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On girls night...
  • Ino:Did he really do that to you?!
  • Sakura:Can you believe it?!
  • Temari:So you were kissing on your front door and he suddenly touched your butt? Damn Naruto... *laughs*
  • Karin, Ino:*laughs*
  • Sakura:Yes, he did. He said it was something Kiba adviced him to do, but we were just in front of my house! My dad could've seen us and...
  • Hinata:But... but Kiba wouldn't do such a thing
  • Temari:That doesn't mean he won't... *whispers* who invited you anyway?
  • Ino:Sakura, just let him be. I'm sure he won't do it again... in a long time, I mean *evil smile*
  • Karin:I'm glad Sasuke's not that kind of boy
  • Temari:*cough* yeah because he wouldn't even touch you in days *cough, cough*
  • Karin:HA HA ... I meant that if he touches me he does it like a real man, not like a creepy little guy...
  • Ino:Come on! You know you liked it, Sakura.
  • Sakura:That's not the problem! He's taken advices from a lot of people by now and each time it is getting weirder. Last week it was Sai's advice about singing an akward song about my "little boobs", the week before that it was Shikamaru's "boring day" advice and almost every day since he talked to Sasuke for the last time he's been acting like a jerk from time to time...
  • Everyone:...
  • Sakura:What I mean is... that kind of advices doesn't really work, right?
  • Ino, Temari, Karin:*stand up* Well... we got to go, sorry! *leave*

Introduction of the cast from the Naruto Live Stage Programme book as well as official English translations (from the translation booklet).

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