50 Nights in Kenya 

In Rio we brought together bright energy ideas, global superstars and music. Now we’re in Kenya with GravityLight, demonstrating how a light powered by gravity could help replace kerosene-fueled lamps and improve lives.

Art tip: Never ditch an idea because it’s already been done. Don’t worry about being original or doing something different. Even if you make art similar to what you see around it’s still going to be unique because only you can replicate how you think and how you transport ideas to the physical realm. 


The future of DJing, Virtual Reality, and Interactive Learning & Design. 

All in one. 

This is a new musical instrument. A simple invention that changed the game. All the games. 

A simple IMU in a polyhedric, injection molded housing. Motion detecting and bluetooth enabled. 

Holding this controller - OTO (which comes from the Japanese “oto-no-katchi”, which roughly translates to “the shape of sound”), you can see the sound waves your are making in color and shape on a computer screen. 

In a virtual reality setup, the way you move these controllers could feed into the endless possibilities virtual reality goggles present. 

This project is a revolution in the music world. It allows for a new way to learn how to DJ through visuals and motions, making mixing more accessible that traditional DJ booths allow. 

A digital musical tool that transcends resonation and vibration, jumping to data and waves that can be represented in any way - light, color, sound - or all three. 

Imagine a new kind of performance… Imagine a new experience of music… Imagine a new educational tool… Imagine a new kind of symphony… 

“People with great passion can make the impossible happen.”