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There are people who are interested/in-lust with Spidey/Peter but becoz Spidey has a secret crush on Deadpool, he is oblivious to the attention (which adds to the appeal since everyone thinks he’s so sweet and innocent). Dp flirts heavily with Spidey but believes he has no chance with him. So others are always quick to talk down and kick out Dp, thinking that it’ll impress Spidey and he’ll be grateful for chasing away the perverted freak. They get confused when it just drove Spidey closer to Dp

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You’re In Love With Him But He Likes Your Best Friend: Part 2

A/N: This is a filler chapter. Meaning, this is much shorter than part 1. Do not feel dishearted, there will be a longer, more detailed part 3. 

Part 1

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“Are you ever going to speak to me?”

Y/n freezes as she hears Harry’s voice ask her the question she’s been dreading to answer.

It’s been two weeks since she’s heard that voice. It may sound rougher now, more stern and harsh than it normally is as it growls behind her at the counter of Lexi’s bar, but it’s still the first time she’s heard it in two weeks.

After her sober confessions to a very tipsy, slumberous Harry, Y/n had to understand what it truly meant to move on.

At first, she thought she would still be able to be around him as she searched for ways to rid her feelings. She distracted herself, mostly. She would interact more with Savannah than she would Harry, and even started picking up new habits whenever she felt her emotions creeping in. Anything that reminded her of him was disregarded entirely so that the only time he was able to consume her thoughts was whenever he was near her.

For the first couple weeks, she was holding up quite well, considering the circumstances. She was able to contain her emotions and take her mind off of the raging heartache that kept burning in her chest.

But it wasn’t much long after that night when Savannah and Harry finally became official, and if Y/n wasn’t anguished before, she surely was then. She was forced to witness the transition of their relationship in hindsight. What was once casual flirting and innocent touches turned into secretive giggles and loving hand gestures.

It was as if her heart broke all over again. What seemed to be almost completely mended was destructed all at once. The chase between Harry and Savannah was over, and reality set in that Harry was happy and in love with someone that wasn’t Y/n.

Watching them together was Y/n’s most devastating nightmare, and the thought of that alone meant she couldn’t mentally handle being alone anymore. With all of the emotions built up inside of her, being alone for Y/n meant enduring the pain and suffering she didn’t want to feel anymore. She just wanted it all to end, everything.

The earliest hours of the morning wrecked her the most. With only the moon illuminating the room and the radio silence throughout her house gave Y/n no choice but to be alone with her thoughts. She wasn’t loved, and no matter how many nights she’s tried to convince herself that this wasn’t the end, it was.

She had to let Harry go, completely this time. She gave up on him entirely because she couldn’t keep loving him when he didn’t love her. Not anymore, not like that.

She keeps her back to him as he heaves heavy breaths, eyes sending daggers and teeth clenched from his crippling frustration. 

“It’s Thursday, I see,” Harry grumbles before giving her the chance to answer, jaw locked as his fingers grip harshly around a stray, unfinished glass of alcohol. “You never work Thursdays. ’S this where your Friday shifts went?”

There’s an unpleasantly rough tone in his voice that makes Y/n’s breath hitch in her throat. She’s never witnessed this side of him, filled with anger and exasperation. He’s always been so soft and gentle, never having the heart to speak down to someone. But here he is, eyes dark with anger and words spewing venomously from his lips.

And as much she hates to admit it, she can’t blame him for being so angry with her. She knows she means the most to him—even if it’s not in a romantic sense—she’s become such an important part of his life. Ever since they met, she took in the truth about his past, understood the feelings and thoughts he’s carried all through his years, and was able to provide him with anything she was able to when he needed her most. She was one of the very few people he trusted and felt most comfortable with in his life. She was irreplaceable, he’d always tell her, nobody could compare to her. She meant everything.

And then, she left him. She distanced herself so far away from him until it was as if she was never apart of his life. She ignored him and all his attempts to reach out to her again. It hurt her tremendously, knowing that what they had together was completely and utterly helpless, but she never questioned how Harry felt about it. She did what was easiest for her and never thought about it twice. She left him so that he can be happy, but as he stands so tensely and confused before her, she can’t help but blame herself what’s happened between them.

She nods her head softly, still refusing to look up at him as she gathers all the used glasses in front of her, making herself seem distracted so she doesn’t have to make much effort into speaking to him.

“I—uh, yeah. Friday nights were getting hectic and I couldn’t keep up with the late hours. I thought Savannah told you.”

It’s a lie. A shitty, impulsive lie that Harry almost finds humorous. Of course, Y/n switched her Friday night shift. She felt as if she had no choice. She couldn’t bare to look at him with Savannah another goddamn second, and he thought of spending Friday nights with Harry without being alone with him and going to the 24-hour movie theater together was enough to make her sick to her stomach.

“She did,” he clicks his tongue, eyes narrowing as he watches her scramble around the bar, “didn’t have to, though. I knew she was lying.”

Y/n’s actions halt for a moment, a feeling of dread flowing in her veins before she goes back to cleaning off the bar, disregarded his statement completely.

Harry knows Y/n’s been avoiding him, she hasn’t exactly made it as subtle as she thought. Their entire friendship changed, and Harry knows he wasn’t the one ruining it.

The morning after Y/n drove Harry back from the bar, all he could really remember clearly was falling asleep with Y/n. There were other bits he remembered, but that was really the only moment that came to him when he woke up. And he was confused when he woke up alone because, in all honesty, he was looking forward to waking up next to her. It was all his drunk mind thought of, and that terrified him.

When Y/n started distancing herself from him, Harry kept wondering what he had done wrong. She was fine with Savannah, keeping up with their lives as usual. But she was different with Harry—closed off, in a way, and it made him feel something he’s never felt in his life before.

He was confused, to say the least. Because when he was kissing down the bare chest of the woman of his dreams, he couldn’t stop daydreaming about Y/n, and how he hasn’t heard her voice and how he hasn’t felt her in so long.

He had Savannah wrapped around his finger, yet he still felt as if everything about it was wrong. He changed when Y/n left him, because even when he was around the most loving company, he felt alone.

He was helpless. As much as he tried to love Savannah, Y/n was always in the back of his head. She was there, all the time, trapped in his mind with no escape route. 

At first, he was confused—upset and lost without Y/n. He didn’t know life without her would feel so lonely, so empty and incomplete. It was strange, not knowing how to live his life without her. He’d never expected her disappearance to be such a hindrance to him, but it was. Oh, how it was.

Then, he was angry—angry because as many times as he tried to get her to speak to him again, she never came back. She was gone, forever.

Now, he’s hurt. So damaged by her leaving his side, so incomplete and destroyed without her with him anymore. His heart is heavy with sadness and he couldn’t let himself feel this way anymore. 

He needs her, no matter how wrong and pathetic it sounds, he needs her. 

“So you gonna tell me why you’ve been avoiding me, or am I gonna have to force it out of you?” he seethes, nose flaring as he tries to steady his uneven breath.

Y/n shakes her head ignorantly, a flash on innocence in her eyes as she does so. But she damn knows well what he’s talking about, and her oblivion drives him crazy.

“I don’t—I don’t know what you’re talking ab—“

“Oh, fuck off with it!” Harry spits, slamming his closed fist down on the wooden counter.

He doesn’t seem to care about how sudden the bar falls silent, or the glisten of fear in Y/n’s eyes when she finally looks up at him. All he can seem to care about is how much pain he feels, all over. All he can think about is how now, after the last two weeks of not being able to understand why he cares so goddamn much, he’s finally able to feel some sense of sanity being in front of her now.

“You know what you’re doing to me, Y/n! You know damn fucking well what you’re fucking doing and—“

“Harry, please.” Y/n whispers and she isn’t sure as to whether or not she’s begging him to lower his voice or begging for him to understand.

“And it’s not fair!” he cries out, tears of frustration overflowing from his eyes as he grips tightly onto his hair.

His breaking point is approaching, he feels it. He feels it with every breath he takes and every word that emits from his mouth. His heart twists and breaks as he expresses every feeling that’s been consuming him for the past two weeks. He needs her to know what she’s doing to him, needs her to know how he feels in this moment.

“I did nothing to you and you keep pushing me away and that’s not fair because I don’t know how to live without you. Isn’t that something?! I don’t know what to do without you, and you know that!”

Suddenly, his head falls in his hands as he begins to sob. Complete heart-wrenching sobs, making his chest tight and breathing shallow.

Y/n reaches her hand out for him, her fingers clasping harshly around his wrist. Her own eyes start to brim with tears as she watches him sob below her, his body shaking with undying cries. She swallows harshly when he grabs ahold of her hand, bringing her palm against his forehead. His lips reach to kiss her wrist softly, quickly refraining from keeping them there longer.

To touch her, for the first time, is every answer he needs. She’s the only one to make him feel this way—she’s the only one to drive him to the brink of insanity and resurface him back to clarity. She has power over him he never understood until now, after he’s lost her.

“I don’t know why it hurts this much, Y/n,” He cries, his eyes squeezing shut as he inhales sharply, “I’ve never been more confused in my life.”

She chokes on her cries as she nods her head softly, her free hand reaching up to rake her fingers through his hair. Her lips shake from their craving to touch him, watching as he weakens beneath her. 

She’s missed him, in the most desperate of ways. She’s missed every part of him, and every atom in her body yearned to feel him again. Whether it was to feel the warmth of him from a distance or to feel his skin ignite her, she wanted every part of him against her. If she wasn’t with him, she was missing him, and craving him with every breath she took. 

Her lips press tentatively to his forehead, her breath fanning through his hair as she does so. The action is quick, leaving just as quickly as it comes, but it carries sentimental meaning for the both of them.

Harry frowns, his heart thumping in his chest. He looks up into her eyes, filled with concern and sanity as she maps his features.

“It’s been ever since me and Savannah got together.” He mumbles, eyes watching her face as it pales slightly at his words. “You haven’t spoken to me since.”

Her eyes flutter shut as he speaks, finding it completely pointless to try and make him believe otherwise. He deserves to know, one way or another, and even if it’s now, she feels like she’s already lost him. There isn’t much she’d be losing now, anyways. He was never hers.

“Please leave, Harry.” She whispers.

She backs away from him, her touch leaving him was like a gunshot to his chest. It’s a feeling he’s felt all too much that he can’t bare to feel again. 

His heart breaks as he watches her begin to cry, her usual glistening eyes now filled with tears of sorrow. He shakes his head, squeezing his eyes shut as he tentatively takes a step closer to her.

He’s desperate, and he doesn’t care how weak he seems. He’s desperate to see where he’s missed it all along, to know how long he’s been making her feel this way. He’ll never forgive himself for all the pain he’s caused her, for all her nights alone when all she wanted was to be with him.

He could have done so much to change this. If he had just listened to his heart from the beginning, this would all be different now. If he hadn’t been so blind, they would both be happy right now.

“Love, I—“

“Don’t.” she whispers, her voice cracking as she speaks, “Please, don’t.“

She isn’t exactly sure what she’s saying—isn’t quite sure what she’s begging him not to do. Maybe it’s the nickname he’s always called her that makes her stomach twist a bit more, or how he’s trying to make her feel better that makes her eyes sting with a fresh new wave of tears, or how he looks at her now the way he never did before that makes her throat tighten around a sob. Whatever it is that makes her beg, she can’t  handle it anymore.

“I’m trying, Y/n,” He whispers, “please.”

“Please just—“ her eyes flutter shut as she speaks, “just leave me alone.”

Harry lets out an unsteady breath, his green eyes brimmed with red as he watches her begin to sob. 

He nods, because he can’t let himself keep doing this to her. If he keeps trying with her in her current state of mind, she won’t be able to think properly. She’ll be a wreck, more so than she is now, and he can’t find it in his heart to do that. Even if it means fighting for her.

“It’s not worth it, you know.” He whispers, his eyes staring lovingly into hers, “Being with her, it’s not worth it if it means losing you.”

Sex With Him Includes...

A collection of smutty, sexual, “13 Reasons Why” preferences of what it would be like to bang one of your favorite boys because why the hell not.

* * * * *

Clay Jensen❤️

- It probably starts innocently, like him, gently flirting as you help each other with homework at his house.
- He asks if he can kiss you.
- “Please do.”
- Every kiss you both have is deep, slow, and romantic, both your hands on his pink cheeks and his resting on your waist.
- You end up doing it on the homework you two should probably be working on.
- He tops.
- He’s the nervous type, so you take it slow.
- He’s not very loud, but you can tell he’s enjoying it by his closed eyes and slightly open mouth.
- It is no doubt that Clay is inexperienced, but that surely doesn’t mean a night alone with him all to yourself isn’t pleasurable.
- You rest one on one your hands on his neck as he slowly and gently thrusts.
- He’s a gentleman and always asks if you’re comfortable.
- “Are you ok?”
- “I am absolutely wonderful.”
- You lay by his side afterward, hand in his, as he fills the air with awkward and nervous comments and jokes.

* * * * *

Justin Foley💙

- The first kiss you both share is messy and graceless, and quickly turns into a hot and heavy make out session.
- The neck biting.. He’s like fucking Dracula.
- He’s definitely the dominant one.
- Lots of dirty talk on his part.
- He’d totally tie you up to the posts of his bed and use you. He’s the kinkiest.
- Out of all the boys, it’s Justin that’s most likely to do you against a wall in an empty closet with a house full of people.
- “Careful.” You tell him, in response to his loud, sexual grunts of pleasure. “If you’re not quiet, they’ll find us.”
- He smirks. “Let them.”
- He always smells like sex afterward, but you don’t mind. So do you.

* * * * *

Alex Standall💜

- He’s sorta awkward at first, especially when he places that soft, gentle kiss onto your lips. But it’s the cutest, sweetest kind of awkward.
- Lip biting.
- He slowly pulls your clothes off of you, making sure you’re okay with it before doing so.
- “Y/N, you are.. Just… Wow.” He says, getting a look at you. “You are stunning.”
- You run your fingers through his soft, bleached hair, gently tugging on it.
- Collarbone kisses.
- He’s tries his best not to giggle like an idiot when your fingers trailing down his pale chest tickles him.
- Trails of red scratches up his back from your nail.
- Short, breathy moans come from his vocal chords. You’re so close to him you can feel his breath on your lips.
- Lots of passionate touching.
- “I love you” Is said.
- Your fingers intertwine and lock with his.
- You take turns being dominant. He’s totally cool with letting you top. In fact, it turns him on.
- In the end, you lay next to him on his bed with your head on his shoulder as one of his strange CD’s play in the background. Deep conversations ensue as you ponder your existence and talk about if aliens truly exist. It’s casual pillow talk for you guys.

* * * * *

Jeff Atkins💛

- He places his hand on the back of your neck and pulls you closer when he kisses you.
- Strip teases.
- “Strip.”
- “Yes sir.”
- He asks you to rip his clothes off of him.
- He cracks up when you rip a hole in his shirt.
- “I didn’t mean literally.”
- Lots of compliments.
- “Damn, I’d say you were beautiful, but even that doesn’t cut it.”
- He calls you an array of different nicknames. Babe, sweetheart, hon, dear, every cute pet name in the dictionary.
- Hickies.
- He’s likes to do it rough, but not if it is too much for you.
- He lives for watching that look of pleasure spread across your face as you orgasm.
- Round 2 in the shower.

* * * * *

Zach Dempsey💚

- He’s the kind of guy that sneaks you into his room at night.
- He’s also far too tall, so he lifts you up and you wrap your legs around his waist so you can kiss him better.
- That kiss. That full, powerful kiss.
- He clears a spot on his desk and places you there as soon as he does so.
- It’s seems as if you two are always in the bedroom, but never in the bed.
- His thrusts shake the desk.
- “You like that?”
- Although he’s a gentleman, he’s got a bit of a daddy kink.
- He’s loud. It’s definitely a turn on.
- He’ll totally nibble on your ear.
- When you have both finished, he’ll take you out for some food- he’ll even let you wear his sports jacket.

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Can you belive during the 'Kara Danvers you are my hero' scene, both Melissa and Katie had full knowledge about Supercorp? All the blushing, gushing, eyebrow raises and innocent flirting are not so innocent afterall. I feel even the scriptwriters are subtly writing lines with gay undertones now.

They both knew! The lingering looks. The giggling.


I can’t even

BTS as the way they fell in love with you
  • Jungkook: starts noticing the small details, every spark you light against is skin is entirely visible to him. dumb guy tries to act slick like “oh, this is your favorite show? yeah that’s funny, mine too… it’s been my favorite show forever actually… ask me anything.” and yoongi’s on the couch smirkin cause he knows all about how jungkook didn’t know the show for shit before you. starts overthinking everything!!! every smile you send his way MUST mean something!?!? but what does it mean!??! help!! kinda juvenile confession tbh, either he confesses like a 4th grader or you have to pull the first move.
  • Jin: his dorkiness amplifies by a million!! really tries FUCKING hard to show you that he likes you, and the other guys are teasing the shit out of him. “no, taehyung, i made that for y/n!!!!! hands off the cake!!!!”, laughs at everything you say, but stays a little reserved in the physical department. gets hella nervous if you two touch somehow. isn’t too embarrassed about the fact that he likes you when you’re not around, but sighs dramatically at the thought of you not liking him back. doesn’t confess but one day you’ll be relaxing on his couch playing games and he’ll have laughed a little too much and you’ll start getting it and you’ll kiss him and flowers will bloom in every crevice of his heart.
  • Jimin: turns really kind, really clingy, teases a lot and is honestly such a cutie. becomes your best friend but… not platonic at all n he’s definitely not shy to be flirty. “ahhh y/n, you’re making me crazy!!”. hugs you from the back, smiles your way all the fucking time. takes hella care of you!? you know when you’re talking to someone and they’re looking at you intently and their features are so.. expressive? that’s jimin. His eyebrows skyrocket to the moon if your story has a twist, his smile widens by a million miles whenever you do something cute and just sometimes he loses himself a little in your eyes. he confesses in one of those moments with you, when you’re in the park with ice cream and you’re whining about your day and he realizes he lost himself in your lips for a second too long to exist without kissing them.
  • Yoongi: oh my god, does he freak out!! he’s honestly the fucking worst at this, he will be so quiet and so shy about his feelings that he’ll even turn a little cold initially. the thing is, mr. yoongs will be so nice and perfect all until he realizes JUST how much he likes you and when he realizes he wants to do more than just innocently flirt with you, he’ll cave in with these big ass feelings and be like “oh.. oh fuck. uh..” honestly don’t think that Yoongi is very good at this shit at all. he’ll distance himself cuz he won’t think that he’s adequate for you at all, and he wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings cuz oooh it’s complicated and he’s an idol and you’re too good to have to deal with that and bla blab la. he’ll freak out and try to deny that he likes you when you ask him about it and it isn’t until you kiss him he’ll come clean – but even then, he can’t find words to explain how you make him feel. only yoongi knows these things. what an intense guy.
  • Hoseok: honestly… sigh. having hobi fall in love w u is heaven, he makes it heaven. he’s easygoing and he’s fun and he’s charming and he’s somehow perfectly content with being in love with you, because how couldn’t he be? of course he fell for you, look at you!! y’all are out there wildin n flirtin innocently and you’re both quite open about it, but somehow neither of you have made that move and when one of you finally does, he freaks out a little. now, hobi is a good fucking time, but he’s also considerate. he knows that your relationship wouldn’t be easy nor typical, and he’d definitely think about it a lot n talk it over w u a million times to make sure you were comfortable. but honestly this guy is a sex machine n he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you once the word was out.
  • Namjoon: the type where every romantic thing happens over text. he’s a big pussy lemme tell ya, you guys could’ve hung out all day and he won’t show a living sign that he likes you until you leave his building and he texts you like “you looked really pretty today.”…. he’s so awkward. probably the type to be all “uh, you look pretty every day, uh, I just meant like… I noticed it today. I mean I notice it every day.” all stupid n shit. the confession is probably all cheesy too, you’ll be sappy about life for a moment and he’ll be too comforting and you’ll be all “uh?” and he’ll finally come clean n he’ll be nervous n u’ll blush w ur screen to ur face and it’ll be cute but honestly namjoon should man the fuck up n tell u these things in person and sweep you off your feet w his smooth, poetic words but honestly whenever your around he pukes in his mouth.
  • Taehyung: he is a big fucking kid when it comes down to it. he’ll tease you and he’ll be clingy and it won’t even occur to him that he’s fallen in love with you until jimin asks him about it and he realizes that the butterflies don’t happen with everyone. however, he’s also fearless and it doesn’t necessarily scare him that he feels the way he does about you. he’ll ask you out on a date pretty fast and he’ll kiss you pretty fast and there won’t be much to question about it. he won’t play games with you or let you wait for a text back, he’ll keep calling and coming over whenever he misses you and having taehyung fall in love with you feels safer than you ever thought puppy love could be.
Enough- Percival Graves

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Warnings: Angsty things. 

A/N: Heehee this was too much fun! Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

I smiled shyly at the wizard in front of me as he took my hand and brushed his lips across it. “So I’ll see you tomorrow then?” Henry asked.

“Sure, of course,” I answered. He gave me one of his dimpled smiles before taking a few steps back and releasing my hand. Then he was gone, taking the steps down toward the front doors. I watched him go, my smile fading. He was everything I should’ve wanted…smart, handsome, funny. But something was holding me back. More specifically someone.

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You took your time - Jeff Atkins (part 1 ?)

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Pairing: Jeff atikins x Reader

Word count: 1295

Enjoy xxx

It was already your second week at your new school. Your dad moved here so you had to move with him and leave all your friends behind. You weren’t really sad about leaving them. You were friends with them because they were the most bearable people not because you had much in common with them. You once had a boyfriend, after him chasing you for 5 months and you growing feelings you decided to give it a try. Maybe for once believe in love. Love was something you gave up on since you were 5 or something like that. Your parents were the worst couple ever, you had to face their horrible and enormous fights every night and caught your mom cheating on your dad on top of all that. When you were 12 they decided to divorce. You never really saw a good and healthy relationship so you thought something like that didn’t exist but you decided to give it a try. But when you forget your English notebook and you walked back in class your believe in love disappeared forever. He was hooking up with some cheerleader. Your parents, but also your stupid ass ex-boyfriend, gave you some serious trust issues. You became more the type of girl to do some innocent flirting, it was easier than let your heart get broken again.

On your first day you made one friend, his name was Clay. He had to show you around the school, he was shy at the beginning but after you made some sarcastic jokes about how great school was he started to melt a little and he laughed with you. From that day you spend all your free time with him. Clay was such an honest and caring person, he almost made your question your trust issues. He helped you with school work because you were a little behind, he always sat with you during lunch and when you were lost in the huge building for the 100th time he always helped you find you way. With a clay by your side school seemed bearable.  With Clay you dared to open up again, even tho the friendship was pure platonic he made you trust someone again. You told him everything about how broken you were, how you skipped school for 2 weeks when you found out and how you became so cold.

It was a Tuesday when you were lost again so you decided to call Clay.

“Hey y/n, what’s up?”

“I’m standing at a door with art on it, how do I get outside?”

“You’re lost, again?”

“I’m so sorry  Clay! But this school is like a huge maze.”

“To the left, to the left, straight ahead and at the end again to the left.

“Clay is it really 2 times to the left or do you just like to quote Beyoncé?”

“Just follow what I said.” He said while laughing.

“Oh and y/n I still have your history book, I’m at the library, can you come pick it up?”

“Clay, Where is the library?”

“When you’re outside at your right y/n.” he said with a little sigh.

“On my way babyyyyy!”

“Don’t call me that!”

“I do want I want babyyyy.” You said while laughing with a slightly frustrated Clay.

The library wasn’t really your thing, you didn’t have to put much effort in school. It seemed like when you read or heard something it got stuck in your head forever. Which was a gift since it gave you extra time to focus on volleyball.

When you entered you saw Clay sitting at a table in the back with another boy, he had brown hair and a very good looking face. He had broad shoulders and mesmerising eyes. A good subject to make some trouble with, you thought by yourself.

“Well hello there Clay, who’s your handsome friend here?” you said while winking at the other guy.

“Seriously y/n, we’re studying. I’ll need your book for another ten minutes, is that okay? And his name is Jeff by the way.”

You sat next to Clay and opened your biology book you had with you. You weren’t really going to concentrate. You started with putting your pen between your teeth while throwing some serious flirtatious looks at Jeff. You also licked you lips a couple times while looking him straight in the eye and getting books from the shelf in front of him, in this way he had a nice view on your butt. As hard as he tried to focus on what Clay was saying his glance always came back to you. You heard Clay say they were finished for today, while you were writing down a last note.

You took your book and handed a small note to Jeff.

“You should call me, if you like.” You said with a wink before walking out the library.

When Jeff opened it, it had your number on it.

“Damn Clay that new friend of yours is hot. She’s totally into me, don’t you think?” Jeff said while staring at your number.

“I’ve seen her flirt with a couple guys. Don’t get your hopes up to high. She told me what she’s been through, she’s trouble Jeff. Not that I don’t like her she’s fun and nice to hang with but I don’t think you can handle such a beautiful nightmare.”

“I think you’re underestimating me Clay.”

“No I’m not, I know you’re good with girls but this girl has been through a lot Jeff. She’s got some trust issues you can’t make them disappear with one of your cheesy pick up lines.”

“Cheesy? Dude, Hannah liked it. Instead of judging my pick up lines you should thank me for having a girlfriend right now.”


You were home alone because your dad went on a date with someone he met at a coffee bar a couple days ago. You were making dinner when suddenly your phone rang.

“Hey y/n, it’s Jeff.”

“Well hello Jeff, you took your time on calling me didn’t you?”

“I wanted to call you earlier but I had some homework to do. What are you doing?”

“Cooking my dinner, I’m home alone. Do you feel like joining me maybe?” you asked on a flirtatious tone.

“If you don’t mind I would love too.” Jeff said.

10 minutes after the phone call the doorbell rang and a very handsome Jeff Atkins stood at your door. He was wearing a nice blue t-shirt and black jeans. The shirt made his shoulders look even wider.

“Come in, dinner is ready. I hope your hungry cause I’m really bad at..”

Suddenly Jeff pined you against the wall.

“You better be sure I’m hungry, but not for the food.” Jeff was with you in this flirting game, you hoped. You wouldn’t want anything more than take him with you upstairs. You got to admit the flirting from earlier turned you on a little but you wouldn’t want Jeff to get attached.

“So you want to do this hunh?” you asked while scanning him from head to toe.

“Is that even a question?”

“Well Jeff before all this you got to know I don’t do attachments or anything that even comes close to relationships.” You said while caressing his abs and stopping right above his belt.

“I don’t need attachment to make you go wild babygirl. We can do this sporadically if you’re into that.” He said while he winked at you.

And with that you were sold for Jeff Atkins. You grabbed him by his shirt and dragged him upstairs. Once entering your room  you pushed him onto your bed and started to undress very slowly not breaking any eye contact.

“I’m going to make you feel good Atkins, really good”

Let me know what you think and thanks for reading!

What kind of girl they would date
  • This is my opinion, about what I feel they would find attractive traits in girls. You don't have to agree with this, this is just my personal opinion.
  • Harry potter: I think Harry would date someone who would be very understanding. She would give him space if he needed and will be a listening ear when he needs it. She will be someone that will always be there for him. I also think that she would be kind, maybe a Hufflepuff, yet very brave. She wouldn't be afraid to stand up for herself and the ones she loves. She would stand up for Harry, too, although he didn't need it.
  • Ron Weasley: I think Ron would date someone who was in Hufflepuff. I just think he needs someone who thinks he is just as important as Harry Potter. I think he needs someone who will support him and tell him how important he is to her personally. She would be kind, and smart but would rather spend her time outside in the sun than studying. She would be someone who enjoys the little things. I also think she would be on the sensitive side, wanting love and being afraid of rejection.
  • Draco Malfoy: I think Draco needs someone who is a really good listener and can deal with a lot of his problems and talk. I don't think she would be jealous. I do think she would be a Slytherin. They would fight a lot, just because she could be a bitch when she had enough. I think she would also not give in in just a few hours. I'm pretty sure they could have fights for days because they are both just very stubborn. I think she won't like Muggleborns, just like Draco. That would be one thing they had in common. i don't think she would hate on 'blood traitors' and not on the other Houses unless she had a good reason. She would also like Quidditch and only cheer for him.
  • Fred Weasley: Fred would date an extrovert, someone who loves to laugh and isn't shy. He would like someone who is bad at hiding how they feel, making them an open book. I think she would love to prank and barely ever gets jealous. She would, however be less understanding for his problems and would just laugh at him getting detention( unless with Umbridge, of course). I think that she would be very sarcastic and bubbly. She would have a lot of friends, guy friends, too. That was something Fred wouldn't like too much. I think she and her guy friends would often innocently flirt, making Fred angry and causing small fights. He knows she would never cheat, because one of her good traits is loyal, something I think Fred needs.
  • George Weasley: George, unlike his twin would date someone on the shy side. Not very shy, but more to herself, with less friends. She would be very kind and sweet. She would take her studies very seriously and in the beginning, she wouldn't like his pranks. She would grow into them and even covering for the twins. She would never be a part of them, however. She would like to just lay outside in the grass with George, and he would like that too. It would just be the two of them, kissing, hugging, laughing. She would be very funny, just not many people know that.
  • Neville Longbottom: Definitively a sweet girl. However, she won't be very shy, she would be more outspoken and not afraid to tell people what she thinks. She would listen to all of Neville's problems and when necessary, she would tell him to snap out of it and go o with his life.
  • Oliver Wood: I think Oliver would date someone who LOVES Quidditch. I guess everyone knew. She doesn't need to play it, but just loves it and never miss a match. If she plays, she would be just as competitive as Oliver and if in an other house, the two would definitively be very competitive, making bets and trying to get the most amount of people on their side. After for example, she loses, Oliver would rub it in her face before complementing her. I think he would be very sweet and caring, unless she said she will beat him in the next game, then he will go defensive. They would be very cute and as I like to put a stamp on everything, GOALS.
Innocent? Not So Much Darling

A/N: For my dude @rockystar013122 for inspiring this drabble off of a convo we had last week about Baekhyun ;) love ya -Admin Germane :3

Word Count: 852

Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

“And the way he smiles is so adorable as well! And don’t you just love-” your rambling was cut off by a pillow being thrown in your face from across the room.

“Y/N we’ve heard you rant about Baekhyun for two hours now, let our bleeding ears rest.” Chen whined from the couch, giving you his best begging eyes to get you to stop. You removed the pillow from your face and huffed, crossing your arms and pouting.

“Now now, there’s no need to start that. You know that you’re still one of our closest friends, but just please shut up about Baek. He’s not as cute as you think.” Chanyeol said, looking at you from over the top of his laptop.

Yeah sure, you may have been ranting to two of your closest friends about their band mate, but how couldn’t you? Baekhyun (bless his sweet little heart) had just asked you out a few days ago. You both had been having a cute, innocent flirting thing going on for the past few months and soon enough, friendship turned into romance and you couldn’t help but gush about your feelings for this man. He was just too cute for his own good! From his smiles, to his aegyo, and his sweet hand holding and cuddling, you couldn’t help but rant. So when his closest guy friend just told you he’s not cute, you raised your eyebrows curiously.

“What do you mean Chanyeol?” you asked. Chen barked from the couch and had to cover his mouth to suppress the grin that spread over his face.

“He’s just not as innocent as you think.” Chanyeol said carefully.

“Dude, you should see his search history.” Chen laughed, putting down his phone to look at you dead on with a smirk pulling at his lips.

“If you have something to say, just spit it out.” you said, crossing your arms over your chest as you glanced between the two of them. Chanyeol bit his lip nervously, gently closing his laptop.

“Y/N, how much do you truly know about our beagle Baekhyun?” Chanyeol asked you.

“We’re best friends, we know everything about each other.” you said proudly, a small smile tugging on your mouth when you thought about your fluffy boyfriend.

“Yeah Yeah, but what about his kinks.” Chen urged, heading straight to the point. You blushed; you two hadn’t really talked about that stuff yet.

“I-I don’t know much about that.” you admitted softly and Chen let out sorrowful ‘oh’.

“Then sweetie, you better hold onto something, cause we’re gonna take you on a ride.” Chen said, rolling onto the floor and scooting towards you to pat your shoulder.

“He’s kinky?” you asked.

“Extremely,” Chanyeol said, “He’s got this fascination with butts.”

“And he loves, and I mean truly adores, biting. Like once you do that, he’s gone.” Chen added.

“He likes to roleplay. He likes the idea of playing around and exploring characters.” Chanyeol went back to typing, and you wondered how he could just so casually type while talking about this.

“And don’t dare call him 'Daddy’ unless you want to be up until dawn.” Chen smirked.

“He has a weird turn on for shower sex.”

“Oh, and don’t forget about the dirty talk.”

“And the mirror kink.” Chen finished.

“No hyung, it was Lay that has the mirror kink, not Baek.” Chanyeol corrected and Chen apologized for his mistake. Your checks felt as hot as the Sahara Desert, and suddenly the clean image of your boyfriend disappeared as new fantasies ran about in your mind.

“Aw, Y/N, your cheeks are as red as cherries.” Chen cooed, pinching your cheek slightly.

“Stop, that’s not funny.” you grumbled, trying to make the heat go down, but every thought you had was of a not-so-innocent Baekhyun and the flush would just keep rising. The front door to the dorm opened and closed and the devil himself walked into the living room.

“Y/N! Baby, you didn’t tell me you were coming over here today! I wouldn’t have stayed for extra dance practice if I’d known” Baekhyun smiled at you, moving to sit on the other side of you, leaning down and kissing your cheek in a greeting.

“Hey, you’re really warm, you aren’t sick are you?” Baekhyun asked, placing his palm on your forehead with a concerned look on his face.

“Chen was just messing with her.” Chanyeol chuckled.

“Yah, you brat, don’t mess with Y/N.” Baekhyun whined, playfully smacking the back of Chens head. Chen just smiled and took the blow, sticking his tongue out at his hyung.

“If these punks mess with you Y/N, just let me know, I’ll teach them a lesson.” Baekhyun promised, ruffling your hair. You couldn’t speak, still flabbergasted from the newfound information about Baekhyun.

“H-Hey, could we talk, alone?” you asked him and Baekhyun nodded instantly, taking you into his room. Chen and Chanyeol looked at each other and smirked, getting up to go and press their ears to the door of Baek’s room to hear the embarrassingly funny conversation the two of you would share.

anonymous asked:

oo now write a long post about klance

I’m gonna mix this up with some hopeful optimism and practical sense. lol

Realistically the way their relationship is set up is questionable. Many of their interactions fall under a lot of the romantic tropes used in television and writing. At first you can argue that their banters started off sort of harsh but you can’t deny that it slowly grows into more teasing and fondness (plus Lance and Keith are natural opposites). Which a lot of friendships or even relationships start out with because you don’t know the person too well. Especially because who knows how long these guys were at the garrison and interacted with each other beforehand, imagine getting thrown into space with people who were in one of your new semester college courses. It probably feels like that. They’ve barely had anytime to actually hang out and get to know each other. I think with Shiro’s absence it’ll really make the team as a whole grow closer because not gonna lie, I think Shiro as a leader did too good of a job which didn’t allow them much room to grow, because they didn’t have to.

But now with Shiro gone, personalities and feelings will clash. Just like in S2EP8, Lance calls Keith out about being a hothead and if you look at Keith’s face, my interpretation is that he can’t even argue with that because it’s true. There will probably be a big klance arc next season, which is why I believe they didn’t heavily focus on it in the second season. “He latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check”[X]. now that Shiro is gone who will keep Keith in check? Who is the only person that calls Keith out on his rash and impulsive moves? Lance. They will probably argue and it will probably be emotional but it’s going to make Keith and Lance grow even closer to one another. They are setting it up big time for future seasons.

Okay I’m gonna talk about the classic bonding moment, what gets me here is the juxtaposition in every aspect. You first see Shiro and Pidge but they are framed in the corner to not be the main focus of the entire scene. The lighting, the hand hold, the soft smiles! “We are a good team”. There is no doubt in my mind this is foreshadowing to something, at least to the great space ranger parters theory, especially now that Shiro will be gone for who knows how long. You see how well they actually work together like during the balmera arc, there was little bickering and they made an excellent team. They balance each other so well and they aren’t showcasing it for nothing. Plus after the whole “bonding moment”, Keith is super eager for Lance to come out of the healing pod and it’s not like Lance was in there for a week. Allura literally said “He should be fine after a day in here.” Allura has to swipe Keith’s hand away from tapping on the glass and being impatient because he wants to see Lance that badly.

We have to remember in animation even the tiniest things aren’t put there for nothing. There are some minor things that make me believe something will happen between Keith and Lance. “Is the princess with you, with you?” In S2EP6, Currently in the series it could be hinting at confusion for Lance because it’s never really specified and it’s important to take in those small details (they could have easily just written in something like “wow don’t touch the princess", but we got a very vague thing twice in the same episode. “You don’t think they’re sittin in a tree?”) We know Lance only flirted with Allura a few times in the second season and if he really cared that much of Allura’s possibly status (although she’s clearly not interested) he wouldn’t have cared that deeply or hit on other aliens. So why would he care that much? To me, It’s more like “Jealousy thy name is Lance.”

As for Keith, in S1EP6 he is straight up being playful with Lance. Having the softest smile while talking to him and then proceeding to tease Lance about not hearing him yet whose lion is not seen at the very last shot of the episode because he went to go rescue Lance from being chained to a tree? Then again with the cute space asteroid fight when Keith throws a snowball at Lance’s face. “Huh, like that?” It’s fun and playful. You could also interpretate these as innocent flirting, but it also shows them getting along and being dorks.

Bonus: Not to mention that every time Lance flirts when Keith is around they just happen to always show Keith’s reaction.

“But I think there is, to some extent, at some point you’ll find that one person that above all you kind of fall in love with a little bit and realize that it’s nice to have that one person than kind of just going all over the place. Not spoiling too much, but yeah. He’ll mature in all ways” [X].

I know this wasn’t a super deep “love” analysis on klance but it fuels the space ranger partner theory I’m kind of hoping for in season three, plus partners can be interpreted in every way. Enemies turn into friends all the time and friends can turn into lovers. Jeremy has called them bromance, partners, frenemies and the fact that he said the creators are aiming for a slow burn says that yes, klance still has a chance.

Sex//Dating With The Avengers

Title: Sex//Dating With The Avengers

Requesy: Can you do the dating/sex would be like with Bruce/tony/pietro? Thanks. [I decided to do for all of them:)]

Pairing: Bruce Banner x reader, Tony Stark x reader, Pietro Maximoff x reader, Steve Rogers x reader, Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: NSFW, SMUT

Originally posted by dcu

Bruce Banner

Originally posted by daddysherwood

Bruce would usually take things slow. Sex with Bruce was passionate, and he showed you how much he loved you. When he made love to you, he made sure to pleasure you, make you cry out in pleasure. You’re his main priority, he’s the type that gets off on you getting off. Things usually start off slow, he would caress your face, admire you for your beauty inside out. Bruce would then slowly lay you down on the bed, his lips would gently press against yours. Bruce loved your hands most, the things you did with your hands drove him insane. You would slowly take his shaft inch by inch into your mouth and his fingers would be in your hair, gently pulling. Bruce was a complete gentleman in bed, he would never do things he knew you disliked. Bruce loved you truly.

Of course, there had been times he was rough with you. When he saw you and Tony in the lab flirting innocently, he snapped. He did not let the big guy out but he definitely had shown you who you belonged to. He had fucked you so hard you had to ask Tony for two days off work.


Bruce was a complete sweetheart, he loved going on dates with you even when work doesn’t permit. He would take you to a fancy restaurant, have a couple glasses of red wine and probably a steak. The two of you would talk about both your lives, and you loved planning ahead whilst he loved listening to all the amazing plans you had for both of your futures. He would hold your hand as you talked, his eyes fixed on your features as you spoke, he admired you, for everything. For how you dared to step into his life, even when you knew of the other guy.

Tony Stark

Originally posted by ujustneedbrave

Tony, well you know Stark. A little arrogant on the side, and that side showed itself in bed. All the time. He knew how much you liked Steve for his gentlemanly ways, and how you admired his morals. And he disliked that. He would snap when he saw you laughing with Steve, God the sight made him want to punch the star spangled man in the face. And that’s why he took the time to show you who you belonged to. He would fuck you hard, deep and fast. He’d have you screaming into the pillow to muffle your cries. He took his time, appreciating you and you alone. Sure, he still kept some of his playboy ways and those were the times you took complete charge. Pushing him down and ridding him hard, he loved you like that, all riled up.


God. Dating Tony could be a nightmare. The first and foremost reason is obvious. The media’s attention was on the two of you, hell it was difficult to get a bag of chips without being stalked by some nosy paparazzi. And the stories they’ve created had you and Tony arguing. The pictures had you thinking he was out with some other women and once you had packed your bags and left. He won you back of course and you made it a point not to believe what those gossip magazines had to say about your relationship with him.

But then again, Tony could be a total sweetheart, he spoiled you rotten, constantly buying gifts, bringing you to parties, showing you off to others, telling them how lucky he was to find a woman like you. As he quoted from Mulan “You don’t find a woman like that every dynasty”. He would take you out on fancy dinners, booking the whole damn restaurant for the two of you to enjoy yourselves. And sometimes the night was wasted seeing that both of you were on the team, having a peaceful date proved to be a challenge.

Pietro Maximoff

Originally posted by registeredalien

Pietro was an amazing boyfriend. And he loved you, there was a doubt about that. He loved taking things fast, no pun intended. The third time you went on a date with him, you ended up in his bed. And despite all those factors, he proved that he wasn’t some kind of asshole who dumped the girl after sex. Sex with him was incredible, he would show you just how much you meant to him, he would make love to you. His lips would be all over your body, taking time to remember every inch of you. He could make you cum hard, had you moaning his name each time he took you to bed. There were times where you took charge, riding him and pushing the two of you to orgasm.


Dating Pietro was something you could never forget. He took you to the park, and sometimes orphanages, and you were happy with that. Looking at the abandoned children reminded him of his childhood. Most times, Wanda followed and you would watch the siblings communicate with the children, playing with them, and you’d join. Sure your dates weren’t at some fancy five star restaurant, but you were fine with it. You knew how much his childhood had affected him and you were willing to pull him out of those dark times he went through. And that was what made your relationship so much stronger. He’d take you to cafes downtown, where the two of you would enjoy talking with the steaming cups of coffee and the occasional chocolate muffins.

Steve Rogers

Originally posted by tomshardy

You know what they say. “Gentleman in the streets, freak in the sheets” Steve is well all of this. He was the perfect man outside, saving the lives of innocent citizens, protecting America, saving kittens off trees, opening the doors. However, he could be rough, his hand around your neck as he slammed you hard against the cold wall of his bedroom. God he drove you crazy. He’d have you on your hands and knees, your pretty round ass in the air, and he’d spank you. Hard. And he’d do that till your ass was as red as the stripes on the flag he represented. And he’d fuck you, rough, till you screamed. The first time you called him “Captain” had you pinned on the bed, and fucked so hard you saw stars. Steve loves eating you out, his tongue would dart out towards your clit, he drew figures, numbers and letters. He loves watching you come undone knowing he was the result of it.


Dating Captain America. Every woman’s dream wasn’t it? Sometimes dating Steve was a double edged sword. He’d go on missions and at times he would leave for weeks on end. He had you worried sick, had you staring at your phone for his familiar number. And each time there was a knock on the door of your shared apartment, you’d be worried thinking it was some kind of agent who was here to bring you bad news. But then again you had hoped it was Steve.

There were of course the good and happy times. Steve took you out on dates, at little cafes downtown, where the two of you would enjoy breakfast after his run every morning. He would have a run with you, and sometimes Sam would drop by and join the two of you. You loved staying up with Steve watching movies while he snatched the popcorn from your hands playfully. The two of you were big fans if Disney movies, his and you favorite being The Little Mermaid. He loved waking up next to you, snuggling beside you as he pulled you closer.

Bucky Barnes

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

Sex with Bucky was wild, passionate, even dangerous. He would have your back against the wall, your legs wrapped around his well built waist as he thrust into your heat. He ravished your body, making sure every inch of your body is loved, touched, kissed. He would sometimes have you on top of him, his hands on your waist, leaving his mark on you, showing who you belonged to. You loved his bionic arm, and when he fingered you with it, he made sure to vibrate it, driving you to the edge. At times, he could be gentle, passionate, his fingers interlocked with yours as he thrust into you, both your moans echoing in the room. You loved blowing him, taking his cock inch by inch into your mouth, till his tip hit the back of your throat. You would suck him hard, playing with his balls, doing this while Bucky webbed his fingers through your hair.


Dating Bucky was special, different and amazing. He was an assassin before and he often had horrible nightmares for hours on end. He’d wake up in the middle of the night and he would be sweating, horrified by what he might do to you. And you made sure you were by his side through it all, be it the nightmares or the insecurities he had. You loved him and you wanted to him to know that. Dates with Bucky often saw you taking him around the city, to places he had missed the past seventy years or so. Introducing him to new food, technology. He took you to out on dates to restaurants that Steve had often recommended, where they played songs from the 40’s. He remembered most of his memories and he often told you about the past. The way life was, history and you loved that. You loved knowing Bucky, and you loved him the way he was. Assassin or not.

Hope this was good:)
Kihyun One Shot


       Summary: being daughter of the bakery owner, you had always found yourself innocently flirting with the apprentice baker. At least, it had always just been flirting, right?

       Authors note: follows Minhyuk series giving you Kihyun’s background story.

       word count: 2100-ish

“Do not steal any of those pastries this time!” Kihyun scolded as you wandered through the back room of the bakery, nibbling on some of the fresh muffins that were secretly your favorites. You would never let Kihyun know you liked his baking the best. 

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17, Again - Chapter 03

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, smut, angst (In that order)

Word count: 21.026

Summary: You go on vacation with Jungkook and things turn unexpected.

Author´s note: This is inspired by the Chinese version of the movie “17 again”. Although this story is going to be quite different I recommend not watching the film if you don´t want to spoil yourself anything that could happen in this fic.

Note: She´s 17 all through this chapter.

Warnings: graphic smut.

Here it is, the 20k + chapter no one asked for. I worked really hard so please give it some love. Also if there´s any mistakes or typos please tell me because I wrote this whie being sick.

Jungkook was an exceptionally private person. He had immediately declined your petition of helping him pack with an indirect statement, saying you should go through your own things instead to make sure you weren´t forgetting anything. You didn´t know where such radical distrust came from, but you were not in the right position to protest as that had been the closest he had come to communication in the last forty eight hours. He was extremely tired and, in a way, so were you.

The ride to the airport had been completely silent, but not necessarily a discomforting one. Maybe sleep could value as an excuse for all the unspoken words, maybe there really was nothing to say. After all, you never knew when the two of you were in good terms or when was he too annoyed to bear with your temper tantrums. By now it was clear that he was willing to try and that he cared about you. The fact that he didn´t show it was a whole different story, one you couldn´t blame him for.

“Would you stop looking at my passport photo?” Jungkook asked in annoyance as he watched you caress the picture with one of your fingers “You didn´t let me see yours”

His words surprised you a bit, but you were quick to react before he could realize how much him taking notice of your actions was affecting you, how his eyes lingering on your hands was enough to make your heart skip a bit.

“Sorry for worrying about your opinion about me” you sarcastically apologized while giving him the document back, your lips suddenly pouting “I look awful in that picture”

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Year 5: Sirius Black x Reader

Ok I have like a series of this for every year but basically reader is pureblood with a powerful father, and started learning magic early on bc of that. She knows Sirius likes her but wants to encourage him to ask her out properly, since hes always sabotaging her dates.

There’s something about her, he thought to himself. There’s something bewitching about watching her when she’s unaware, engrossed in a book, lost in the tales of worlds more enticing than her own. Her eyes squinted from the effort of focusing on words lit only by the dim glow of the crackling fireplace. He admired the way a strand freed itself from the make-shift bun she had created, held weakly together by a pencil, and curled around her face. He couldn’t help but smile softly as she scrunched up her nose in frustration, swatting the strand away from her face with the back of her hand, eyes hungrily scanning the page for her spot.  From the way she curled up on the armchair in the otherwise empty Common Room, a tiny ball wrapped in a red Christmas sweater two sizes too big for her, a half empty cup of hot chocolate forgotten on the side table, he could tell he was witnessing a rare moment; a moment in which the flame that burned so bright inside her seemed tamed, her usual self, fierce and burning with energy, enjoying settling down into embers for a night.

A  stinging sensation startled Sirius out of his thoughts as James’s hand collided with his back.

“Oi what was that for?!” Sirius exclaimed.

“Did you hear any of what I just said? I’ve been wasting my breath for a solid ten minutes!”, retorted James.

Sirius rolled his eyes, a smirk creeping its way onto his face.

“Let me guess. Hmmm let’s see here, could you possibly be whining about a certain red-headed Gryffindor who has a knack for ignoring you?”

James huffed, clearly annoyed at the accurate analyzation of a story that even more clearly had passed completely over his best mate’s head.

“At least I don’t watch her when she’s not looking”, he teased, smiling slyly, gesturing towards the brunette lost in the pages of her novel.

“Yes Prongs, yes you do”, Sirius shot back, a hint of a smile playing on his lips, “And for your information, I was not watching her, I was just shocked at how quiet she’s being tonight. A bit odd for someone who never shuts up.” He declared the last bit louder than necessary, eliciting a glare from the subject of the conversation, Y/N. She contemplated for a second whether Sirius’s goading deserved a reaction, decided against it, and with a roll of her eyes, returned her attention to the adventures of her favorite fantasy, much to Sirius’s chagrin.

“Besides, you know I’m a lone wolf Prongs”, his eyes glinted mischievously, his voice still a touch louder than necessary.

“That’s funny, I thought Moony was the wolf here. You’re more of a dog, really. Have you ever thought about making your transformations permanent?”, Y/N piped up lazily, her eyes still trained on the book in her lap. At this, James choked with laughter as Sirius’s gaze returned to her, amused, his lips tugging upwards.

“Unfortunately, staying in my Animagus form would cause Hogwarts to have a bestiality problem on its hands. Even as a dog, I’m irresistible. You, on the other hand, can’t even seem to find a guy to want you in your human form”, Sirius countered, knowing he’d strike a chord with Y/N .

A loud bang echoed in the Gryffindor Common Room as Y/N ’s book landed on the ground and she leapt to her feet, whirling to face Sirius.

Maybe if you lot stayed out of my business, boys would stick around for longer than a month”, she shrieked.

“Yeah, and maybe you’re the problem. Or wow, here’s another thought, maybe the guys you’re interested in are prats.”, he countered.

She narrowed her eyes, a dangerous look flashing through them before she clenched her jaws, knelt down to retrieve her book, and without another word, stomped up the spiralling stone staircase towards the girls dormitories.

James watched his best friend curiously. Sirius’s expression was one of quiet anger as he struggled to maintain a nonchalant demeanor, betrayed only by his clenched fists.

Treading carefully, James murmured, “She’s right to be angry you know. How is it that you have a ‘run in’ with every boy that’s ever asked her out?”

Sirius closed his eyes and breathed in, before opening them to study his friend who was watching him with a look of concern.

“I care about her”, he whispered. Breathing out, his confident exterior returned and he stood up to stretch, turning his back to James. “But not the way that you think”.

“Yeah? ‘Cuz we all care about her too but it’s Y/N we’re talking about here. If anyone can take care of themselves, it’s her. She’s the most talented witch in our year and you know it as well as I do Pads. Besides, you know how much she hates people treating her like she’s helpless. She probably hasn’t backed down from a fight since the day she was born”

“Whatever. She’ll get over it by tomorrow morning. She always does.” he sighed. He turned back around to face James, running a hand through his long black locks. “Wanna head upstairs? I bet Moony and Wormtail are done their Potions assignment by now”

Unappeased but left with no choice, James followed his friend up the other stone staircase, hoping that Sirius was right. While Sirius and Y/N were usually partners in crime, their fights could certainly get dirty.


Y/N whined in protest as the curtains were ripped out of the way, streaming sunshine into the room and startling  her awake.

“Get up or we’re gonna miss breakfast!”, Lily cried, tugging Y/N until her upper body was sprawled on the ground, her legs still wrapped around the blankets in her bed. Y/N groaned, shoving her head in her hand and pushing her curls out of her eyes. The events of the previous day returned to her, anger once again bubbling to the surface. Dragging her legs into the shower, she brooded over the events of the past year in the solace of the warm water and the quiet of the bathroom. Sirius had stumbled upon the hobby of tormenting every guy who asked Y/N to Hogsmeade, or danced with her at parties, or flirted with her in class. He’d hexed poor Bertram Aubrey’s head to twice its original size, and Lucius Malfoy’s hair had been dyed bright pink for weeks. Because of his pesky interference coupled with her father’s reputation, Y/N was now 16 with no real experience in a relationship. She fumed at Sirius’s childish, and pathetically transparent, antics.

She recalled with a soft smile the time he had asked her out in 4th year. Y/N and Sirius had gotten remarkably close over the past 4 years. They both had revelled in spreading mischief, easing the tension in the air when exams rolled around, or giving the students staying back during holiday something to laugh about. They also kept each other in check. Y/N seemed to excel in her classes effortlessly, having knowledge of spells and charms well above her level, challenging Sirius’s natural talent. Sirius, despite having no taste for the glory quidditch could provide, gave her a run for her money as he’d learnt to fly at a remarkably young age. It came as no shock to anyone when the two started displaying more than typical, friendly affection for one another.

It was common knowledge that, with his long, dark hair, contrasted against his creamy complexion, highlighting his high cheek bones,  and stormy grey eyes, Sirius was no stranger to girls’ attention. He could often be found chatting up a girl in the corner of a quidditch after-party, her too-loud giggles a source of envy for the many other girls in the room. He never, however, took it past innocent flirting.  When questioned, he’d simply shrug and with a lazy smile claim that he wasn’t ready to be tied down just yet. He didn’t think he ever would be, as relationships seemed to be too many rules, too much tiptoeing around one another, for his liking.

“Guess how many girls have asked me to Hogsmeade”, he had mused, happily.

Y/N turned to glare at him, annoyance spelled out across her face. He had recently become aware of the affect he was having on girls, and their usefulness in filling the hole in his heart his parents had carved.

“I’ll pass”

“Don’t be jealous, Y/N . I, for one, plan on taking you to Hogsmeade.”

Y/N felt her stomach flip, as she sucked her lips into her mouth to conceal the smile making her way on to her face. She wasn’t immune to Sirius’s charm, but it was different for her. She didn’t care for what he looked like; she liked him for the twinkle of anticipation in his eyes just before a prank, or the way he looked with his hair falling forward onto his face when he’s on the ground, clutching his stomach in hysteric laughter. She liked him for the pout his lips would form when he concentrated really hard on learning a charm, or the glint of playfulness in his eyes when he spiralled on his broom, cutting her off from reaching the snitch during practices. More than anything else, however, she liked him for the soft side of him that he seemed to reserve for after dark. The way he’d timidly slink down the stairs from his dormitory, knowing Y/N slept almost as little as him, wrapping the both of them in blankets and spending the early hours of the night talking about their hearts desires; the soft light the fire cast on his face making her melt, as he whispered to her how he hoped to change the world, how he desperately hoped to be different. The rare show of shyness as he talked about his fears, his constant battle between his love for his brother Regulus, and his hate for his family’s ways. It warmed her heart the most to discover him on the astronomy tower the nights after Remus’s transformation, eyes filled to the brim with the frustration of not being able to do anything to quell his friend’s pain; the way he’d reach out to her, his body hungry for any source of comfort.

So, when he seemed to ask her out on a date, her heart had soared, and then plummeted. She searched desperately in his eyes for the warmth she had fallen for, and came out empty handed. She was one of the few girls in the school who refused to throw herself at him, refused to acknowledge or react to his incessant flirting. She wasn’t a quest; to be conquered and then boasted about, like the rest of his girls, and she refused to be another number. She refused to come as easy as everyone else to him. She was worth more than that. So, ignoring the ache of longing her heart, she turned back towards her food.

“Who says I don’t already have a date?”, she asked, raising an eyebrow at her friend, aware of Remus and James whistling in the background. Sirius frowned, clearly taken by surprise.

“Who’s taking you?”, he questioned, eyes devoid of his usual humour.

“Alphard”, she stated casually, picking at her food.

Alphard McLaggen ended up being the first victim to the line of guys who had attempted their chance with Y/N , and then mysteriously had a terrifying encounter with the marauders’ infamous pranks. At the end of the day, when forced to choose between her friends and her not-yet boyfriend, she chose her friends. Sirius never asked her out again.

Turning off the shower, Y/N was struck with an idea. What if, Sirius couldn’t make her choose between the boy she chose to see and her best friends? What if he was one and the same? With the gears in her head churning, she pulled on her black and red robes and skipped down to breakfast.

She spotted the familiar flame of red hair surrounded by 4 boys immediately, and made her way to their table. Instead of assuming her usual spot in between Sirius and Lily, she approached Remus, hugging him from behind and placing her head on his. Remus looked up in surprise, choking on the milk he was downing, and Sirius raised an eyebrow in their direction.

“Reemmmm”, she whined, pouting her lower lip.

Just as she’d hoped, he grabbed her hand pulling her into the seat next to him. Confused, he turned towards her. 
“What’s going on, Y/N ?”

“Will you accompany me to Hogsmeade tomorrow?”, she asked, her voice bouncing musically, laced with a sickly sweetness. She used one hand to tuck a piece of her wet hair behind her ear, as she squeezed his hand, willing him just this once to use that witty mind of his and side with her.

“I thought you were going with Amos”, he said cautiously. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Peter watching the two of them with a mixture of awe and confusion, Lily smirking at her knowingly, and James glaring at her. Sirius’s stance, though tense before, relaxed slightly at the mention of Amos and Remus’s apparent rejection.

Shifting herself closer to Remus so that she was almost on his lap, she rested her head in her hand, giving him her undivided attention, and biting her lip.

“Yeah…but when Sirius set his robes on fire, I realized I wasn’t even disappointed. He isn’t the person I really wanted to go with anyway”, she declared, boring her eyes into his, willing him to understand.

A flicker of recognition, and then mischief flashed in Remus’s eyes before he gasped, engulfing Y/N in a hug.

“And here I thought I didn’t stand a chance”, Remus fake whispered, loud enough for their friends to hear.

She finally detached herself from Remus, daring to look at Sirius. The sight she was met with caused her stomach to knot in a mixture of anxiety and hope. His jaw was clenched, his complexion paler than usual. His grey eyes seemed to darken as the two of them made eye contact, and her heart leapt.

“I should thank you I guess Siri. I know you’re a prat, but if you hadn’t pranked Amos, I’d never have the courage to ask Remus. So, thanks Pads.”

Lily snickered across from her, shooting James a warning glance just as Y/N got up, throwing her hair behind her as she turned to leave. She hadn’t made it far before she felt a tug on her wrist, and looked down to meet the eyes of Remus, a sly smile adorning his face. He held out a muffin.

“Don’t forget breakfast, love

Y/N bit the inside of her cheek, forcing back the giggle of amusement that threatened to escape. She swooped down, placing a kiss on Remus’s cheek, whispering a quick thank you in his ear, before waving good bye to the rest of the crew.


Sirius watched the back of Y/N ’s head, her hair swaying slightly as she strutted away. He was clutching the fork in his hand so hard, his knuckles had started to turn white from the strain. It wasn’t until Peter coughed that Sirius’s attention was brought back to the table.

“Wow! Remus, I didn’t know you and Y/N were a thing! This is great, she’s beautiful, you deserve this buddy”, Peter erupted, beaming with happiness.

“Yeah”, let out Sirius, carefully measuring his next words on his tongue. “I didn’t know you and Y/N were a thing. Why didn’t I know? James, did you know?”

“I-er-no I guess not but-“

“Lily, did you know?”

“Actually,” Lily started, grinning evilly as her eyes connected with Remus’s. “I did, know. Y/N talks about him nonstop.”

Sirius returned his intense gaze to Remus, unaware of James shaking his head and hiding it in between his hands as Lily leaned down to whisper a warning in his ear.

Remus grinned. It wasn’t every day he discovered a way to actually get to his friend. This was going to be fun.


They’re just doing it mess with you. Don’t do something you’ll regret!”

“You’ve been saying that for days now! How is it they’re still together then, huh?.”

It had been three days since Y/N ’s brilliant plan, which was losing it’s appeal rapidly. James, unable to hide anything from his best friend, had told Sirius about his hunch regarding Y/N ’s relationship, encouraging him to withhold any sort of reaction. Remus and Y/N had met up with Lily in the library in between classes that first day, making sure they all had their backstories in check and understood that as soon as anyone’s feelings were in genuine danger, the plan gets called off. However, Sirius had actively avoided being in the presence of the supposed couple since their initial meeting at breakfast, putting a damper on their little project. In desperation, Y/N found herself at a new low: eavesdropping outside the boys’ dorm in hopes of finding the inspiration to continue on with their little charade.

She heard steps making their way up to the door she was crouching in front of and, opting to face the boys inside the dorm rather than be caught outside, she pushed open the door. She found Sirius sitting cross-legged on his bed, his hair hanging messily around his shoulders, red and gold tie swaying loosely on his untucked shirt. James sat on the opposite bed, his legs swinging underneath him, a snitch hovering in the air above him.

Sirius turned to look at Y/N momentarily, before growling, “Get. Out.”

“This is my boyfriend’s dorm as much as yours, and, seeing as how I can’t seem to find him, I’m going to wait for him here.”

“Like hell you are,” muttered Sirius. Y/N almost felt bad for him, before his eyes lit up and swiveled around once again to meet her own. “You wanna know something odd that James here was just telling me, Y/N ?”

Y/N felt her cheeks grow hot, knowing perfectly well what the pair had just been discussing. Slowly, she nodded her head, eyes jumping from Sirius to a very nervous-looking James.

Sirius jumped up from his bed, pushing a hand through his hair before approaching Y/N , eyes glinting with malice. “James here seems to be under the impression that you and Moony are only pretending to date.”

Y/N refused to let her gaze falter, raising her chin defiantly and narrowing her eyes, answering in a voice so dangerously low that James had to physically lean forward to catch the next few words. “Yeah? And why, exactly, would I be doing that?”

“Well”, drawled Sirius, voice dripping with hostility. His eyes flickered momentarily to the door behind you, but he continued. “James thinks it’s because you’re trying to make me jealous.”

Frozen in place, Y/N ’s voice trembled as she choked out her response. “What do you think Sirius?”

At this, Sirius laughed, a bark-like, bitter laugh. Taking another step closer to her so that they were standing so close she could see the rapid rise and fall of his chest, and had to tilt her head slightly to meet the icy grey of his eyes.

“Well, I think you can’t possibly be stupid enough to think going out with Remus would make me jealous. I mean, just look at me”, he stated, hands gesturing up and down his body. “I have all the most beautiful girls of the student body at my disposal, and you really think I could possibly be looking at you? Please, you may not be a looker but you have brains, I’ll give you that. There’s no way you think you can make me jealous.”

Y/N had to restrain herself from clutching her chest at the effect his words had had on her. She could feel her heart breaking, could feel each and every crack, his words like a hammer landing blow after blow on her porcelain heart, the pain spreading across her chest. She clenched her fists so tightly, blood stained the places her nails met the flesh of her palm. Against her will, her breathing quickened, the large lump in her throat and unease in her stomach pulling her into a wave of nausea. She couldn’t remember the last time she cried. It wasn’t when she found out her brother, her closest family, was moving away indefinitely to Bulgaria, it wasn’t when her father told her not to come home for the holidays as he didn’t have time-nor the desire, as she knew all too well- to be with her. It wasn’t even when she herself had been shipped off to Belgium at the ripe age of 7, nobody asking her how she felt about leaving her friends and family behind, her only contact being a rare letter once every couple months. No, Y/N was not one to cry, so it came as an unpleasant shock to her when, despite her attempts to dispel the tears pricking her eyes, grinding her teeth in determination to not let Sirius see her so weak, she still felt the warm, wetness on her cheek seconds later. Shutting her eyes, swallowing back a sob, she turned to leave the room, running straight into the chest of Remus, who had been standing in the doorway during Sirius’s rampage. He looked at her, eyes full of concern, opening his mouth to say something but Y/N didn’t give him a chance. She shoved him out of the way before sprinting down the stone stairwell. Moments later, the trio of boys heard the portrait door slam shut, leaving them in a stunned silence.

“You really are a twat Sirius, you know that?”, Remus claimed angrily.

Remorse bloomed in Sirius’s stomach. Y/N was the strongest person he knew. Despite the nights the two had spent discussing his life, his dilemmas and goals, she had never once disclosed any real personal pains of her own. She always sported a bright smile, her face glowing with happiness, her person radiating warmth. In their 4 years of friendship, he’d never once seen her cry, never once seen such raw pain coloring her face.

“Aren’t you going to go after your girlfriend?”, Sirius responded weakly, all the animosity drained from his voice, replaced by regret.

Remus felt around under his bed for chocolate, stuffing some in his mouth before casually responding with, “She’s not my girlfriend”, causing James to smirk with triumph.

Sirius stared at him in a mixture of shock, relief, and guilt, waiting for him to elaborate. Instead, Remus raised his eyebrows towards the door, then looked back at Sirius expectantly.


He found her in her usual sanctuary, sitting in the windowsill of the astronomy tower, looking out into a courtyard. Her knees were brought up to her chest wrapped under her arms, chin resting on them. She  was no longer crying but there was no mistaking the puffiness of her sorrowful eyes. She really was quite radiant, with her curls gathered on one side of her body, the half-moon illuminating her golden eyes, casting a enchanting glow on her. She turned slightly at the sound of shoes scraping against the cold ground.

“Go away”, she whispered, her voice stripped of conviction.

Instead, Sirius took his place opposite her on the same windowsill, watching her with large, puppy dog eyes.

They sat in silence, Y/N determined to keep her eyes focused on the uncanny stillness of a Hogwarts courtyard after hours. After what seemed like ages, Sirius leaned forward slowly, afraid any sudden action would compromise his next move. Gently, he took her hand in his, pulling her closer to him. She let him, stopping herself just before their bodies touched. This time, she studied the pattern of the stones on the ground. She had no doubt in her mind that Remus had told Sirius the truth already.

“I’m kind of an idiot aren’t I?”, he whispered.

Y/N let out a soft, sad laugh. “Kind of.”

“I’m sorry Y/N ”, he started, squeezing her hand slightly. “You know I didn’t mean any of that right?”

She didn’t respond, so he continued, pushing his hair out of his eyes.

“I’d be the luckiest boy in this school if you had agreed to go out with me last year. I just-you rejected me, so seeing you with Remus, I felt jealous and inadequate and-“

“I didn’t want to be one of them”, Y/N squeaked out, so quietly that Sirius almost missed it.

“What was that?”, he asked, nose scrunching in confusion.

“Every girl in this castle throws herself at you. I didn’t want to be one of them; I didn’t want to turn into just another girl on your list. I want to be more than stolen kisses and hands held under the cover of the night”, she breathed out.

“Okay, first of all, I haven’t graced any girls with my lips just yet”, he teased, earning an amused glare from Y/N.

“-and second of all, you could never be just another anything. You burn brighter than anyone I’ve ever met, Y/N. You’re the wild of a storm and the calm after the storm, all bundled into one person. You’re the arms that rocked me softly on nights I didn’t know how to be me anymore, and you’re the arms that steadied mine when they shook from excitement those moments before a prank. You’re as big a part of me as my own lungs. And I’m sorry.” He took a breath. “I’m sorry for ever hurting you. There’s absolutely no excuse for me to behave like that, no matter how I feel about you. But for whatever it’s worth, I think you’re breathtaking. inside and out.” He looked at her with pleading eyes. Y/N stared back, wide eyed, a slight pink blush decorating her face. She bit her lip trying to contain her joy.

Gaining courage from her positive response, Sirius scooted closer, holding both her hands in his. “Do you forgive me?”

Smiling slyly, Y/N looked out into the courtyard once more. “Oh, I don’t know, You hurt me pretty bad back there, I feel like you owe me.”

At this, Sirius pulled her even closer, one of his hands making its way down to her waist, the other cradling her head.

“What do you want?”, he whispered, lips so close she could feel his hot breath on her own, the hairs at the back of her neck rising in anticipation. She was sure he could hear the pounding of her heart and the way her eyes struggled to stay open. She parted her lips slightly, wracking her brain for a witty answer, but before she could say anything, Sirius closed the distance between them.

His lips were soft and warm, sparking a shiver up her spine. She responded immediately, burying her hands in his silky black locks, pulling him even closer as her lips moved rhythmically against his. She felt his hand clutch her waist tightly as he poured all the unexpressed emotion into her lips, tilting her head to deepen the kiss. He’d wanted this for so long, his body hungered for hers. Y/N smiled into the kiss, pulling away and resting her forehead against his, every atom in her body conscious of how close they were, of the way her lips burned with desire as Sirius’s thumb traced them softly.

Roommates- 2

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Lim Changkyun

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You finally admit to yourself that maybe you need to get laid…

🎧 Hot Coals - Cold War Kids

Thursday night came fairly quickly. Throughout the week you only saw Changkyun in the evenings when you came home from class or work but you couldn’t ignore the stares anymore. 

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