innovative art piece


LIBRA-ARIES:Literally the ruling forces of this planet-the divine pair,a lot of passion added even to small things,wear a lot of powerful colors,have a lot of people gravitate towards them,always plan the most unique vacations

LIBRA-TAURUS:Best taste/aesthetic in clothes and interior design,the best friends that act like siblings,always exchange books and compare them,too many inside jokes,the pair that mesmerizes the entire club when they hit the dance floor

LIBRA-GEMINI:Best brainstorming team with great ideas,play tricks on each other,probably both have devilish alteregos,love to debate on philosophy,visit every museum together

LIBRA-CANCER:Talk about their future plans for hours,exchange exercise tips,help each other with love advice,watch history documentaries together,always look cute and put together

LIBRA-LEO:Competes over who’s the most stylish and glamorous,lots of theatrical gestures in their conversations,share personal fears because they know they won’t be judged,give each other inspiration for projects,they may seem too competitive but that bonds them together

LIBRA-VIRGO:The best room and office space organizers,like to watch series and eat snacks together,feel at ease in each other’s presence even of they just met,are fascinated by beautifully colored flowers,buy antiques together

LIBRA-LIBRA:Long debates on the most random subjects,like to read Acient texts on law,borrow each other clothes and accessories,go to the cinema together,expect loyalty and affection from each other

LIBRA-SCORPIO:Are both very interested in human relations,discussions on morality,read creepy pastas together,like to wear dark lipsticks and slay them,play card together as a pair and always win

LIBRA-SAGITTARIUS:Can almost read each other’s minds,throw the best parties,are always eager to help each other and their friends,have this superstar aura around them,have an elegant timeless style

LIBRA-CAPRICORN:Best pair of teachers,like glittery things and highliters,do yoga together because their vibes blend well,cook really tasty diet food,are fascinated by Renaissance artists

LIBRA-AQUARIUS:Alway create innovative art pieces,like metallic colors and accents,never get bored with each other,are very good film critics,globetrotters

LIBRA-PISCES:Want to have a house on the beach,very intense eye contact,fascinated by witch rituals,make each other feel empowered,want to start a cosmetics line together