innovation tower

littlewhittal  asked:

Hi there, I hope you're doing well! I really enjoyed your feedback on critical regionalism it made it a better concept to grasp so thank you. I would be interested to hear your view on Zaha Hadid as a deconstructivist architect if you have any? Enjoy your day!

We bunch all architecture after post-mod as deconstructivism, but that is not true. Most of it is contemporary architecture without a label, I prefer to let the historians try to group the eclectic architecture of our times. Zaha Hadid’s artworks seemed to embody the deconstructionist vision but that never true or never fully translated to her built work which in my opinion seems more preoccupied with forms morphing to create new shapes as they combine and divide, not so much the fragmentation of the elements but that is a personal opinion.

Blue Beam, Victoria City Aerial, Berlin, Germany, 1988 Zaha Hadid

The World (89 DEGREES), 1983 Zaha Hadid

Heydar Aliyev Center, Azerbaijan, 2012  Zaha Hadid Architects

Innovation Tower, Hong Kong, 2013  Zaha Hadid Architects