inextinguishable-flame  asked:

Saiino! (Im rlly sorry, this is like the third time ive sent u an ask for this ship for ask meme thingies)

don’t worry, it’s my pleasure !

who hogs the duvet : i would have said ino but apparently she wears crop tops in the middle of winter and has no perception of cold… sai probably doesn’t even move in his sleep, so i guess neither ?

who texts/rings to check how their day is going : ino, and sai used to reply to her long texts with a monosyllabic one… until he discovered emojis. he’s now hooked, he loves it, it’s a godsend for someone who still has trouble expressing his emotions 

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts : ino got a knack for finding the perfect present, but sai is more creative in the sense that he’ll purchase the most random object as a gift, and not necessarily a socially acceptable one… (he tries though, you can’t be mad at him)

who gets up first in the morning : sai wakes up like clockwork. being raised by the root will do that to you

who suggests new things in bed : i can’t read suddenly idk (you know it’s ino, sai is shameless but ino is kinkier)

who gives unprompted massages : ino once mentioned her back hurt after a long day of work and ever since sai regularly gives her back massages

fusses over the other when they’re sick : ino, but when she’s the one with a cold, she’d shrug it off and go on with her day despite sai’s attempts at taking care of her

who gets jealous easiest : ino, i’d imagine, but she’d get hit on more because, um, have you seen her ?? sai, on the other hand, is oblivious when it comes to this kind of things….

who has the most embarrassing taste in music : sai, but he doesn’t realize it’s embarrassing so it works ??

who collects something unusual : sai again, probably something related to penises…

who takes the longest to get ready : ino. perfection isn’t done in five minutes  

who is the most tidy and organized : they both are to some extend. ino is organized when it comes to time management and punctuality. sai is a bit more anal about tidiness, he just immediately cleans up after himself

who gets most excited about the holidays : ino at first, since holidays are excuses to throw parties, but sai quickly develops a liking towards the holiday cheer and spirit. he likes to excessively decorate their place on his free time too

who is the big spoon/little spoon : ino’s the big spoon more often than not, although when it comes to cuddling she’d rather drap herself over him like a blanket

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports : ino is more competitive, she likes to win, and sai is confused because aren’t games supposed to be fun ??

who starts the most arguments : i guess ino ? and it drives her absolutely crazy when sai’s only reaction is to give her his fake smile, but since the argument is mostly one-sided she quickly simmers down and rides it out

who suggests that they buy a pet : sai, after he read some book about animals and ino does’t have the heart to say no, so they get a tiny fluffy dog

what tv shows they watch together : psychological thrillers maybe ? although ino is the only one really watching the show since sai gets inspired and starts doodling

what other couple they hang out with : shikatema probably

how they spend time together as a couple : croptop shopping  ino poses for sai’s drawings, also there’s probably a lot of pillow talk going on

who made the first move : i don’t think this was addressed in any of the novels, but i believe ino would ? numerous times before sai takes a hint

who brings flowers home : ino ! she’d also make him flower crowns

who is the best cook : i don’t think either of them is an exceptional cook ?