when anyone says “I think jack and rose are a cute couple” I think of these guys.

And when they say, “Jack and rose from the titanic!” I have to stop and think if they were in the titanic episode.

It finally hits me that they are talking about The Movie “Titanic”

I watch too much Doctor Who. (jk, too much is never enough)

  • Audience:Using child appropriate language, can you talk about one of those stories on the set that you're not supposed to talk about...censoring of improper words.
  • Gareth:Child appropriate yeah. Goo goo ga ga ga ga goo goo ga ga ga goo goo....
  • Kai:Once upon a time...
  • Gareth:There was a...there was a man with a LARGE member
  • Kai:Yes. And we get to see it...
  • Gareth:Every day
  • Kai:Quite a lot
Torchwood Inneundo Squad 2

John Barrowman Comic Con ‘08

Audience:  To John…um…Out of your fellow three panelists…Marry, shag, throw off a cliff?
John:  My fellow three panelists…listen, I…I wouldn’t…
Gareth:  I think we know one of those already, don’t we?
Naoko:  And I’m dead already
John:  I wouldn’t chuck anybody. What?
Naoko:  Kill me. I’m dead…
John:  She’s dead anyway. Ok, so, Naoko, no offense but you’re going off the cliff as a corpse…
(big awwww from crowd)…But… I’d shag her before I threw her.
Naoko:  Again?
Julie:  That is SO Captain Jack.
John:  Isn’t it, isn’t it?…
Julie:  it’s like old friend Captain Jack and John (think this is right,but not positive)
John:  I think I’d…I think I’d have to shag Julie.
Julie:  Hooray!…I’m saying yes.
John:  Because I know, I know she has a wild side to her. Um…and I’d have to marry Gareth…
because I’ve seen him naked…yeah…Sorry, Jule.
Julie:  Season 6, and not before.
John:  Season 6

The Girls…The Boys…and BIG
Audience:  I was just wondering what kind of pranks did you guys get up to on set? What
was the funnest moments that you had?
John:  We do get the work done, but I like to have a good time when I’m working…
Don’t I, Gareth…?
Naoko:  It’s amazing what you get used to.
Julie:  It really, really is.
Naoko:  And you have no idea what’s been actually going on for the last whatever minutes
under the…
John:  under the table…um…Eve, Eve Myles who uh…Eve who plays Gwen, uh, and plays it wonderfully,
Eve is uh…Eve will just look at me sometimes because, I call…We have nicknames. And uh, Eve’s
breasts are called “the girls” and mine are called ”the boys.”…and she will say things like…
“Oh, put the boys away”…yeah…and uh, I won’t say what Naoko’s is called…
Audience:  Say it!…Say it!
John:  And Gareth’s…Gareth’s is just called “BIG”…anyway…(huge laugh)…You so owe me…You
don’t know how much I’m building you up here!
Gareth:  I’m gonna be tired out in San Diego.

Eating Microphones
Audience:   I’m wondering if Torch…(man fumbles with microphone)…I’m sorry…Uh, I’m wondering
John:   Just pretend it’s me.
Gareth:   I’ve been holding my tongue. I thought no, I can’t say that…can’t say that.
John:   I apologize.

Threesome…A Forlorn Lisa
John:  Well, you’ll just have to wait and see because, uh…you know, without Tosh and Owen,
um, obviously it’s only, uh, Ianto, and Jack and Gwen, but uh…
Audience:  Threesome!
John:  What?…A threesome. Oh my god, you guys are as sick as I am, and I love it.
Gareth:  Lisa?
John:  No. Lisa’s gone. Lisa’s dead!
Gareth: Lisa?…Lisa?
John:  Um…
Julie:  I thought that was jealousy. I thought Captain Jack was being jealous of Lisa.
John:  A little bit, yeah. You’ll have to just watch and see because a lot of dynamics will
change…That’s all I’ll say. But, but um now Jack…that’s a funny thing cause every time we used to uh,
…that was one of the jokes on set…Gareth…We’d like pop a picture every so often, like many
episodes after the Lisa episode, he would…and he would just…like this…I’d go “Who’s that over
there?” (points away.)
Gareth:  Lisa?

Russell the Puppet Master
Julie:  Yeah, Russell’s here somewhere, he’s under the table…
John:  I’m…I’m actually a hand puppet right now.
Julie:  I am so moving on to the next question! Stand back buddy…Hello…

He Grows and Grows and Grows
Audience:  Is there anything you would change about Jack
John:  Nothing.
Audience:  I didn’t think so.
John:   No. And he gro… Every time I read a script he grows and grows and grows…and that’s amazing
(woman in audience screams)
John:  She got it. The rest of you are too slow.

When I want a little Doctor…
Julie:  And in our studio in Cardiff, the Tardis and the Torchwood hub are next to each other.
They’re neighbors.
John:  They’re separated by a curtain. So we can go from one to the other…When I want a little
Doctor, I go that way…When I want a little Ianto I go that way…

End Credits at 9:51
John:  There’s a little bit of innuendo in there.
Julie:  There’s HEAPS of innuendo!


The Innuendo Squad ;)

The Torchwood Innuendo Squad Attacks!!

These are highlights from 2008 Comic-Con in San Diego. It shows the Torchwood Innuendo Squad(Gareth David-Lloyd and John Barrowman) with their nastiest jokes. Well enjoy and here’s a link for a transcript of it because sometimes it’s a bit hard to understand.