innocent jiyoung

`—under the knife


just her luck. she had to pick a target that had hoodlums to back him up. the scam was going well until someone caught her red-handed stealing the victims credit card from his jacket. he wasn’t so pleased. she made a run for it and successfully escaped the building until her getaway alley was a dead end. unfortunately, for her, the receiving response was violence. she defends herself well, knowing how to throw a punch and take down threats but a THREE-VERSUS-ONE earned a knife to the back of her left thigh, splitting through a vital vein and puncturing her bone. naturally, the intense and sudden pain caused her to fall.

a passerbyer saved her day as the males scurried off. however the stubborn con artist wasn’t pleased when they called the ambulance. she’d rather live with a knife in her leg than be sent to the hospital. the paramedics thought otherwise.

she was immediately rushed into a room and practically thrown onto the—rather uncomfortable—bed. a hiss was produced as air quickly past through her clenched teeth for a deep inhale. she landed on the knife. her leg was quick to bend at the knee to release the pressure of the tool; which happened to be the same moment a woman wearing a white coat walked in. great, a doctor. “ i said i’m fucking fine ! “