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Frat Boy Pt. 6

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This is the longest thing I’ve written on here, EVER.  Not sure if that jumbled it up, but thank you to everyone for sticking around to read about this crazy frat boy, sending me messages and asks and song recs for the playlist!  This chapter’s a bit of a revealing one, and little almost imperceptible layers are chipped away. Let’s see if he’s ruing the day yet, yeah? xx (shout-out to @lovelhes for the bomb mood board, love you bb)

It was 2:54 AM by the time Renny got back.  You knew because the comfort Zayn had brought you dwindled fast with each step you took away from him, so much so that by the time you got to the doors of your building, your legs were shaking from how frantic you were.   It had been much too dark outside, each innocent bush and tall tree beautiful in the daylight suddenly twisting into something sinister, hiding a dark figure just waiting to grab you and slit your throat as you fall to the ground with a soundless shout.  Even in the grossly fluorescent hallways that seemed oddly empty for 1 am, you turned each corner quickly for fear of who’d be waiting on the other side.  Even the shut of the heavy door behind you didn’t give you peace and when you’d swept your room and checked the closet for potential predators hiding behind hanging clothes, you knew you were being silly, so absolutely ridiculously silly. But your furiously beating heart told you otherwise.  

You couldn’t fall asleep after that.  

But you pretended to as Renny got ready for bed, as she quietly tip-toed through the room, the click of her low-lit lamp as she settled under her covers once again coating the room in an inky stillness.  Her little snores comforted you in the slightest, but she wasn’t awake, she couldn’t distract you from your thoughts.  And as your eyes bore up into the ceiling, seeing past it to nothing at all, a hand lay on your throat.  

The stream that ran red, his fists, the snake tat, his touch, their smell, the men, his arms, the safety you felt in them.  It wasn’t fair, none of it was.  That he could make you feel something that felt so right and toss it in the trash like it never happened.  You had been fine with being acquaintances, safe at that distance, pretend that you wouldn’t be affected by him, but then he was the one who had to turn it into something more, to turn you into this.  You remembered your words to him and felt a deep sadness seize your chest.  You were a hypocrite.  The weight building inside you contracted into a choke-hold, threatening to crush your lungs with its deadly mixture of guilt, regret, anger, but you were too tired to release it in a sob.  So it sat there.  Refusing to let you sleep.  Suffocating you.  Silly girl, a voice sneered, All this for a boy you haven’t gone on a date with. The moan of his name in that unfamiliar voice rang loud in your head as an unwanted tear rolled straight down to hit your ear.  You willed yourself to numb your mind, to not think about anything, but when had you ever truly had control?

Sometime, in the early hours of the morning, your lids felt heavy and closed without you ever really knowing, the black cloak of the night sealing them shut as the dark twists and pangs building inside of you pushed you off a ledge, forcing your fall into a fitful sleep.

“Did you have a nightmare last night?”  You cringed as Renny took her black eyeliner and dug a little too hard with the tip against your cheek.  You thought about denying it for a moment, but decided against it.  If there was one person you could talk to, it was Renny.

“How’d you know?”

“You kept groaning and- hold on” - she licked her thumb and rubbed below the line she’d just created for the black #17 now on your cheek, smudging it up and using her nail to dig into the skin and remove the extra bits she’d accidently drawn.  She hadn’t asked to draw Harry’s number on you and for that you were thankful.  Your favorite was Louis anyways - “There, perfect. You just kept muttering something and you looked like you were shaking.  I tried waking you up, but you just turned back around and fell asleep.”

“Sorry for waking you,” you offered her an apologetic smile, but she brushed it off.

“You honestly think I mind?  I mean, I’m a little jealous you got to sleep that much, but I was the one who chose not to leave the party.”  You wanted to let out a single sharp laugh at that, but you were better.  “Paw print?”  She brought the pencil to your other cheek and paused, you nodded.  She started to draw the symbol of your school’s mascot, the panther, and for some reason Harry popped into your mind again.  Agile. Dark. Stealthy.


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[ ☢ ] the car broke down in an unfamiliar part of town, and our muses are lost.

Yoichi was the type of person to remain calm when things didn’t go as plan. But at this point, Yoichi was freaking out and losing his shit. At the moment, Yoichi repeatedly kicked this innocent tree stump on the side of the road while the car smoked behind him. 

“Why. Does. This. Shit. Happen. To. Me?!” Yoichi said in time with his kicks. Yoichi was definitely going crazy, no doubt about that. And out of everyone on the squad, Yoichi got stuck with Mikaela. Not that the archer minded or anything. Just that Mikaela completely hated him or so it seemed like anyways. And right now, Yoichi was probably giving a bad impression of himself. Oh well, Yoichi would be this tree stump’s worst nightmare!

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones. (ˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈) I spent mine with my family and dressed in a casual Christmas coordinate with my new Dreamholic Apple Jelly wig! I love it so much ꒰♡ˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈꒱.⑅*♡

The Signs as Beautiful Things in Nature

Aries: a sunset, when the sun is just about to set and you can see it slip into the horizon

Taurus: a tall, strong mountain, capped with fresh snow

Gemini: a serene forest with colorful wildflowers and tall green grass

Cancer: an open body of water with calm waves rippling through its tide

Leo: a desert flower: so rare you’d swear it’s the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen

Virgo: fresh, crisp, white snow: beautiful and innocent

Libra: trees in mid-October, with leaves as aflame as a wildfire

Scorpio: hot sand at the beach, but so soft and so fine you can’t resist sinking your toes in

Sagittarius: a thunderstorm after weeks of drought

Capricorn: wildflowers growing on the side of the expressway

Aquarius: a night sky in the country, so clear you can see all the constellations

Pisces: clean, fresh, cold winter air

DAY 2666

Jalsa, Mumbai              July 30,  2015             Thu  11:53 pm

Guru Poornima .. a reverential day, when we remember our Guru’s, pay them obeisance, regard respect and seek blessings for guidance in our lives and life .. they are our teachers, our parents our mentors our everything .. they give, we receive .. blessings !!


We chose our learned Guru’s, we admire respect and idolise them. They give us direction and cause. Teaching and guidance. Learning and life. They could be all and none, or none at all. They could be finite or abstract. Human or not human. My abstract pen, my natures tree, my innocent child, my parent, my Principal, my educator, my example .. my everything ..

Whoever they are, they are with respect and admiration .. they are pedestal, they are above we are at feet, they look down to us, we bend in grace and acceptance .. the Guru - Shishya, the teacher and the taught, are the oldest traditions of our varied and incredible culture .. and it remains till today .. it percolates, it transcends through generations, even through the transcendence of age and time ..

My Father was Professor of English at the Allahabad University, he was guru to his students, and when my Father became a student later during the time of his PhD in Cambridge, his students became subservient to my Father’s teacher .. 

During his years in Cambridge for his PhD in English Literature, his thesis being ‘WB Yeats and Occultism’, his mentor at St Catherine’s College, Mr Henn, was visited by my Father and one of his students, years later at his home. My Father greeted him in normal Western cultured regimen .. his student touched Mr Henn’s feet .. when a slightly awkward Mr Henn, questioned the student of this most unusual gesture, the student replied ..” but Sir, you are my Guru’s Guru ..”

Elders feet .. are the blessings we seek .. feet are the most revered in such .. they are the lowest portion of the body .. sublimating to it is bending down in servile respect .. it is the portion that remains in touch .. in touch with the earth, with the ground .. when we talk of our or any other’s ‘grounding’, we speak on its quality of reverence, upbringing, culture, tradition .. 

We respect the ground that has been trodden by the reverential greats .. the earth particles that were touched by their feet become our blessings .. our guidance and our eternal path to glory and salvation ..     

When you touch .. you touch reverence .. you imbibe blessing .. 

May we ever imbibe in reverential blessing those that we believe in our Guru ..

Amitabh Bachchan


Things in the small kingdom that Wynter loved dearly had changed. Drastically. After her mother had died, Wynter’s father, the king, had married a woman from the Reim Empire. Of course she had been kind to Wynter but things had taken a drastic turn almost six months ago, when he father had been poisoned, her step mother had blamed her, and now here Wynter was wanted in her own home for treason that she didn’t even commit. True her running only made her look guilty, but she couldn’t go home, not until she proved she was innocent. 

Sitting in a tree, her green eyes watched the road. It wasn’t that she chosen to become a thief, she just didn’t have much of a choice, still being in her fathers kingdom, she couldn’t get a job to earn money, so she’d just take it from those who could spare it. She just needed enough to get her to Reim, she needed to find out anything she could about her step mother. Anything that all that could help her show the world she was a witch.

Looked like someone was headed down the road, that was strange, from the clothing and armor the men wore, it looked like they were from the Kou Empire. That was strange, she hadn’t seen anyone from there in years.