Some shots of Aki hanging out at what’s left of Innoventions in Epcot! Innoventions West closed down and Innoventions East only has one exhibit left, but they used to have Aibos on display there over a decade ago and many of the employees still remember working with them! I was told by one man that they used to have people flock there in huge crowds just to see the Aibos, yet now they’re all but forgotten.


Daily Disney by Joe Penniston

Innoventions is probably the most universally disliked attraction in the history of Disneyland, but for those who avoid it will miss a magical Peter Pan Story time.

 It’s in the boys room of the Future home that you’ll find Peter Pan story time

When the lights are on, it’s just a well themed room for boys, complete with pirate bed and cannon. The windows are actually monitors  and the lights respond to voice commands.  Guests who wait, at most 10 or 15 minutes, will soon find out what else this room can do. A cast member will join the room with a storybook in his hand and ask if anyone wants to hear a story.  And for those who do, magic will soon happen. He’ll bring the lights down, ask everyone to get their pixie dust ready, and Peter Pan story time begins!

Experiences vary at this point as the story told is basically in the hands of the cast member telling it. It’s always about the same, but the manner in which it’s told can vary. Some are very enthusiastic, some mix in their own pop culture references (kind of like the Genie in the Aladdin show), and some simply read the story.

As the story is being told, the cast member will sometimes ask guests to participate. In one part of the story, the cast member will ask a guest to help find Peter Pans shadow. In the movie, it’s locked in a bedside drawer. There is a similar drawer in this bedroom, and a guest is asked to open the drawer. When the drawer is opened, it physically shakes and an image of Peter Pan is seen in a lamp shade that also spins around in circles. It’s quite adorable.

These lights here also animate by shaking and flashing on to simulate Tinkerbell flying through the room.

As the story goes on, the cast member will also incorporate the windows and two large screens in to the story. There is the screen behind the cannon over the bed, and another on the opposite wall. The windows will show stars, or perhaps Captain Hook trying to swim away from the clock croc.

The story wraps with a lucky guest or two getting to fire the cannon into the opposite wall. When the cannon is fired, you hear a loud explosion, the cannon flashes bright red, and smoke comes out. There are also cannon ball type holes projected on to the wall.

This Day in Disney History

October 14, 2009:  The Sum of all Thrills attraction opens in Innoventions at Epcot.

This simulator allows you to design your own ride, and then ride it using seats connected to a robotic arm that can move in any direction, including upside down!  You can find a similar style attraction at Disney Quest called CyberSpace Mountain.

My son gets to meet Captain America at Disneyland! He was very kind to him, spoke to him like an adult, and let him touch his shield before showing him 5 other shields and explaining them all to him. When I told him my son was nervous about his “upcoming mission” (per rumors of Captain America dying) he looked right at Wes and said, “Ultron will never be a threat if I have people like you believing in me.” And then they saluted each other. Just. Amazing.