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i'm in love with your icon who is S H E

she’s a proto version of sophie from ghibli’s howl’s moving castle! 

i found it while searching for concept art of this film, and frankly, i didn’t even think it was truly official art, at first. the style looks too clean, and i’m pretty sure they were digitized, as well, which is unusual for ghibli. 

after doing some digging, though, i found that the oldest source for this picture was in a french website way back in 2003, officially announcing that the movie was in production! it’s listed as a sketch there, kind of like a preview for the movie, so i trust it’s official.

anyway, what’s really interesting about these pictures is that both sophie and howl look a lot like their book-selves, here. sophie has red hair and seems feistier, and howl looks like a douche-y stuck-up guy, which. he kind of is. way more in the books, though.

it’s kind of surreal to see them so similar to their book descriptions while drawn in ghibli style, because the actual movie turned out to be pretty different from the book. makes me think of like… an alternate universe where ghibli decided to go with a strictly faithful adaptation, you know?

There was a lot of build-up about how Yaldabaoth was a rare denizen with extreme choices. I was really convinced that Dirk would have to make The Choice and was disappointed that it never happened.

@glass-hearts-art invited people to color her absolutely gorgeous line art, so I decided to do so.  I loved how she drew the swirls of Aradia’s hair. I’m not sure that I did it justice, but it was a lot of fun to color.


Chad-buskin was kind enough to put my Little Lion Man lyricstuck to video, so here it is in video form!  It came out beautifully and I can’t thank him enough!


I’ve had these pixel kids in my folder forever and finally finished them. Feel free to suggest one of them for me to animate like I did with Roxy and Rose!