innocent man


Things I wanna do with my love

  1. Hearing music together.
  2. Piggy back ride.
  3. Hugs that can make me feel ok.
  4. See him while he sleeps.
  5. Rides.
  6. Unexpected hugs.
  7. Eating ice creams.
  8. Forehead kisses.
  9. Dance soft music.
  10. Hear that he loves me.

These are such cursi things but when you love so much somebody, nothing is cursi. (via alykukaita)


We were in love, really
We liked each other, really
Felt like going crazy, felt like I’d burst, really
So let’s leave now again
I miss you again today
Because you remain in my heart and I can’t erase you, really,
I’m hurting like this

Because I love you, tears fall
Because my heart hurts, tears fall again
In case I lose you again, in case I lose you again
My two eyes only look at you
Look at me, who loves you
Because tears fall like this, because tears keep falling,
Even if I’m born again, even if I’m born again, it’s you

I said that I hate the start of goodbyes
But if I love again, if I miss you, really,
Can you come back?

I only see you

I’m waiting and waiting for you
In case you come back, in case you come back again
Even if I’m rained on, even if I walk in the snow
Even if I’m born again, it’s only you


To say that acting is a form of enlightenment is not something I can say flippantly. Through the productions, so many things came about that made me grow as an actress. Acting to me is in truth not really a natural lifestyle, and I do have another kind of life I want to live. I am a person who feeds and lives on memories. However, being an actress has made my life so much more abundant. I think that I want to be an actress who can show love for others through my projects.  In productions, there are actors who are able to create the kind of characters who capture the love of the audience, enough so that they are missed long after the drama is finished. That is the kind of actress I dream to become as well.


found out by accident that @tyranttortoise and i are apparently birthday twins? because the world is just really beautifully weird like that sometimes. and what with that uf sans jacket she posted herself in, i decided to indulge in my own love of this edgy skeleton for my own birthday break time i gave myself and to wish her a happy birthday at the same time.

so happy birthday, ty! what a good day to have a birthday - i say, totally unbiased. <3