It’s time for Spacey ABC again and this week’s letter is “I” which at first I thought was going to be an easy one but proved to be very difficult as there are lots of good “I” adjectives for Kevin. I settled on “Innovative”….which means “introducing new ideas, fresh, unusual and creative in thinking”. Kevin has proven to be worthy of this description. Whether he’s pitching a new idea to Netflix, teaching an on line acting class, creating a contest in which young directors are given the chance to make their own films or giving a key note speech at Cisco about “not settling for mediocrity”….he is always looking ahead. Now its your turn to find an “I” word…it may be tougher than you think…to pick only one word. Good Luck! 

Bulletproof, fireproof, environmentally friendly homes are being made from plastic bottles

Obviously, homelessness is an issue that occurs in every corner of the world. While many factors spark the problem, affordable housing shortages is one of the most significant. In Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, 16 million housing units are required to address the shortage problem, which would require a staggering cost. Luckily, Nigeria has found an inventive way to address the shortage problem, cut costs and help the environment – by building plastic bottle homes.

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“Even though everyone complains about how “innovative” Frozen is, it really is. It shows a girl that had anxiety and is able to overcome it. Not only is she a Princess, but she becomes a Queen! She isn’t this perfect cookie cutter image of other princesses like Belle or Aurora; she had a weakness that is clearly shown but she beats it. That’s how I see Frozen as innovative.”


Italian Flagship Wins ‘Most Innovative’ Yacht Award in Cannes

The new MCY 105 from the Italian craftsman at Monte Carlo Yachts has been named  the “Most Innovative” yacht in the 80- to 120-foot  category during the recent Cannes Yachting Festival. Monte Carlo Yachts President Carla Demaria and Managing Director Fabrizio Iarrera were presented the award at a ceremony at the Carlton Hotel in the heart of the Promenade de la Croissette. And it’s easy to see why.


Apartment in Barcelona | RAS Arquitectura

Grey-veined marble is paired with raw concrete and exposed pipework in this Barcelona apartment, in which architect Raúl Sánchez has used angled walls to create visual breaks in the layout. Corsega Apartment now contains two bedrooms, an open-plan living area and a bathroom designed to be used by more than one person at a time. Full-height glazing in the entrance hall allows light to filter through from the living space, but a 90 degree corner hides the kitchen from view.

Breakthrough Smart Watch Converts Text and Email into Braille

The Dot Watch, which turns text messages into braille for the blind, is being celebrated as the first major innovation for visually impaired readers in nearly 15 years.

After seeing a blind classmate lugging around a heavy braille bible, which contained only five percent of the contents of the holy book, Eric Ju Yoon Kim was surprised that nothing like a Braille iPad existed.

So the University of Washington student set out to invent one.

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