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you’re in bed with the acclaimed chef bobby flay and things are getting a little bit steamy when suddenly he stops and sits up, his face aglow with inspiration. “hold on,” he says. “i want to try something new.” you watch in anticipation as he pulls out an ear of corn and uses it to prepare an innovative, delicious new dish that pushes the boundaries of traditional cooking while expertly showing off the nuanced flavor of the main ingredient. you love it. the judges love it. bobby flay has won the iron chef: america cooking challenge yet again. 

“Mobile is unlike any technology that has come before it. It’s personal. For the first time in history, people have access to every part of their lives—from work, to entertainment, to friends and family—at every turn. And that access, all that intelligent connectivity and computing capability that is now available to all of us, offers incredible opportunity that we couldn’t have imagined even a few years ago.”—Steve Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm Inc.

“Displacement is not innovative (Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network)”

This anti-gentrification protester stands in downtown Brooklyn. Brooklyn has undergone radical changes and many People of Color, immigrants, poor and working class people can no longer afford to live in their homes. Their homes have been replaced by luxury buildings and venues.

Photo credit: Cindy Trinh

Source: activistnyc 

Pioneers of Digitalization.

In 1995, Mercedes-Benz became the first automotive manufacturer worldwide to open a research and development center in Silicon Valley. 20 years later, the research center in Sunnyvale now employs more than 240 people.