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I find the concept of a Marxist Paladin somewhat unnerving. Such ideologies, when taken to their extreme, suppress people's freedoms and almost always end up hurting more innocents and keeping people in further, albeit different, bondage. While I could see a revolutionary leader who devotes himself to such ideals in a war leading up to such a set of ideals being put into place, I can't see people from such regions (especially from real world nations) looking too highly on such a "paladin".

To be honest, I don’t think any paladin would be looked upon to highly in the modern world. Someone who can detect good from evil, speaks for powers on high, prone to casting judgement? There are many who would feel threatened by them, rightly or wrongly. It’s not a popularity contest. It’s about being an inspiration to others and doing the right thing in the service of something greater. Doing it with an ideology in mind isn’t necessarily a bad thing. To be honest, I think most Marxists would frown on the idea of a real life paladin, so one with their symbol isn’t necessarily going to be liked even by them.

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So we still feeling bad for Mccain sis or

Human beings really don’t comprehend empathy do they? For fuck’s sake, the man has brain cancer, so yes, I do feel for him and his family. Just because he is a Republican or because he is on the wrong side of a vote doesn’t mean I wish ill on him. Most politicians, even the most iconic liberals, voted for truly despicable things at one time or another. Look at all the lefties who supported killing 125,000 innocent people in Iraq, 25,000 innocent people in Afghanistan, 25,000 innocent people in Pakistan. Do you wish brain cancer on Barack Obama for all the horrible things that happened during his administration? How about Bill Clinton? Hillary Clinton? John McCain is a conservative, he believes Obamacare is wrong for the country, that is on him. I agree that The Affordable Care Act is a bad healthcare system, I just happen to disagree on how to fix it. But unless you are condemning every single senator who has not endorsed a Medicare for all healthcare system for the country that would guarantee EVERYONE healthcare, then I don’t want to hear it. I disagree with McCain on most things, I said that earlier and I say it again, doesn’t mean I wish brain cancer on him. Everyone needs to check their apathy at the door. I do not have healthcare and had not even stepped foot in a doctors office in 12 years until earlier this year, and that was just to stabilize me after what likely was a heart or stroke event, I wasn’t even able to get full diagnosis or treatment. I get this issue and I am very passionate about it, but having hate towards McCain isn’t going to do shit for our healthcare system. Lastly, let’s remember that today’s vote was to ALLOW DEBATE on the future of Obamacare, it was not passing, repealing, or replacing, anything. In conclusion, I take no pleasure in seeing a fellow human being diagnosed with a disease that will likely kill them.

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we take so much time out of our days to focus on the perpetrators i just feel like we need to stop for a minute and think about the victims. 13 victims who’s lives were cut short. 12 teenagers who had their entire life in front of them with hopes and dreams. 13 innocent people were brutally killed that day. we can never forget them. never.

American propaganda works so well that we still have people out here thinking it was totally fine and justified that the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japanese civilians, killing well over 100,000 innocent people. It works so well that, even though the United States is the only country to ever use a nuclear bomb in warfare, people think that the United States is still the only qualified entity to invade other countries in order to stop them from having nuclear weapons. It works so well that you can read all about every war crime committed by the United States all around the world, with little to no government censorship, and that STILL doesn’t make people rise up in anger. It works so well that you can read accounts of the CIA or FBI literally trying to brainwash Americans into total subservience and people STILL won’t resist.

Americans put the Soviets to shame in how effective their propaganda is. It’s not even close.


‘Joong-Ki and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’

My heart breaks for Syrians who have been in war for so long. Children who have grown without knowing anything else. Children who didn’t get to live. People who have seen their country destroyed. Thousands and thousands of lives lost. And so many of us don’t even know half of it, we’re so uninformed. But the US bombing them is bound to make things worse, and it’s so unfair that some people are *just* beginning to worry because it might affect them. We’re so fucking privileged and most of the time, we take that for granted. 

when you hear people using Tony’s line “if you’re nothing without the suit, then you shouldn’t have it” as evidence that somehow Tony is emotionally abusive or purposely manipulative or being a douchebag and you’re just “WTF??????”

did people literally forgot how the entirety of Iron Man 3 is Tony learning this very lesson amidst his panic attacks and PTSD??? Tony had to learn that it wasn’t the suit that made the hero but the hero was inside him all along, that the suit doesn’t define him but what’s in his heart and soul - and here is Tony taking in what he learned and trying to teach that lesson to Peter, so that Peter understood that the cool gadgets doesn’t make him Spider Man, or a better hero, but what he believes, what he stands for, and what responsibility he’s willing to take.

and even without all that very obvious call back, Peter literally was in way over his head and using the suit inappropriately, purposely sneaking past the safeguards that Tony put in place so that Peter could gradually learn all the skills he needs to fully operate the suit well - safeguards that are designed to protect him and protect others around him - Tony had every right to take the suit away from him when Peter was clearly going behind his back to sneak around, like it or not, Tony built that suit, it is Tony’s property, he can and should take it away if Peter is not going to use it properly and have only endangered the lives of other people.

Tony wasn’t angry at him because he just randomly is being a douchebag, Tony is angry because INNOCENT PEOPLE COULD HAVE DIED, PETER COULD HAVE DIED. If Tony hadn’t been checking in and keeping an eye on things, a lot of people could have died because of Peter’s actions and that would have been something Peter would have to carry on his conscience. Tony isn’t mean for funsies. Tony is trying to impress upon Peter the extreme seriousness of what he did and how his overconfidence and recklessness put other people in danger, something Tony himself has experienced and learned the hard way which he didn’t want Peter to have to learn that way.

Tony is there for Peter because he doesn’t want Peter to be going through this alone like Tony himself had to. He wants Peter to be better than him and not make his mistakes.

seriously people, are you telling me that if you snuck around your parents/guardian doing something extremely dangerous that they specifically and explicitly told you NOT to do, and that action ended up causing other bystanders to nearly die, you’re telling me that they wouldn’t be absolutely furious at you? you’re telling me they’d just be coddling you and not be mad that you didn’t listen and you almost got other people and yourself killed?

Tony’s reaction is as realistic as it gets given the magnitude of the situation. This wasn’t Peter being late to class or skipping school or losing his suit or his backpack, or getting a bad grade, no, this is Peter nearly getting people killed because he wouldn’t listen when someone older told him that he wasn’t ready and that there were more trained people to handle all of this.

there is such a thing as appropriate/proportional reaction given situation and context - yes Peter is a child, but just because he’s a child doesn’t mean there isn’t boundaries, or that he is simply absolved of all guilt because he’s a child - the whole point is to teach young children what they should or shouldn’t do and what is right and wrong and how to behave - Tony was stern, clearly angry, his voice slightly raised and firm, yet he wasn’t screaming in Peter’s face nor was he physical in any way. No, Tony simply made it very clear with his tone of voice and his words that he wasn’t going to let Peter go on acting recklessly like this. That is it. And the same that you’d ground your children or put them in time out when they misbehave or do something dangerous, Tony taking away the suit is exactly that.

Imagine by John Lennon came on while I was going through Ninja Sex Party concert stuff and let me tell you that is a good, quick way to get emotional.

You may say I’m a dreamer… but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one…”

Love everyone. Forgive everyone. Especially yourself.

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I'm really happy to see you enjoyed the episode. I kind of hated it myself. Or at least the Emma parts. Im disappointed in her writing, and I was wondering how you see it?

The way I see it is Emma has a long history with abandonment. Like an entire life’s worth of it. And the one person she’s finally certain would never abandon her suddenly ups and leaves? After she told him to basically go until he could be who she needed him to be? It’s her ugly history of ‘not being worthy for anyone’ rearing it’s ugly head… and what’s interesting is Gideon was ready for this. He literally used Emma’s biggest weakness against her (while exploiting Killian’s last episode).

You know how even the littlest, seemingly innocuous things can set off someone’s long history with trauma (and abandonment is a trauma - one I know all too well, honestly. A big portion of my own emotional problems stem from that)? The argument between Captain Swan might not has seemed like much, but we know it upset Emma and then Killian’s just gone afterwards? No indication of where he was going, with multiple people having seen him at the docks ready to leave? That’s gonna trigger Emma’s abandonment issues. That’s gonna bring her walls right up.

You wanna know what I think was a perfect indication that she was projecting all these feelings onto this one seemingly ‘minor’ fight they had? The instant she heard Killian’s voice, her walls came down. She didn’t doubt what he was saying. She trusted him right off the start that he hadn’t meant to leave and that he never would. Because she knows that. Only her lifetime of being left behind and not being good enough clouded that and made her react in a way that might have seemed unfair to Killian. Trauma and a long history of something causing you to feel lesser than good enough is insidious. 

That’s how I look at Emma all this episode and why her reaction to the situation didn’t bother me… I hope my explanation helps a little? I’m sorry you were disappointed with how she was portrayed.

I pray for the people from St Petersburg, Russia, where less than an hour ago two explosions had happened in metro.

7 years ago, on 29th of March there were in Moscow two explosions on the stations i travel thought every day.

I’ve checked on all my friends in there and they are alright, how I hate this sinking feeling while doing so, please, stay safe.