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[Eng]Yoho!Girl Magazine - Feb 2017 issue - “Monologue / Huang Zitao”

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Monologue / Huang Zitao

“The things that I write and sing about, are all real experiences and feelings. I don’t care about how many people will like it or understand it. If you like it, listen to it. If you don’t, then forget about it. I just want to write out what’s in my heart. There are too many fake things in this world.”

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Creative Story: “Think Again”

Have you noticed the innocent girl on the edge of a popular fast food restaurant with her empty can waiting for someone to give her a penny?

Have you observed those tears and sob every 5’oclock in the morning? They’d probably thinking how to survive the entire day.

How about the little boy who seems to play patintero with the roaring vehicles along Ermita?

Did you notice his skin with cuts and bruises and dried blood? Or the holes in his crumpled and filthy shirt?

How about when you’re riding a jeepney, maybe you always notice those two kids, one is around 5 years old and the other is 7 years old, they always had this white envelope and singing a song for the passengers?

Have you seen those group of teens holding a transparent plastic with a mixed of brownish crimson stuff?

And every time you go home to your province did you notice that little girl wearing short miniskirts?

Waiting at nine o'clock every night? Then, a black car is going to pick her up.

Did you hear the sob of a baby?

Have you seen those boys wearing their crumpled uniforms? Have you noticed their wounds and their black eyes?

Did you see it?

The sad truth: probably yes, somewhat no. Think again.

Perhaps you are a student reviewing while you’re riding a jeepney.

Or perhaps you’re an employee who stole a few minutes to take a nap while you’re on your way to office.

But even once, did you ever wonder what’s going on with their lives?

If you’re going to ask me? Yes, I noticed. I saw. I heard.

But I can’t help myself but to stare. I don’t have a voice. I don’t know where to start reaching out for them. I am, just like you, wondering how I could help in my own little ways.

I asked myself:

Why does the girl lying in the streets of Morayta cries? Is that because of hunger?

Why does the boy I encountered last time, has bruises in his body?

And those white envelope that they always bring with them, what are those for?

What are those white plastic bags that those boys are holding?

Why are those teenagers out by 12 midnight wearing short miniskirts?

Think again.

I want to reach out and be an advocate for change. Let’s give love a chance. Would you mind joining me?


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Huang Zitao casually stealing away your life with his side profile.

Ztao is at the Shanghai Film Festival. All his 3 upcoming movies Railroad Tigers/Edge Of Innocence/The Game Changer have promo events there. 

P.S- Victoria, Jessica, Lee Min Ho,T.O.P, Krystal and Wu Yifan are going to be at the same event.


“Edge of Innocence” is based on the novel “Summer, The Portrait of a 19 Year Old” (夏天十九岁的肖像), written by Japanese mystery writer Shimada Soji. The movie revolves around Kang Qiao (Tao’s character) seeing what is possibly the process of Xia Yingying (Yang Caiyu) committing a crime, but yet is drawn to the beautiful girl. After getting to know her better, Kang Qiao discovers that there are even more mysteries surrounding Xia Yingying and faces danger himself a couple of times but declares whatever she might have done in the past, it won’t change his feelings for her. “Edge of innocence” is a mystery/thriller and tao’s first film as a lead. The movie will hit the theatres on July 8. trailer (1) (2)

anonymous asked:

Hi, what are the release dates of Tao's drama, movies etc? There has been so many shows and movies going on I'm lost 😅 Thank you ~

Hi, no worries(he has got his hands full, hasn’t he?^^). Here are Tao’s movie/drama projects so far and its release/released date. 


Railroad Tigers- Released on Dec 23, 2016

The Game Changer - Released on Feb 10, 2017

Edge of Innocence - TBA 


A Chinese Odyssey: Love you a million years - TBA (expected late 2017)

The Negotiator (currently being filmed) -  TBA