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Artificial neural networks decode brain activity during performed and imagined movements

Filtering information for search engines, acting as an opponent during a board game or recognizing images: Artificial intelligence has far outpaced human intelligence in certain tasks. Several groups from the Freiburg excellence cluster BrainLinks-BrainTools led by neuroscientist private lecturer Dr. Tonio Ball are showing how ideas from computer science could revolutionize brain research. In the scientific journal Human Brain Mapping they illustrate how a self-learning algorithm decodes human brain signals that were measured by an electroencephalogram (EEG).

It included performed movements, but also hand and foot movements that were merely thought of, or an imaginary rotation of objects. Even though the algorithm was not given any characteristics ahead of time, it works as quickly and precisely as traditional systems that have been created to solve certain tasks based on predetermined brain signal characteristics, which are therefore not appropriate for every situation.

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Sexism in the IT industry

Today, while I was checking my emails and notifications on Twitter, Facebook, etc… I noticed I received an email on LinkedIn from someone who I recently accepted the invite thinking we would have a professional chat.

However, this is what I saw:

Nothing can piss me off more… How can people want to see more women in the IT industry if this is the kind of comment we get?

It is not the first time I get comments on what I look like rather than on what I am capable of but receiving that on LinkedIn is maybe even more pathetic.

Who cares who’s hot, who’s not? I love programming, this is my passion and THAT is what matters and this is what I would like people to see in me.

How do you want to fight the impostor syndrome of telling yourself “I got the job just because I’m a woman” if the only thing people tell you is like “Oh, you’re doing IT…?”, or “You don’t have the face of someone who’s into robotics”…

I’m really fed up of the idea that women just need to be sexy and this is it. Sexism is still present in the industry and pushing women away from programming careers. This is just sad.

you’re in bed with the acclaimed chef bobby flay and things are getting a little bit steamy when suddenly he stops and sits up, his face aglow with inspiration. “hold on,” he says. “i want to try something new.” you watch in anticipation as he pulls out an ear of corn and uses it to prepare an innovative, delicious new dish that pushes the boundaries of traditional cooking while expertly showing off the nuanced flavor of the main ingredient. you love it. the judges love it. bobby flay has won the iron chef: america cooking challenge yet again. 

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Best startup pitch ever. He finds a way to produce money from coffee mug. You can find more business ideas on

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“Mobile is unlike any technology that has come before it. It’s personal. For the first time in history, people have access to every part of their lives—from work, to entertainment, to friends and family—at every turn. And that access, all that intelligent connectivity and computing capability that is now available to all of us, offers incredible opportunity that we couldn’t have imagined even a few years ago.”—Steve Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm Inc.

……that one time I was hired to photograph Sheryl Crow but security didn’t believe me so I had to sneak up front…..

Today is World Hepatitis Day!

The Health Department, the Fund for Public Health in New York and five community partners – the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center, Cornell Medical College, VNSNY Choice and HealthFirst – announced today that they have received a $10 million Health Care Innovation Award from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services to focus on hepatitis C (HCV).

Project INSPIRE NYC (Innovate & Network to Stop HCV & Prevent complications via Integrating care, Responding to needs and Engaging patients & providers) aims to achieve:

  1. Better care, by increasing the number of patients starting hepatitis C therapy, strengthening management of behavioral health problems, reducing hospitalizations and emergency department visits, and maintaining a high level of satisfaction among enrollees;
  2. Better health, with increased hepatitis C cure rates, fewer hepatitis C-related complications, and increased screening for depression and alcohol abuse; and
  3. Lower costs, by reducing expenses from preventable hospitalizations, emergency department visits, and complications of hepatitis C infection.

Hepatitis C Facts:

  • An estimated 146,500 New Yorkers have chronic hepatitis C, though about half do not know that they are infected.
  • Hepatitis C is a liver disease that results from infection with the hepatitis C virus. It can range in severity from a mild illness lasting a few weeks to a serious, lifelong illness.
  • Hepatitis C is usually spread when blood from a person infected with hepatitis C enters the blood stream of someone who is not infected. Today, people most often become infected with hepatitis C by sharing needles or other equipment to inject drugs. Before 1992, when widespread screening of the blood supply began in the United States, hepatitis C was also commonly spread through blood transfusions.
  • Most people living with hepatitis C have few symptoms of illness until 10 to 30 years after initial infection, when life-threatening complications can develop. People with hepatitis C are at risk for developing cirrhosis, liver cancer, and other types of liver damage.
  • Given unprecedented advances in hepatitis C treatment, a cure has become achievable for most. Treatment is now shorter, less toxic, and more effective than in the past.

NYC Health is releasing a number of new resources including an updated website and site locator, informational video, Risk Assessment postcard, Hep C Facts booklet, and a City Health Information Bulletin for primary care providers, as well as a mobile app. New Yorkers can also text LIVER to 877877 to be connected with Hepatitis C testing and care services.

Read our Press Release for more information and the full resource list.

How Cartoon Network Is Changing Your Television Screen

Written by: Joshua Credle, actoractiom

If you’ve ever experienced a childhood with a television, you probably know what Cartoon Network is. But if you don’t know, it is true to its name: a TV network filled with cartoons. In actuality, though, it is much more than that. Cartoon Network has used subliminal messages, powerful themes, and bold dialogue to innovate children’s entertainment. 

The network isn’t just another TV station dishing out pointless sitcoms to get money. Their presence in children’s lives has, over the years, taught many children to enjoy life, and be conscious. 

One of Cartoon Network’s most popular current TV shows is Adventure Time. It’s a show about a human boy named Finn and a shape-shifting dog named Jake. The duo fight evil together in the Land of Ooo.  

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Pioneers of Digitalization.

In 1995, Mercedes-Benz became the first automotive manufacturer worldwide to open a research and development center in Silicon Valley. 20 years later, the research center in Sunnyvale now employs more than 240 people.

“Displacement is not innovative (Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network)”

This anti-gentrification protester stands in downtown Brooklyn. Brooklyn has undergone radical changes and many People of Color, immigrants, poor and working class people can no longer afford to live in their homes. Their homes have been replaced by luxury buildings and venues.

Photo credit: Cindy Trinh

Source: activistnyc 

Some girl in the middle of nowhere Mississippi opens an Instagram account and post a whole bunch of pictures of herself, because she knows that she’s very attractive, and in turn builds a large mass of followers from it with the hopes hat she might someday form some notoriety/success from it and find a way out of her hole in the wall hometown. Then you go and call her an Instagram hoe. That’s not hoein that’s called hustlin and trying to make something out of nothing. She needs a high five not to be condemned by your misogynistic terms. Miss me with that bullshit.

SUPERNATURAL Renewed for Season 11

As we all know, the popular CW show SUPERNATURAL was renewed yesterday (Jan. 11.) for it’s 11th season, which will officially make it the longest running genre television show. The most pressing question that has arisen in the wake of this announcement is how will the writers keep the content fresh and interesting. When asked, producer ROBERT SINGER (Midnight Caller, Supernatural) and fan-favorite writer ROBBIE THOMPSON have stated that they will be doing away with the classic script format that we have seen for 11 years. But what will they do instead? “Oh, it’s a great, innovative idea that the network will love,” Singer stated. Thompson agreed thoroughly, stating, “I’m really excited to get started on this.” It appears all the scripts will be replaced with dank memes.