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engineering school gothic
  • you are in three classes that use bernoulli’s equation. none of the equations are the same. your teachers do not know who bernoulli is. did bernoulli even exist?
  • there is a problem set. it is not on the syllabus. the first question is a blank page. you look through the whole set. it is all blank, except for the last page. you think it says “run”. you do not know. it is not written in binary.
  • this is an ethics class. you are not sure why you are here. you do not need ethics. you have never needed ethics. “it’s a joke class,” whispers an upperclassman. you do not understand why it is funny.
  • abet. the name echoes through the halls of the mechanical engineering building. no one knows what it means.
  • you are studying the tacoma narrows bridge for the fifth time. your differential equations professor tells you it is not an example of resonance. your engineering professor tells you it is. you are not sure who to trust.
  • there are six bernoullis. only four of them are related. they all look the same.
  • the environmental science majors have to take a class to learn excel. you do not understand. you have always known excel, haven’t you? you do not remember learning it.
  • you solve a triple integral and stop, confused. it has become a ricotti equation. you have forgotten ohm’s law.
  • euler has done everything. there is a portrait of euler in the english building. when you look into its eyes, something disturbs you on a visceral level.
  • you know so many languages: java, javascript, doubt, python, c++, R, matlab, uncertainty, ruby, html, confusion, terror,
  • your professor cancels class. you suspect a trick. when you arrive to the classroom, your entire class is there, watching the empty space where the professor should be. no one speaks. no one leaves.
  • the problem set is optional. the problem set is not optional. the problem set is about schrodinger’s law.
  • three different people have explained mechatronics to you. nobody knows what it is.
  • your friend says they have essays to write. essays? you cannot remember what a word document looks like. you have not written a paragraph in two years. words are abstract concepts without meaning.
  • “you’re an engineer?” someone asks. “you must be smart.” you begin to laugh. you have them all fooled. you cannot stop laughing.
  • no one is sure what systems engineering is. the lights in the systems building are always on. you have never seen someone come out.
  • your professors all do research. there are bloodstains on their lecture notes. you do not ask what they research. the last person to ask vanished at the start of the semester. your computer science professor hasn’t stopped smiling since.
  • when you attend career fairs, you are surrounded by students you have never seen and companies you have never heard of. “we’re an innovative start-up,” someone says. “we’re an innovative start-up,” you hear echoed down the hall three weeks later. the words have not stopped. you cannot sleep. you are an innovative start-up. 
The Alien and the Doggo (Shiro x Altean!Reader)

Introducing his alien girlfriend to Earth culture had become a recent perk in Shiro’s life. Ever since the war against Zarkon had ended, and they’d settled down on Shiro’s home planet, Y/N had wanted to learn as much about human traditions as possible, and Shiro was happy to deliver. In the past two weeks, he’d explained the concept of ice cream, Power Rangers, and neck pillows to Y/N, and she’d been fascinated by every one. Everything humans did was exciting and innovative in her eyes. It wasn’t until the third week, however, that she discovered a brand new and amazing Earth phenomena that was labrador retrievers.

It had happened while they were taking a walk in the local park one afternoon. Y/N was as curious as ever, watching all the children on the playground, squeezing Shiro’s hand whenever she spotted something interesting. She was walking so fast that she was practically dragging him around with her, pointing at various objects and asking what they were. Shiro tried to answer as quickly as he could, but he couldn’t help getting distracted at his lover’s face, at her bright eyes and wide smile. She was beautiful when she was happy. They were halfway down a stretch of sidewalk when a fluffy, four-legged figure appeared up in front of them. Y/N stopped abruptly, and Shiro stopped too.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, immediately concerned as her eyebrows scrunched together.

“What is that?” She asked, looking slightly uneasy. Shiro followed her gaze and saw that she was looking at the dog, a plump yellow puppy. “Is it dangerous?”

Shiro resisted the urge to laugh as he ran a hand up her arm comfortingly. “Don’t worry, Y/N. It’s just a dog. They’re a common pet on earth.”

Y/N squinted suspiciously as the puppy trotted up to them and wagged its tail, looking up at them with shiny brown eyes. To prove the fuzzy thing wasn’t dangerous, Shiro squatted down and began petting it behind the years. The puppy whined approvingly, and Shiro saw Y/N visibly soften. She cautiously kneeled down and put her hand towards the fluffball. It sniffed her hand and she flinched back, but slowly put it out again and touched one of the puppy’s ears. As soon as she did, she gasped.

“It’s so soft!” She whispered incredulously, scratching the puppy between the ears. She looked at Shiro with eyes as big as saucers. “Are they all this soft?”

Shiro nodded and was rewarded with a delighted smile. The puppy moved closer to Y/N’s fingers and nuzzled the palm of her hand eagerly, causing her pointy ears to actually quiver in excitement. For several minutes, they just sat there, cuddling the happy puppy, until a thought occurred to Y/N, and she paused.

“You said these are a common pet on Earth,” She remembered. “Where is this one’s owner?”

Shiro blinked. He hadn’t thought of that before. He checked the puppy for a collar. There wasn’t one. “She must be a stray. She doesn’t have an owner.”

An expression of sudden sadness passed over Y/N’s face, and she instinctively brought the puppy closer to her chest. Then her eyes lit up again, a little shyly. “Shiro?”


She gave him her best pleading look from underneath her eyelashes, and hefted the baby animal into her arms. “Can we keep her?”

Shiro opened his mouth. Then closed it. He couldn’t say no to those two faces, his girlfriend, and the puppy, which seemed to have gotten an invisible cue, and was also giving him sad eyes. They’re apartment was big enough, he supposed. And it wouldn’t be that much to set up food and a bed.

Aw, what the hell.

“Sure.” He said, feigning defeat, although he was a little excited himself.

Y/N let out a happy squeal and stood up, toting her new pet over one shoulder, who immediately began to lick her face all over. Earth was definitely her new favorite planet; you got adorable animals for free! Shiro smiled at her fondly as he followed her back down the sidewalk. He couldn’t wait until she found out about kittens.

“the future of gaming will be subscription streaming like spotify and netflix”

me if that day ever comes:

anonymous asked:

Do you have any fic recs?

Lots! I’m at work so I can’t pull up links or anything, but depending on your ship…

I really like superqueerlanz’s Sanvers one-shots @stillascalmwater

I normally don’t like soulmate AUs (realizing that I also wrote one for the Sanvers Week challenge), but I love the really innovative ideas in Revelations by @performativezippers

For long-form Sanvers (and sometimes Alex/Lucy) and Supercat, @fictorium, @inspectorboxer, and @zennie-fic are amazing - their writing is what got me into fandom (and specifically this one) in the first place

And for Director Sanvers one-shots I’m so here for @bathtimefunduck, @nerdsbianhokie, and @salamadersaurus-rex

I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting because work has fried my brain at this point in the day, but for now, yeah, check out some of them if you’d like! 


On this day in music history: April 16, 1983 - “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 4 weeks, also Bubbling Under the Hot 100 at #101 on the same date. Written by George Clinton, Garry Shider and David Spradley, it is the biggest solo hit for the R&B/Funk music icon. Following the disbanding of Parliament/Funkadelic at the beginning of the 80’s, and mired in various lawsuits and entanglements with the numerous record and publishing companies associated with the band, George Clinton finds himself at a career crossroads. In early 1982, he signs a deal with Capitol Records to release his first solo album. Enlisting the assistance of several former P-Funk musicians, they record at their usual home base, United Sound Studios in Detroit, MI. Working with a track written by keyboardist David Spradley (aka “David Lee Chong”, birth name Lee Seung Chang) and guitarist Garry Shider, Clinton steps behind the microphone and improvises the lyrics for “Atomic Dog” right on the spot. Issued as the follow up to the top twenty R&B hit “Loopzilla”, it is the second single from Clinton’s “Computer Games” album. Capitol Records initially puts no promotional support behind it, thwarted by Clinton’s virtual blacklisting within the music industry, and the general consensus by many that he is well past the peak of his career. However, it develops a huge ground swell of support from the street, which turn into large sales for the single without any radio airplay. Public support forces the record on to radio, building upward momentum as the weeks pass. The songs innovative and imaginative music video directed by Peter Conn puts it over the top, knocking Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” from the top of the R&B chart. “Atomic Dog” also becomes a cornerstone of Hip Hop music, becoming one of the most widely sampled tracks in history.

Hearing about the shitshow that lead to Mass Effect Andromeda increases my respect for the old DA writing team by 1000%.

When faced with a terrible development deadline, the ME:A writers produced a Perfectly Generic Mass Effect Game. 

When faced with a terrible development deadline, the DA2 writers knocked it out of the fucking park with a narrative that stands out as unique and innovative to this day. 

Weekes, you and your Solas-loving ass had better not let that legacy down!

Week Two: Lesser Gods Review

Week two of the “Encouraging Innovation” review month came by much quicker than I had planned. Upon binge listening to what I could of The Bridge to deliver a review of the best quality I could muster, I found myself having to repeat the process to keep this schedule nice and tidy.

All the while working part time five days a week to one day build up the funds for my own audio based project, I immediately had to buckle down and listen to what current episodes are available for a more recent fiction podcast, Lesser Gods, to get my thoughts down on paper and put time aside for The Adventures of Mecha Betty before next Friday presses on.

Upon knowing about my theme for this year’s review month, my friend/escort/associate/only-person-who-can-navigate-Atlanta-during-the-chaos-of-DragonCon-better-than-me assured over a white tin of  Indian food that my current roster consisted of some very fitting titles, and Lesser Gods being especially suitable for this year’s theme. To which I agreed before we both exited the crowded food court to take the streets once more. And like most things, she was right.

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There’s something off with this season of SKAM

OK I’m gonna start by saying that this is completely just an opinion. This is just what I think and you are completely within your right to disagree, but at the end of the day this is just how I feel about this season of SKAM. 

Basically, as this season goes on, I’m becoming less invested and more frustrated with the show. Here are the reasons.

1. The way the episodes are released is stressful

This is my first time watching the show in real time. The seasons before I watched all in one go over a few days, and last season I watched the last half of the season as full episodes once they were released in full. Since the end of last season I started following SKAM blogs and this season made my twitter give me updates for when the next scene would be out. At first I thought this was a great, ingenious, and innovative way to put out tv content. For the first few weeks I really enjoyed watching the show this way, however more and more it just became really stressful. I’m one of those people who gets heavily invested in a show, and SKAM - with all it’s instagram updates, youtube video content, and the way it is slowly released each day seemed to make me even more invested. The fact that it was a slow stream of content each day became fairly overwhelming and I felt constantly on edge about when the next update would come.

Because I follow lots of SKAM tumblrs I would have to watch the new clip as soon as I could or not go on tumblr. Now, SKAM isn’t my main fandom and it’s effort to consistently try and block skam tags especially as most people don’t necessarily tag their posts as just ‘skam’ so I would have to go through the blacklisting process every week. Tumblr is a place I escape to and if I hadn’t watched a new clip, I wouldn’t be able to go on the site without it being spoiled, thus leading to me deciding to watch the clips asap rather than just watch whole episodes on friday. 

This way of releasing the episodes, the constant updates across social media, and it being in my life EVERY DAY lead to the show feeling completely overwhelming. And as I said, I get heavily invested in tv shows that are currently airing anyway, but at least i get a break in the weeks between episodes, but skam just took over my life. What was once a cool way to release a tv show became stressful, put me on edge, and just constantly hovered over me with no respite. This became evident during the hiatus when I finally felt as though I could have a break from the updates and wondering when an episode would be out. The feeling of relief heightened the fact that once it returned, it was just generally another cause of stress in my life when a tv show should be a form of escapism.

This feeling of stress was then heightened by the actual content.

When scenes would be released that were distressing I’d live with that stress until the next day when the storyline would progress again. 

I felt as though I was living consistently with Sana’s emotions and what she is dealing with, which is a great lesson in my understanding her life and what she goes through, but it infringes so much on my actual life. I want to have this sense of empathy and learn from her without feeling awful and stressed until the next clip is released. And rather ironically, as Isak said in the finale of last season that ‘life is now’, the show and it’s way of hanging over you everyday causes it’s most invested fans to kind of put their life on hold each day.

2. This way of releasing clips disrupts the pace of the show

This, from a storytelling aspect (although interesting and innovative) completely broke up the narrative fluidity of the show. The show’s pace seemed paratactic and slow, tension wasn’t held, and I kept losing track of everything that had happened. 

Once I had realised after the hiatus that SKAM was becoming a rather stressful show to watch, I emotionally became slightly more disconnected from it, and really slightly angry that a tv series was becoming such a huge part of my life (far more than my other favourite shows which take up a huge part of my life and even they are barely deleable).

This disruption of pace is just making me lose track of all the storytelling arcs that are apparently trying to come together and wrap up. There are so many things that are being discussed in this season, it is focusing far more on the problems of other characters, not just the main. We have so many things that have questions hanging over them and I can’t keep track of everything that is happening because it’s released in a way that isn’t conducive to me seeing the plot unfold quickly. 

It is the opposite of binging on a series. As television viewers we’re now used to watching entire series in one huge binge on Netflix and other sites. This is slowly released in snippets every day and as an avid tv viewer, once the novelty wore off, this is just a new way to watch tv that goes against how I, as a viewer, normally watch tv and it’s no longer adding anything but rather detracting to the viewing experience. 

There are so many threads that need tying up and so much to keep track of and I just can’t keep up and am becoming less and less invested in the plot lines as the pace of the show is (to me) becoming more and more broken.

3. This season just has so many problems

I feel, personally, that this season isn’t doing justice to Sana’s character. And whilst I could put this thought to one side earlier in the season when I thought these issues would be dealt with, this problem has continued throughout. 

I understand the this season is about Sana and her friends, but all the plot lines this season are just distracting from Sana. The bus storyline, imo, is just getting frustrating and boring. Noora and William… well, I just don’t care about them at all. Even’s history is being told by other characters when it should be said by himself. Michael needs his story to be told by him, and for him to have agency over his past. Vilde needs to see her many errors and learn from them. Wtf is going on with Yousef. What Isak said to Sana on the bench needs to be called out properly within the show.. ahhhhhh. So many storylines, some of which I care about, but at the end of the day all of them are infringing upon Sana’s storyline. This season just feels as though it could have done so much but is getting distracted by unimportant things like the buss, Noora, and Vilde. 

Anyway, there’s so much more I could touch upon, but these are my issues. Feel more than free to disagree, this is just how I feel about it at the end of the day. I’ll continue watching because I love Sana and want to know what happens and believe her story is so important. But yh. I’m just getting too stressed out and frustrated with this season.

SCM Gods’ Houses

{For the love of the Twelve, I can’t find the ask for this. Idk if Tumblr ate it or what, but the gist of it was “What kind of houses do you think the SCM gods would have with the MC?” I found some pictures to go along with a little description of why I think this house style fits them. Oh, and I’m including the two “new” gods as well, even though I’m 90% sure I got this ask before Karno or Zyglavis were released. Just to make up for my awful delay. I apologize in advance for the length!}

Leon: Extravagant. Just like his room in the mansion and in the heavens, his home would be lavish. You can take the lion out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the lion. His godly powers came in handy when designing the more expensive aspects of the home. Of course, no expense was spared in the making of this house, but many, many meatballs were sacrificed as he “injured his godly hand” by snapping his fingers too much. He just wanted meatballs.

Scorpio: Modern. Scorpio’s embarrassing fascination with human advances in technology and design were apparent in his choice of design for your home. A sleek, modern design which was simple yet sophisticated, and came jam-packed with the latest and greatest of human innovation. Of course, these were often replaced throughout a week due to his destructive hobby of disassembling something and then being unable to put it back together. (Five toasters in one week.)

Teorus: Grandiose. Favoring the finer things in life, Teorus’ home would be similar to Leon’s in its extravagant flair. However, while Leon made his home rather flashy, Teorus’ was toned down to a sophisticated elegance. Sofas that make it feel like you’re sitting on a cloud, flowing curtains draped from the windows that reached to the ceiling, chandeliers twinkling overhead - it was like a dream. The home would be situated on a large stretch of well-maintained land, complete with gardens and trails and a sparkling lake nearby.

Dui: Simple. But not simple in the “basic” way. Simple in the happy simplicity of a country cottage. Dui is so enamored with you that material possessions mean absolutely nothing to him. But wanting to ensure that you have everything you could need, he gives you a delightful little house in the countryside. Since you aren’t a flashy person, everything in the house is very simple and charming.

Huedhaut: Refined. Huedhaut’s sophisticated tastes show through in his home, in a modernized style of a Victorian house. Clean and chic, this house is the very epitome of his personality, with books of every shape and size and age filling the shelves. Every room in the house has at least one chair that is just perfect for sitting down with one of those books…or taking a nap.

Ichthys: Oceanfront. Ichthys’ home is a very open and spacious, with plenty of windows overlooking the wide, clear view of the ocean. With such a flamboyant persona, your home with him would be free and colorful, a very happy place to spend your time. Disliking anything that may restrain or cause him to feel trapped, the clear view through the windows that seems to go on for infinity and the open layout of the house is just perfect for him. And also perfect for the many Nerf gun battles that he has prepared for you whenever you arrive home from work.

Karno: Traditional. Karno’s style is very…normal. He is strangely the most “human” of the gods, rarely throwing around his godly title and showing a deep care for humans as a whole. His home would encompass the simplicities of a human life - a cozy fireplace in the living room, comfortable pillows and blankets strewn across the seating, a kitchen filled with appliances to cook delicious home meals that he enjoys so much, and, although you didn’t consider it a necessity, a much-needed jacuzzi in the bathroom. Nothing wrong with a little self-indulgence now and then.

Zyglavis: Clean. Clean-cut, polished, spotless. It was as though his personality had split from his body and formed the house. Everything was in its place, and there was no room for something to be off. Moving into the house meant thorough cleaning instructions from Zyglavis, and many lectures soon after when you forgot to wipe that miniscule piece of dust off of the fireplace. And again when the cups in the cupboards were not lined up correctly. After a while, he relieved you of your cleaning duties. Permanently.

Which godly home would you choose?

my ideal job is small-time superhero who appears as support for the main heroes every now and then to add some flavor and whose superpower isnt big league material but is fun, you know, and will at one point be the unexpected innovative solution to the problem of the week on my obligatory single spotlight episode.


Part 2 - Disruption

The healing cycle was supposed to take weeks. 

The damage done was extensive, and Setsuna’s body was safe in a healing pod.

He felt the sudden flicker, and then the silence. Power loss.

He forced the door open, and stepped into the castle.

Something was wrong. 

A nice, short one before we get into one of my most anticipated parts. I can’t wait to do it. I’m gonna sketch on it and we’ll see how much I can get done tonight. 

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Stuff That Should Exist 3: A Bape x Google Collab

By: Robert Gallardo

You’re probably reading this like, “BAPE IS DEAD” and I’m not here to argue anything different than that. 

Im simply here to get an idea out of my head. 

Bape has literally collaborated with every popular company on earth and has its hands in everything streetwear, like toys, cars, etc. On the other hand Google has its hands in almost every field of progressive technology. 

It almost seems like they would have already collaborated on something.

Anyhow, above is an example of what I think a Bape x Google collab would look like.

The graphics above are courtesy of my design homies Kieren Welsh and Michael Lewis.

Thanks for reading and tune in next week for more ideas!

2015 Horseblr Drama Recap

January: horseback riding: How expensive it really is, backyard riders vs privileged A-circuit riders, colored tack, RICK GORE: a drama, and the weight debate. 

February: the great saddleseat controversy, ANKY, what constitutes a piaffe?, tricks vs ‘real training’, and bridless western pleasure abuse.  

March: this month on the big debate: letting your horse step on the lead rope.   

April: stud chains and their uses, bitless dressage: is it possible?, The baucher snaffle: poll pressure or nah?, the ban on lip chains, cultural appropriation in the show ring, and ‘bobos’.  

May: that HUGE thing that went down between people that should have kept their personal disputes in privet, halter horse conformation vs warmblood conformation, Quarter Horse collection: what it is and what it isn’t, those horses that ‘just don’t like being outside’, and rope halters. 

June: George Morris: effective trainer or douchebag?, people asking for advice in public but pull the ‘you don’t know my horse or the situation” card when advice is given,  the ‘is western pleasure jog collected’ debate, quarter horse conformation: when its shitty, and horse racing: IS IT ABUSE? 

July: stallions: why America sucks at handling them, kids riding stallions, weird looking yet innovative saddles, this week on “you can’t learn stuff on the internet…”, Edward Gal and Totilas: an ongoing debate, shoulder-ins vs leg-yields, and on geldings and their erections. 

August: the Uta Gräf dispute, horseblr plays the ‘holier than thou’ card, the ‘lets see you do better than the professional’ debate, that $475 crop, the Edward Gal rollkur scandal, LDR vs Rollkur: are they the same?, and the “I can’t question rollkur because I’m not a grand prix rider” debate.  

September: that one girl that rollkurs her horse over jumps, bullying vs. criticizing abusive riding techniques, how to longe your horse: aversive vs. attractive stimuli, why Pareli sucks ass, barefoot vs. shod… yet again, and western vs. english: WHICH ONE IS BETTER?!??!  

October: passive aggressive posts: the hypocrisy of horseblr, Drugging the show horse: who came up with the best excuses?, and standing martingales.

November: when to start riding a young horse, jumping a 3 y/o, mustangs: save or slaughter?, helmet girl strikes again, ‘salty’ equestrians, discussing the piaffe: when is it appropriate?, the horseblr post police, does your horse approve of your riding attire: when to dress up and when to dress down, racism in dressage, and Is Bubs lame?

December: that vegan who said riding was bad, stabling horses in the winter: whats best for the horse?, posting christmas gifts, asshole trainers, prothetic legs for horses, elitism… again, whether or not calling a rescue horse a ‘warmblood’ is ok, 2 y/o reiners, horse slaughter… again, and subtexing. 

The George Harrison Interview (part 2)

Alan Walsh, Melody Maker, 9 September 1967

George Harrison, Beatle, human being and musical innovator, spoke of God, LSD, the Hippies and Haight Ashbury last week in the first of these two interviews. This week George talks about the Beatles’ music, recording and film-making. Part 1 here.

GEORGE, CAN you tell where the Beatles are at musically today? What are you trying to do?
Nothing. We’re not trying to do anything. This is the big joke. It’s all Cosmic Joke 43. Everyone gets our records and says “wonder how they thought of that?” or “wonder what they’re planning next?” or whatever they do say. But we don’t plan anything. We don’t do anything. All we do is just keep on being ourselves. It just comes out. It’s the Beatles.

All any of us are trying to do now is get as much peace and love as possible. Love will never be played out because you can’t play out the truth. Whatever I say can be taken a million different ways depending on how screwed up the reader is. But the Beatles is just a hobby really… it’s just doing it on its own. We don’t even have to think about it. The songs write themselves. It just all works out. Everything that we’re taking into our minds and trying to learn or find out—and I feel personally it’s such a lot, there’s so much to get in—and yet the output coming out the back end is still so much smaller than what you’re putting in.

Everything is relative to everything else. We know that now. So we’ve got to a point where when people say “there’s nothing else you can do,” we know that’s only from where they are. They look up and think we can’t do any more, but when you’re up there you see you haven’t started.

Take Ravi Shankar who is so brilliant. With pop music, the more you listen to it, the more you get to know it, the more you see through it and the less satisfaction it gives you whereas Indian music and Ravi Shankar as a person… it’s exactly the opposite because the more you’re able to understand the music, the more you see there is to appreciate. The more you get back out of it. You can have just one record of Indian music and play it for the rest of your life and you’d probably still never see all the subtleties in it. It’s the same with Ravi Shankar. He feels as though he hasn’t started and yet he’s doing so much, teaching so many people, writing film music, everything.

Have you any idea what the Beatles will do the next time you go into the recording studios?
No idea. We won’t know until we do it. We’re naturally influenced by everything that’s going on around us. If you weren’t influenced, you wouldn’t be able to do anything. That’s all anything is, an influence from one person to another. We’ll write songs and go into the studios and record them and we’ll try and make them good. We’ll make a better LP than Sergeant Pepper. But I don’t know what it’s going to be.

If you had a child, do you know what you would try to do as a father?
I haven’t and I can’t really know what I’d do. But I do know I wouldn’t let it go to school. I’m not letting Fascist teachers put things into the child’s head. I’d get an Indian guru to teach him—and me, too.

I believe the Beatles are thinking about making a film in which you create the visual as well as the sound and music?
Yes. We’ve got to the point now where we’ve found out that if you rely on other people, things never work out. This may sound conceited but it’s not. It’s just what happens. The things that we’ve decided ourselves and that we’ve gone ahead and done ourselves have always worked out right—or at least satisfactorily—whereas the moment you get involved with other people, it goes wrong.

It’s like a record company. You hand them the whole LP and the sleeve and everything there on a plate. All they’ve got to do is print it. Then all the crap starts: “you can’t have that” and “you don’t do this” and we get so involved with trivial little things that it all starts deteriorating around us.

And it’s the same with a film. The more involved we get with film people the less of a Beatles film it’s going to be. Take that Our World television show. We were trying to make it into a recording session and a good time and the BBC were trying to make it into a television show. It’s a constant struggle to get ourselves across through all these other people, all hassling.

In the end it’ll be best if we write the music, write the visual and the script, film it, edit it, do everything ourselves. But then it’s such a hell of a job that you have to get involved and that means you couldn’t do other things.

But we’ll have to get other people to do things because we can’t give that much time to just a film because it’s only a film and there are more important things in life.

Do you think the film will come off in the near future?
Yes. I think it’ll probably all happen next year sometime.