Innovations of the Burrow

The littles that live out in the fields behind Bobby’s home have many different innovations. Because there’s so many different littles that find their way there (mostly with Rumsfeld’s help when he finds them wandering), they have a larger skill set than in other areas.

  • The stream that runs by one of the back entrances is full of minnows, so the more adept men and women will spear them, or careful nets are created to net them with.
  • They keep a bed of coals lit at all times in their largest chamber. It provides a place to cook fish, bugs or small animals that they need to fend off along with a source of heat in the winter.
  • Grass is woven into baskets by the older littles, and they teach the younger children the same skill.
  • Berries are collected from the nearby area. From the berries they can create a variety of jams and wines, and vinegar from the wines that age.
  • They make their clothing out of a variety of fabrics and plant materials. They have never had a tanner like Walt come to the burrow, so that is one skill that is lacking. His boots, leather jackets, leather satchels and canteens that he makes (the canteens dreamed up in a conversation with @chewbaccaaah), are all more durable than the fabric and cloth shoes used by the burrow. To gather fabric, they need to range farther than normal, sometimes venturing to the other homes in the area (Bobby’s was avoided as of the events in Adventures at Bobby’s).

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Thanks to a new invention, sponges may soon help save shooting victims.

After getting FDA approval, this handy device will soon be making its way to first responders.

Sponges are injected into the wound, clotting the blood.

The sponges are coated with blood-clotting chemicals and have been shown to stop bleeding after just 20 seconds (as opposed to three to five minutes with gauze).

This helps buy precious time to get the victim to a surgeon.

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I’m pretty sure French people didn’t invent all this shit because they like to surrender.

  • spitzer bullets, smokeless powder
  • integrated paper cartridges (+Switzerland)
  • Minié balls (+England)
  • metallic cartridges (pinfire and rimfire)
  • putting shotguns in revolvers
  • flintlock
  • modern tank layout, light tanks
  • slopped cast armor
  • bayonets
  • style


This guy Manoj Bhargava made 5 hour energy and now he’s worth 4 billion dollars but he’s using 99% of it to give back and fund research and inventions that benefit the environment and the world. He’s building hospitals, funding projects that could save lives. His team of engineers have found such simple solutions to problems that we’ve been debating politically for decades. This guy needs to be more well known and people, specifically politicians, need to understand that it’s not about the money. It’s about all the lives we could save with this technology and all the people we could help. I just think this video is worth your time. I really do. — Glimpses Into The Splitting of the Muslim Ummah:

Part 1: The Completion and Perfection of the Religion and The Way of the Companions.

Part 2: The Emergence of the Sects and Heads of Misguidance.

Part 3: An Overview of the Various Deviant Sects and Corrupt Creeds and Methodologies.

Part 4: The Preservation and Safeguarding of the Islāmic ‘Aqīdah.

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Mixing with a sinner or an innovator: Which are worse? Ibn Taymiyyah and Sa'eed Ibn Jubayr
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Sa’eed Ibn Jubayr (rahimahullaah) said: “That my son should accompany a sinful highway robber who is a Sunnee is more beloved to me than him taking as a his companion a worshipping innovator.” Mentioned by Ibn Battah in “Al-Ibaanatus-Sughraa”, no. 132. Sufyaan ath-Thawree (died 161H) explained the reason for this as follows: “Innovations are more beloved to Iblees than sins, for indeed sins are…

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