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If fishmob exists than conversely somewhere in the ocean there must be a fish with mob's face on it.

first of all this is Your fault,

And Under Your Breath (You Spoke of Innocence) by Lulatic

Fic can be read HERE.

Fluff, Slight Angst. Completed. Rated: G. Word Count: 2,200.

Pairings: Hanazawa Teruki/Kageyama “Mob” Shigeo.

Trigger Warnings: None.

Teru wondered just how much Mob noticed–if maybe he knew the impact he had on everything Teru was, on his thoughts, his life, his entire being.

Mob’s presence was all around him, it was interlaced in every thought, every hour of his life.

To anyone else, it would have been suffocating. But Teru would have gladly smothered himself in it.

Or; Mob asks questions, Teru searches for an answer he’ll (maybe) never find.

Part 2 of the We Were Just Kids Back Then Series.

Title: The Same Thing
Series: Mob Psycho 100
Characters: Ritsu Kageyama, Teruki Hanazawa, Shigeo Kageyama
Pairings: TeruMob
Notes: I really wanted to write fluffy terumob, but I also wanted Teru interaction with Ritsu in a way that isn’t as hostile as what I feel the popular dynamic is for these two.

This also will have some very mild spoilers for people who only watch the anime or aren’t past the Claw arc/Chapter 49, but really nothing significant.

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