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Sooo I drew a design of what I think Travis would look like in the reverse role au.
His name is Travis the Steel Spirit, the reason they call him this is because he’s more of an assassin type when it comes to killing or simply fighting. I feel like he’s more calm and collected but still has snarky remarks here and there. He’s also not good with socializing with people, just as he is in mcd. He doesn’t like or want to kill innocent people, but he knows he has too, otherwise he would die aswell.
He’s actually quite sweet if you can get past his calm and cool exterior. He can get extremely angry at times and lash out, but this is a bit rare. It’s not necessarily hard to break his walls down, unlike when it was hard to get katelyns walls down.

Imma tag some homies who like the au, or may want to see it. @crybabytime (got the au idea from an ask) @undercovermcdfan @gay-for-sasha-png

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The thing with Tamir though is that every little kid with a toy gun points it at people. Also there was a grown adult who jumped out of a vehicle with a real gun and he got to walk away. He posed an actual threat to police, Tamir was a child doing things kids do.

There are so many things wrong with what gun defending white supremacists say and do to justify killing innocent black people. It’s fucking disgusting


Was Tamir Rice smart for pointing a fake gun at people, much less cops? No, it shows poor parenting and a lack of awareness about the seriousness of guns. Did he deserve to be shot two seconds after police approached him? Fuck no. Why couldn’t the cops have waited somewhere safe and used a megaphone or something? The cop who killed him was judged incompetent and fired, and yet somehow rehired on in Ohio.

I’m no cop, but come on. Plenty of white people have pointed guns at police and somehow been given due process. Police seem to want to judge the level of threat with white people but not black ones. If they’re black, it’s shoot first and ask questions later.

Open RP starter

((What happens after, where Credence lives and is detained and Real! Graves comes back, knowing Credence, and hopes to save him.))

Credence didn’t remember much of what happened, but he’d heard the Wizards speak of it. Currently, he was detained, in a small cell, some odd field of magic around him. It must have been there to contain whatever monster they accused him of being. Maybe they were right through…. He had lost control, harmed innocent people, /killed/ people… Maybe Credence was the monster after all. He’d been promised he would be celebrated in the wizarding community, honored among them. But he saw now the way they looked at him, with fear, disgust, and anger. They were repulsed by his very being. They hated him for having broken a sacred rule among wizards that he himself was not even aware of, it was a world he knew nothing about.

Credence was horrified with himself, what had become of him? /Killing/ people, innocent people, his own mother! He had destroyed the city, had killed, and now here he was, curled up In the corner of his cell in fear of what was to come. He’d had no time to mourn the loss of his family, instead he was facing serious charges. What was to become of him? The stress of it all was enough to break anyone, and it was shown in the way he trembled and curled in on himself in the corner of the room.

He was lost in his own little world until he heard footsteps from outside the barrier. Hesitantly, he looked up, eyes going wide.
“Mr. Graves..?”

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what is something you don't like to see mun I mean rp vise?

{ Hi sweetie, let me see.. I guess things I see in role-plays or on the dash? Well, something I see a lot are people who bent their muse to match a certain relationship, like the whole ‘the good person fall for the cold murder who wouldn’t give a shit if s/he killed innocent people’. I know there are muses who like the whole ‘bad guy’ thing, but there is a different from the ‘I am a badass who just beat up a bunch of guys because they annoyed me’ to the 'I just unleashed an attack and killed 10 innocent people without them deserving it.’ The worst is that many are very clear how their muse’s personality is, but suddenly because they like a mun, they bent their muse to suddenly like what they wouldn’t before, you know what you do with that? You go: “oh yeah, all the hard work I did up till this point was just pointless.” And “I am not sure about my muse and I don’t really care.” That is how I see it, and it makes me disappointed?

Another thing is people that believe a female can’t work without a man. You wanna be a female muse who doesn’t wish for a relationship? Heck, go right ahead, I am such a female, and believe me, a man is the last thing on my mind. Even if you’re a male muse who just wanna be without a woman, please do. I like writing relationships just as much as the next guy, but I would never look down on people who doesn’t /need/ or /want/ one.

I think that’s what I can come up with right now. So please, don’t throw your entire muse’s personality or traits aside to satisfy a lust for a certain muse, that’s just wrong. Do what your muse would do, sit down and ask yourself if you need that, if your muse would ever do that and then continue from there. }



Are you fucking serious? How about killing innocent black people for no reason other than there skin tone.. #Hate it!


“The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief….


maknaes on the loose…
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