Sustainable Expanding Bowl (2013) by Tomorrow Machine for Innventia

This self-expanding instant food package combines different aspects of sustainability. It saves space in transportation by being compressed – at the same time as it is made out of a 100% bio based and biodegradable material, invented by Innventia.

When pouring hot water into the package the mechano-active material will react to the heat and transform from a compressed package to a serving bowl. This is the new generation of sustainable package design, using materials that are both smart and environmentally friendly.

The project is a collaboration with Innventia with the purpose to combine the knowledge of scientists and the creativity of designers. We opted to use the full potential of the new material, and create the sustainable package design of tomorrow – today.­­

The Lotus Effect

Swedish research company Innventia and designers Anna Glansén and Hanna Billqvist from design agency Tomorrow Machine have teamed up once again to create a collection of self-cleaning plates and cups.

Mimicking the hydrophobic (water repellent) surface of the lotus leaf, the cellulose-based products boast a super hydrophobic coating that repels dirt. Designed for the year 2035, the self-cleaning plates and cups save the world’s dwindling water supply and offer an ecological alternative to environmentally damaging detergents.

To read about Tomorrow Machine and Innventia’s first creative collaboration, see Sustainable Expanding Bowl.


Self-Opening Package (2012) by Tomorrow Machine for Innventia

A package that opens itself when the temperature (in the oven) is just right and the food is ready to be served.

We studied shapes that are self-opening in nature in order work with the mechano-active material which will change shape when exposed to high temperature.  The project is a collaboration with Swedish research company Innventia, who invented the 100% bio based and biodegradable material.