overwatch au where everything is exactly the same except its set in 2016 so hang outs with the current skt starcraft and league squad and like the SKT manager lets her take over the skt twitter a lot to interact with international fans

she posts selfies and random team candids like “hey twitter heres a gift for u guys…. a rare photo of innovatoin in his natural habitat” and theres a shaky pic of innovation staring blanky ahead slurping instant noodles

and then she takes a video of her crashing the skt league office down the hall and being like “LOOKS WHOS HERE GUYS… ITS FAAAAAAKER say hi sanghyeok!!!” and spins the camera towards him so he can greet the fans and then turns the camera back to her and in a stage whisper she’s like “he won’t admit it but he lost to me 1v1 once in league nyohohoho” and theres a muffled sound of faker saying “hey ive beaten you in starcraft why dont you tell your viewers that?” in korean

i know kr teams dont do the NA gaming house tours that often/ever (i know theres 1 SKT office tour vid somewhere…) but…. i want dva to host one of those with the skt gaming office and be everyone’s cool, popular, annoying younger sister