  23. Hyuga is technically strongest clan in Konoha at the moment, since Uchiha and Uzumaki have just started restoring clan member.
  24. Yamanaka, Akimichi, and Nara clan have cooperated for generations. Their infamous Ino-Shika-Chou golden combi is creditted a Harmony.
  25. Inuzuka and Aburame clan work their technique out with animals (Inuzuka cooperates with dog, Aburame with bugs – I mean, insects).
  26. Hyuga and Uchiha clan both use eye technique as their kekkei genkai (lit. bloodline passed technique). Hyuga clan uses Byakugan and Uchiha clan uses Sharingan.
  27. During a war, it is usually Nara clan who takes the command as they have natural leadership and tactful thinking. Shikamaru, even though is appeared to be irresponsible with his own life, does very well during Sasuke Retrieval Team arc and Shinobi World War arc.
  28. Naruto, Sasuke, and Kiba declare they want to be hokage, although in Kiba’s side, it is most likely because he is provoked and irritated by Sasuke’s out of nowhere declaration.
  29. In the age of 12, Shikamaru is the only one who makes into chuunin and the rest are still genin. In the age of 15, Naruto is the only one who is still genin (Sasuke isn’t counted since he left) and the rests have been chuunin. In the age of 19, Shikamaru and Sakura make into jounin, Naruto is still genin, Sasuke is still not-ranked, and the rests are chuunin.
  30. Naruto may officially be the strongest genin in the history, as he saves the world when he is still a genin. Sasuke does, too, but he is unranked ninja at the moment.
  31. Sakura and Ino are medical ninja, Hinata (anime) and Naruto is able to perform healing.
  32. Naruto, Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Shino are only child in their families. Sasuke, Kiba, Hinata have sibling.
  33. Ino’s, Shikamaru’s, Chouji’s, Hinata’s, Naruto’s father are seen in the Shinobi World War, with only Chouji’s and Hinata’s father survive.
  34. Among the Rookie Nine teachers, Asuma-sensei and Kurenai-sensei dated and even have child named Mirai. Kakashi-sensei stays single forever, even tough he is a hokage and rumoured to be inhumanly handsome.
  35. Kakashi-sensei takes over the lead of Team 10 (aka Team Asuma) when Asuma-sensei dies, and Team 8 (aka Team Kurenai) when Kurenai-sensei gets pregnant. Thus it makes Kakashi-sensei has been jounin leader of Team 7, Team 8, and Team 10 respectivelly.
  36. Sasuke married Sakura, and makes them the only couple within a team.
  37. Naruto married Hinata, who is from different team but still a Rookie Nine member.
  38. Chouji and Shikamaru both married strong kunoichi from another village (Chouji with Karui, Shikamaru with Temari).
  39. Sasuke is the only one who has ever lived outside Konoha.
  40. Naruto has bestfriendship and rivalry with Sasuke, while Sakura has pretty much alike relationship with Ino.
  41. Kiba sees Naruto as rival, too.
  42. Kiba is supportive toward Hinata’s feeling for Naruto, as well as find her funny to pick on.
  43. Shino is angry when he isn’t invited to be in Sasuke Retrieval Team; depressed when he isn’t identified by Naruto; sad when he is neglected by others most of the times.
  44. Shikamaru and Chouji share understanding to each other, that they are never seen arguing.
  45. Shikamaru has soft spot for Naruto and sees him as a brother that needs to be nurtured. Naruto seems becoming one of reason that pull Shikamaru’s wisdom out of his unenthusiastic tendency.
  46. Shikamaru once states that he is not close with at all Sasuke. It may also due to their contrast personalities, although they are both praised as genius.
  47. Naruto is often shocked by Shino’s (extremely unidentified) appearance.
  48. Sakura and Ino seem to be in good term with Hinata.
  49. So far in final chapter only Naruto, Shikamaru, and Shino who are seen on duty. Naruto being hokage, Shikamaru being advisor, and Shino being academy teacher.
  50. Naruto’s (and Hinata) son, Sasuke’s (and Sakura) daughter, Ino’s son, Chouji’s daughter, and Shikamaru’s son, are all in the same grade. The wive must give the birth in almost same year.

Okay, those are the facts. I want to add more but my eyes already hurt watching laptop screen.