innocent children killed

real talk: being traumatized by religion fucking sucks.

the words that are supposed to comfort you turn to poison. the people who say they love you actually want you to suffer because of things you cannot help. your struggles will be justified regardless of how horrible it is because it must have happened for a reason, because God doesnt give you more than you can handle. and when you finally break youre still defying His will somehow, because your Insides are wrong even if you do everything right.

no one deserves that. no child, teen, adult… no one. religious people need to purge their community and congregations of this toxic, life ruining fiflth because it’s taken enough lives. its ruined enough lives. it killed the child inside me before she had a chance to live. stop justifying it with “good intentions.” it kills innocent children before they get a chance to flourish. stop.

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This is a question about the book characters. Who do you prefer as a character and why? Jon Snow or Jaime Lannister?

Bless this question for giving me a reason to talk about all my Jaime Lannister feelings. Yes, the answer is definitely Jaime. I don’t have anything against Jon Snow as a character, but he’s never particularly stood out to me as a favorite the way he seems to for some people. Jon’s, you know…fine? And he gets better as the series progresses. But he’s not really my jam.

Now, Jaime was one of the characters in the series I was most curious about even before I got to his POV. I mean, he’s a pardoned Kingslayer who was allowed back into the Kingsguard on account of his family connections and spent the last decade plus secretly sleeping with his evil sister under the King’s very nose: this is objectively interesting. And I am shallow enough that the part where he did it all while looking fabulous and making witty jokes at other people’s expense also appealed to me. And then, of course, I actually got to his POV sections, and he wound up becoming one of my favorite characters of all time. (Seriously, he’s up there with Miles Vorkosigan, Vlad Taltos, Emma Woodhouse, Isabel Archer, Corwin of Amber, and Shakespeare’s version of Cleopatra. This is not a list I take lightly.)

And the great thing about finally reaching Jaime’s POV and reading about the man behind the legend is that you get to his chapters, and you’re like, wait: this guy is an actual piece of shit. There’s all this dramatic build up about his infamy and his reputation and his place in history as the Kingslayer and you’re all ready for a roadtrip through the psyche of this epic and tragically twisted anti-hero - and then he spends his introduction slinging childish insults at a nice lady’s face and whining about how he only tried to kill Bran because he was tired and horny and it wasn’t really his fault, okay? lay off him already, jeez, Cersei. The bait and switch is fantastic and I love it. Which is not to say that Jaime isn’t still an epic and tragically twisted anti-hero, just that there’s more to it than that. Which is pretty much his character in a nutshell.

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also, I accidentally stumbled onto some discourse and I don’t want to talk about that, but it did remind me to say that I love Spike getting his/Nikki’s coat back in “Get It Done”.

For one, soul!Spike getting “weepy or wailed on” is super boring to me.  Like, I enjoy pathetic Spike, I’ve said so before, but when he spends more than half the season like that it gets old.  Spike grabbing that coat because he’s back, baby, and then going and beating up a demon and obviously getting off on it–it’s really satisfying.

And I also happen to enjoy “oh-shit” moments that are that way for two separate reasons.  So that while you (or I, at least) are cheering for him to get back up and start ass-kicking, there’s also this feeling of dread that Robin’s appearance only compounds.  It’s not necessarily a good feeling, but it’s very intense.

d&d are complete garbage shitbags

i haven’t posted anything on tumblr in so long???? but i’m so unbelievably pissed off right now. WHY WOULD THEY ANNUL RHAEGAR AND ELIAS MARRIAGE? i know there were rumors that this would happen but i didn’t think the show runners would fuck up that badly. elia martell deserved so much better and by annulling their marriage, not only were she and her (young and innocent!) children killed off, but they were effectively made completely pointless and i think that’s ridiculous. IT WAS BAD THAT RHAEGAR ABANDONED HIS FAMILY FOR ANOTHER WOMAN. STOP TRYING TO MAKE HIM LOOK BETTER BY LEGITIMIZING HIS ACTIONS. ELIA AND HER CHILDREN DIED HORRIBLE DEATHS BECAUSE THEY WERE HIS FAMILY. AEGONS HEAD WAS SMASHED AGAINST A WALL. RHAENYS WAS STABBED REPEATEDLY AFTER HIDING UNDER HER FATHERS BED. ELIA WAS RAPED AND KILLED. DONT MAKE THEIR DEATHS MEANINGLESS BECAUSE THEY WERENT. LITERALLY I FEEL LIKE EVERYONE @ HBO WAS LIKE “lol everyone already knows jon is rhaegar and lyannas son so let’s just make him legit and completely cheapen elia martells character bc omg! jon is a white boi and we hate everyone in dorne anyway bc we suck!!!!!” honestly i’m surprised gilly didn’t read “elia martell conducted the marriage ceremony between rhaegar targaryen and lyanna stark bc she is dornish af and they all are cool with infidelity bc we showed that oberyn liked to have sex.” honestly i’m shocked they weren’t like “the targs used to practice polygamy so rhaegar decided to do it too!!” btw remember what oberyn said? “The last time I was in the capital was many years ago. Another wedding. My sister Elia and Rhaegar Targaryen, the Last Dragon. My sister loved him. She bore his children. Swaddled them, rocked them, fed them at her own breast. Elia wouldn’t let the wet nurse touch them. And beautiful, noble Rhaegar Targaryen… left her for another woman. That started a war, and the war ended right here, when your father’s army took the city.”

rhaegar and elia were married. rhaegar was a shitbag and abandoned his family. stop trying to make him look better by saying he wasn’t married to her. stop trying to make it easy for jon to be the king. but i guess this is just another example of how game of thrones literally hates women or people that aren’t straight and white.

i haven’t read this through at all so if it makes no sense i’m sorry. i’m just really disappointed. the show really fucked up this time.

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Has anyone noticed that Undyne contradict herself when she said that she refuses to be friends with a murderer? She's friends with Asgore, who killed innocent children.

(undertale spoilers)

Whether or not Undyne sees Asgore as a friend or mentor is debatable, but there is no debating that Undyne is associated with a killer. 

However, given how she has no qualms about killing Frisk to free the monsters, she clearly has a bias against humans and sees killing them as justified.

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I've been asking around about this for awhile but why is Fujimoto Shiro considered by some fans to be the best dad ever? He obviously cared for and loved his sons but nobody is perfect and there is no way he isn't partly responsible for their various mental and emotional issues. I'm very curious about this and would like to see any thoughts you have on Fujimoto's parenting.

I think Shiro’s a good dad. Not perfect, far from it actually. But he obviously loved his sons and what he did, he thought would be the best for them.
As a character I absolutely adore Shiro. He is by far the most interesting character I’ve ever met who gets only more badass the longer he’s dead.
He was the Paladin, the strongest Exorcist in the whole True Cross Order which is a huge international organization with multiple bases in each continent. He couldn’t be possessed by demons (more on that later). He had all Meister and went on missions together with Mephisto (Bloody Fairy Tale Light Novel). He tamed/befriended the demon/deity he was supposed to finish off and he fought of Satan.
Fujimoto Shiro is a very strong man and I wouldn’t want to be his enemy.
But he is also very flawed and I’d say that a lot of it can be blamed on Mephisto etc.
We know Shiro is a clone and I’d guess that he was around 16 when he was “born” since Amaimon’s clone body passes as a teenager and 16 isn’t too old as to be independent or too young to be useless.
This also means that when Shiro took the twins in, he was alive for roughly 18 years. And yeah, he was an adult for the longest time but I wonder what kind of life it was. Being a test subject for scientists and demon kings? Being trained as weapon? I assume he hasn’t lived the greatest life. And let’s see how he deals with Shura when he takes her in. He doesn’t want to deal with her. He’s saved her, sure. He ended up training her and doing some mentoring but he didn’t particularly want to raise her at first. And that was 2 years before he took in the twins.
Now going by the anime Shiro had some empathy and couldn’t kill innocent children. It could have gone down similar in the manga but personally I think it could have been an order from Mephisto. Shiro probably didn’t want to raise children. Most parents want children or have at least 9 months of preparations and support from her family. Shiro had some guys from the monastery - of he even knew them at that point. From the manga we know that just months before the twins were born, Shiro was still living under the assumptions that he was going to kill them. He smoke. He wasn’t planning on being a parent - good or not.
So uhm yeah I think I’ve established that Shiro wasn’t prepared. And it shows. That young Rin always lashed out so extremely, that older Rin doesn’t feel like he actually can achieve something.
I also blame the twins current relationship partially on him. Shiro forced Yukio to undergo hard training. Sure, Yukio wanted to. But what kind of parent would sacrifice part of the childhood of one kid and have them train like an adult?
Yukio sleeps only 4 hours now if I remember correctly because of how stressed he is. Seven year old Yukio started Exorcist training which is tough on teenagers twice his age.
And Shiro wasn’t a lax teacher from what we know of Yukio’s flashbacks, he was demanding and probably as much of a perfectionist as Yukio is.
In general I think it would have been better if Shiro had told the twins what and who they are. If he’d told them who their parents are - Yuri and Satan. The twins would be more sure of their role in the world.
But!!! I doubt many could have done better than Shiro. Imagine you’d be forced to suddenly take care of two babies, both being the children of Satan with one of them having inherited the flames and the other always being able to see demons. Somebody who has absolutely no idea on how to deal with children suddenly has to change diapers.
Rin is a sweet kid with good morals. And Yukio, gosh. That kid loves so much. So much he’d kill his only family member shouldn’t Rin be himself anymore, which is extreme, yeah. But point is that Yukio is local and works very hard.
And Shiro died for them. Sure, he couldn’t he posses bc he was a clone but fighting Satan? That’s a whole other league than some other demons. And not for his own sake, not for his body but to protect his son. It’s not the Paladin doing his job, it’s a father trying to desperately keep his son safe and happy just a little longer.
He kept Rin in the unknown bc he wanted to give him a normal childhood, maybe he hoped the seal would keep Rin’s powers away forever. Maybe he knew it couldn’t and tried nevertheless.
He taught Yukio hoping to give the kid some confidence and the means to protect himself when it needed.
He loved his sons, he hugged them, he thanked them, he encouraged them, he tried to give them what they needed to defend themselves, he got hurt for them, he died for them.
He is by no means the best father or perfect. But he was a glorified weapon with absolute no interest in children and went to being someone who went against Satan and would go against the whole damn world probably if it meant keeping his sons safe.
Many fans probably ignore that Shiro was very troubled himself and think of him like Rin does with his guilt ridden, view of an unreliable narrator: a perfect man.
But Shiro wasn’t. He was just human.

Fight To Get Him Back

Written By: @albinokittens300

Rating: T

Prompt 16: Au where hijacked Peeta is told he killed Katniss and has to deal with the guilt of killing the only girl he’s ever loved, and then later once he’s mostly back to himself he’s told she’s actually fine [submitted by Anonymous].

Summary: Katniss and Prim decide to work with District 13 to try and recover Peeta form his Hijacked state. But when he is told he killed her when he choked her and goes through grief, confusion and pain, will they be able to let him know Katniss is okay? And she’s right with him through all of it, fighting for him?

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What would the 2ps do if they were coming home early from a world meeting with Thier s/o only to find this teenage child THROWING A WILD HOUSE PARTY?!

((I’ve never been to a house party before, so excuse any mistakes ; v ;))

2P! Italy:
- plugs out stereo
- everyone in the house literally stops living for a good few minutes
- “uuhh dad I can explain” “I will make you expand through your screams for mercy unless you makes these brats leave”
- from that day, humanity received a grim reminder

2P! Germany:
- everyone stops what they’re doing an just looks at Lutz with terrified eyes
- while Lutz is just confused
- “why did everyone stop, is the party over?”
- doesn’t really mind and parties along with them, much to his S/O’s dismay

2P! Japan:
- “I do not recall permitting this”
- he won’t end the party, he’ll just ground his child
- “if you’re gonna ground them, why not just stop the party?” “let them suffer”

2P! Romano:
- “I expect everyone to leave before 9 PM for I need my beauty rest”
- will scold their child later
- for now he’ll just let them slide
- but he ain’t allowing anyone doing the fuck fuck in his house, no siree

2P! Prussia:
- “I raised you better than this,,,,,”
- Gilen feels very betrayed, bc instead of just asking him, they just started a party behind his back
- his S/O will do the scolding
- v disappointed look

2P! Austria:
- “I want everyone out of this house right now while you have the chance”
- everyone just makes a run for it, even his child
- face Roland’s wrath, you coward

2P! America:
- “… could’ve just asked…?”
- same scenario with Lutz but less chill
- “if I see anyone making out here, I swear to god,,,,,,,,,”
- will make everyone leave if shit gets out of hand

2P! Canada:
- no one noticed him walk in
- long story short everyone left running because of that
- that and the “I will bring destruction to your family” look

2P! France:
- it toned down when he arrived but he could care less as long as nothing gets broken
- “I’m not taking responsibility for anything that happens”
- and proceeds to go to his room, but is met by two shitheads almost frick fracking
- cue stream of french cussing

2P! Russia:
- the moment he hears loud music blaring he proceeds to the basement
- and then suddenly the power goes out
- “was that really necessary, Ion?”
- house parties are officially banned

2P! China:
- “okaaayyyy I’ll let it slide this time, but tomorrow night, you have to stay at your friends house, because S/O and I have to do something, deal?”
- “dad ew I did not need to know that”
- also joins the party
- but got scolded by his s/o before he gets shitfaced

2P! South Korea:
- casually pipes up next to his child
- “nice party we’re having, amirite?”
- this scared his child shitless
- after that, he proceeds to tell everyone to go home but no one tools him seriously, so he had literally kick someone out

I know lots of people have different views on 2doc. I personally ship it. Am I a bad person? No.


Because nobody is actually getting hurt

They’re cartoons for goodness sake! They aren’t real people! Even if they were real human beings, do you think I want it to be abusive? I absolutely hate the fact that Murdoc abuses 2D. I would be really happy if 2D kicked Murdoc’s ass and put him in a coma because my blue baby boy stood up for himself. I’m interested in 2doc because their personalities are so different and yet, they work together very nicely. It seems that in this new phase, Murdoc is actually aware of what he’s done and is trying to fix his mistakes. 2D and Murdoc seem to be more friendly and less at each other’s throats.

I’m not hurting anybody by shipping them. All I’m doing is looking at fan art and reading fanfic. I’m not killing innocent children and sacrificing them to Murdoc. I’m not insulting anyone who hate 2doc. If you don’t like it, cool. Thats your opinion but don’t come to my message box and tell me I’m scum of the earth for shipping a usually abusive ship. Also, don’t post your hate on the tag. It makes people feel like crap when they see stuff like that.

Overall, as long as you aren’t doing anything too bad or harming anyone, go nuts. Draw some smutty fan art and write that kinky smut fanfic. If you are one of the people messaging 2doc shippers and telling them how disgusting they are, why are you wasting your time? They won’t listen to you. I don’t message you and say why 2doc is amazing because honestly, I don’t give a shit if you hate it but stop making other people feel bad about who they ship. Same goes for 2doc shippers. Don’t go after these accounts. You’re just provoking them to come after the rest of us. It’s better to block them and then continuing with your day.

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Okay so how is having a murderous dictatorship remain in Syria that kills innocent children and has an alliance with ISIS against Kurdish peshmergas and the prodemocratic forces of the Syrian Revolution better for Syria than US intervention?

The Assad regime is not allied with ISIS, but is brutal and violent.

That said, can you name for me some instances of US intervention ultimately succeeding in improving conditions in country since WWII? I can think of one (the War in Afghanistan ultimately left things better there today than they were immediately before, but earlier US intervention there played a primary role in making it so bad in the first place) out of upwards of forty-ish interventions. Given a horrendous track record, the burden of proof is on you to prove US intervention would improve things.

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Ur seriously a sick fuck. I would just love to see your face when someone comes to your house and kills your whole family and tortures you until you're begging to be killed. These people killed innocent children. Seriously get a life and stop wasting it on bad people. Burn in hell. I hope even Satan rejects you.

I’d like to make a small speech if you don’t mind
I’d like to thank everyone who got me here, my 86 followers, my friends, my internet friends I met through true crime and of course, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Dylann Roof, TJ Lane, Richard Ramirez, Jeffrey Dahmer and my boy Ted Bundy
I am truly honoured my friend. Truly honoured.

Gates of Glory, part 8

Loki x Reader

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“You shall get your army, Asgardian, but the price is high”, the Other spoke, “You will be given a sceptre to control the Chitauri, which can be used as a weapon, too. But I will be there, in your mind, no matter where you take it to.”

“You control me through the sceptre”, Loki concluded flatly.

“Hmph”, the Other replied, “I prefer the word watch. You will see the power of the Tesseract once you hold the sceptre, and its true… capacity.”

“Show yourself and we have a deal, other one”, Loki replied coldly.

He heard the dry laugh of the Other before a creature in a cloak appeared in front of him, his teeth resembled the ones of a shark a lot closer than the ones of humans. In his hands, there was the sceptre he talked about. With its tip, the Other one touched Loki’s chest. Loki’s mind was clouded, his vision blurry. Everything around him started to melt into one monotonous colour. There was no light, no shadow. It was just black.

“You desire a throne so much you go as far as to put your life on the line, Asgardian”, he heard from great distance, “You are a child, trying to be a king. The throne of Midgard holds little value to men like me, men that look beyond the nine realms.”

“I don’t need to rule the universe”, Loki replied subconsciously, “All I want… is revenge.”

Slowly, his vision came back. Loki saw the Other standing right in front of him.

“You will have your war, Asgardian. If you fail, if the Tesseract is kept from us, there will be no realm, no barren moon, no crevice, where he cannot find you. You think you know pain?”, the other one lay a hand on his face to threaten him, “He will make you long for something sweet as pain.”


Abel’s eyes widened in disbelief as he struggled to get away from Y/N who had gotten rid of her entire disguise in order to stand in front of the man in full Asgardian warrior’s attire. “You… are meant to be dead!”, he spoke in shock.

“I should be, indeed”, Y/N smiled darkly, “Burnt alive on a pyre, for everyone to see. And yet, I remain standing.”

“What happened to you?”, he asked and stared at the uniform she was wearing.

“I’ve grown, Abel”, Y/N replied, “As of now, I am not in your reach anymore.”

“You cannot outrun destiny”, he growled darkly and reached for a sword on the table to his left. Y/N saw a book next to the sword, a book she knew from her time in Vanaheim. It was the book that kept track of the eldest, their names, their positions.

“I cannot? Well… It won’t be yours to find out”, Y/N’s eyes glistened in the light of the sunset, “Because you are not going to outrun yours. I am your destiny.”

And with these words, Y/N pushed the sword in Abel’s hand to the side, simultaneously switched to a dagger herself and stared the man in the eye who now was face to face with his demise.

“Be the god you’ve always wanted to please”, Y/N growled and slit his throat, “Be dead.”

She watched the man in front of her. He did not need to suffer. She wanted him dead, she didn’t want him to go through hell. Y/N turned her head around to the book she had spotted before. She carefully opened it and went through the names on the list. Most of them, she remembered rather vividly. What was supposed to be an address book changed its purpose to a hit list.


Of course, the day after when the body was discovered by other inhabitants, there was great chaos. But Y/N disappeared again, hiding in the forests around the city long enough to be able to return in another disguise, ready to track the next one on the list down. It became a circle, hiding, disguising, lying, finding, killing. Going back into hiding.
It felt like a short time to Y/N, after all, she had lived for several centuries. Months were… nothing to her. So when she finally made the last, final cut with the dagger in her hands, knowing that her suffering, her desire to see their demise was finally gone, she did not expect to have missed a lot of time in Midgardian or Asgardian measurements. Y/N walked to an isolated place up in the mountains behind her home town to say farewell to her past.
Quietly, she sat down in the grass and looked at the landscape in front of her. It was beautiful. It was not perfect. Her parents had betrayed her, her mentor had betrayed her and the people that claimed to be her friends wanted to sacrifice her to gods that had perished long ago: No, it was far from perfect. But Vanaheim as a hole was more than her story. And her story was finished, now. The ones who chose over the lives and deaths of innocent children had been killed, they had paid the price. She’d never get her childhood back, but she was fine with it. She had survived, only to end up so much stronger. Sometimes, Y/N knew that, going through hell was the only way, and once one goes through hell, stopping, stalling and giving up were not an option. If one goes through hell, one must keep going.
She finally found the end of this part of her life.

Y/N pressed her lips into a fine line, raised her hands and opened the portal to bring herself back to Asgard.


But Asgard… was very different to what she remembered. When Y/N walked towards the golden city’s central part, she found the people to stare at her, which, well, too be fair, she had been gone for a while, but they looked tense, stressed and worried, too.

Y/N frowned and asked one of the royal guards: “Why does everyone look like the skies are about to fall down?”

“Where have you been not to know?”, he asked confused.

Y/N rolled her eyes: “I suppose you understand that I cannot share confidential information with someone who has not got the clearance level needed? I have been on a special mission.”

“Loki”, the guard replied, “Somehow did not die.”

Y/N tried to come up with a good answer, but all she could say was: “Why should he have died??”

“When the Bifrost was destroyed, he fell into the nothingness!”, the guard replied, a bit confused by the fact that Y/N didn’t know any of this.

“So where is he, now?”, Y/N asked tensely.

“He appeared in Midgard”, the guard answered, “With a weapon not from these worlds…alien. Claims to have an army, too.”

“What does he want to do with them?”, Y/N asked confused. Last time she checked, he didn’t care for Midgardians.

“Why does Loki do things, in general? He wants to rule them like he wanted to rule Asgard!”, the guard muttered and pressed his lips together.

Y/N frowned whilst trying to make sense out of all the information she had just received. In her thoughts, she pushed the guard aside and said dryly: “I have to talk to Frigga.”


“Frigga, I know he never held an interest in Midgard!”, Y/N declared when being face to face with the Queen, “Why would he try to rule them if he does not care about them?”

“Y/N”, Frigga looked at her tiredly: “He may did not care about them most of his life, but he did before he fell off the Bifrost.”

“Why? What changed?”, Y/N asked confused, raising an eyebrow and tensely cracking her fingers.  

“A great deal changed”, Frigga replied quietly, “He thought you had died because of the Frost Giants he let in. He wanted to destroy the entire realm of Jotunheim, but Thor wouldn’t let him. That made him absolutely furious, especially because Thor would have let him if he hadn’t changed during the time he was not in Asgard.”

Y/N tried to follow as closely as possible: “So he could not kill the Frost Giants… because of Thor who would not let him because of the Midgardians.”

“Yes, exactly”, Frigga sighted, “And it is obvious that Thor cares about Midgard. He gave them his heart, both metaphorically and literally.”

“He fell in love with a Midgardian?”, Y/N asked sceptically.

“Odin was not pleased”, Frigga nodded silently, “But it cannot be changed.”

“So, Loki wants to take over Midgard”, Y/N recapped, “With a sceptre from… somewhere that’s not in the nine realms?”

“It belongs to a place foreign to us”, Frigga nodded, “And its powers are enormous.”

“Well, that all surely sounds fascinating”, Y/N muttered, “There is just one problem that I see: Whoever gave him the sceptre, will want something in return. No one gives away such a weapon for kind words.”

“He’s after the Tesseract”, Frigga replied, “It’s powers are devastatingly great. Maybe that’s the price Loki has to pay them.”

“The Tesseract?”, Y/N asked confused, “So the one who gave him the sceptre is after the infinity stones.”

“It would appear so”, Frigga replied quietly.

Y/N pressed her lips together and thought about the next move.

“Can Heimdall see Loki?”, she asked.

“Yes, ever since he appeared on earth, he is visible to him”, Frigga confirmed.

“My Queen, will you allow me to see him through Heimdall’s eyes?”, Y/N asked and looked at the Queen.

“You may. I just fear…” Frigga turned away, “The person you and I loved has been lost in the nothingness below Asgard.”

“I know his scemes”, Y/N replied, “And this plan is far too inconsistent to be his and his alone. Take my word as warrior and your friend, this fight will not just be for Midgard. This fight is to find the true enemy, whoever is after the infinity stones.”

“Is that a warrior’s voice, or someone’s hope to find good in something lost?”

Y/N pressed her lips together: “I will find the answer, Frigga. Ugly or not, I must know. And I get what I want, the end justifies the means.”

Y/N bowed and without another word, left the room to search Heimdall.


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The Doctor wouldn’t.  He’d find another way.

i am so tired of the whole “he killed children” argument and it has almost become irrelevant. yes, he did kill innocent children, but he also killed seven innocent adults. what adam did should have never happened, but not talking about the incident is not going to do anything. it NEEDS to be talked about to spread awareness and make a change. not limited to just gun laws, but also better mental health help, support and access as well as intervention. and furthermore, i will not be made to feel bad over the fact that someone forever destroyed young, beautiful lives. it was an absolute tradgedy and i sympathize with the victims, but using their lives as an opposing argument is complete nonsense.


The kkk represent evil and racism against mostly black people. That black people struggle for hundreds of years to be consider equal. Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, malcom X didn’t go through the racist struggle all in vain for us. Black people had to struggle and fight to be seen as human and not property! The kkk did despicable things! Black people were burned and hung from trees, had bombed and killed innocent children just cause of the color of skin! She is old enough to know the difference from right and wrong and she knew what she was doing was not nice at all and to think she thought it was funny, a joke then that makes it even more distasteful! 

Alright, let’s break it down, Game of Thrones folks.


Option 1. Pardon the Ned Umber and Alys Karstark for their fathers’ treason (Jon).

Moral considerations. Not punishing children for their fathers’ actions is Good.

Political considerations  

Karstarks and Umbers: Ned and Alys expected to be punished and are clearly grateful to Jon for having been spared retribution. Moreover, they’re young and impressionable; I strongly doubt that they are ideological Ramsay Bolton diehards or any thing, so this is an opportunity to lock down their future loyalty.

Stark loyalists: There is a real risk that those houses that did fight with Jon and Sansa will resent the lack of consequence for those that didn’t and lack of reward for those that did, as Sansa said. However, with decent political salesmanship, their anger may well be allayed by their admiration for Jon’s sense of mercy and decency – these are children, after all. I think Jon did a good job of this in the episode. Moreover, though they may not receive Karstark and Umber holdings for their service, there are other rewards Jon may offer them, such as promises of marriage with future Stark children. (Or to Jon or Sansa, if it becomes urgently necessary.)

Option 2. Disinherit Alys Karstark and Ned Umber for their fathers’ treason (Sansa).

Moral considerations. This is Bad. Not really bad, because after all, none of the lordlings deserves their castles and lands anyway, but it is nevertheless bad to punish children for the actions of their fathers.

Political considerations 

Karstarks and Umbers: Imagine if you are Alys or Ned. What you thought was your birthright, what you thought would always belong to your family, was taken away from you. Why? Because your father fought for the house that controlled the North at the time; because after the War of the Five Kings, after the Red Wedding, after it seemed that the Bolton grip on Winterfell was certain, he didn’t want to risk more of his men. Wouldn’t you resent those who punished you for this treason? If offered and particularly if there are ambitious adults whispering in your ear, wouldn’t you leap at the chance to turn against the people who took your lands and castle from you in service of an external enemy – like Cersei Lannister, for example?

We don’t need to imagine. We have Theon, raised as a ward at Winterfell as a consequence of the Greyjoy Rebellion, after having watched two brothers die in the war, and clearly felt his situation unjust enough that he was susceptible to the slightest prodding by his father. We have Daenerys, exiled since birth and constantly the target of real or potential assassination attempts, returning to take back what had been taken from her family. We have Arya, at the top of this very episode, reminding us that those who were defeated and punished will not slink quietly into the good night: Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe.

Stark loyalists: They’ll be fine with it.

Option 3. Execute Alys Karstark and Ned Umber for their fathers’ treason.

Note: Obviously, no one suggested this, but I think considering it may help us to understand the pull of moral and political considerations at play.

Moral considerations. Killing children for their fathers’ actions is Very Bad.

Political considerations. One may not be inclined to follow a leader who kills innocent children, even if they do think their houses had it coming. However, this completely resolves any concerns over future treason from the Umbers and Karstarks (assuming they do not have a great number of other heirs), and the loyalists can have new lands and strongholds. 


I think Sansa’s appeal to political pragmatism has sort of muddied the waters because, of course, no one wants to end up like Ned and Robb. But political pragmatism should not be the only consideration at play. This isn’t an idealistic argument – our distaste for Option 3 show that we are taking moral considerations into account. There is a strong case to be made that Option 3 is the best case politically. Yet, I see few people arguing that this what Jon should have done, suggesting that they are viewing this decision as a push-and-pull between moral and political considerations. And they should.

Sansa – and much of the fandom who admire characters like Tywin – confuses harshness with political pragmatism. This just isn’t true. People like Cersei hold people’s loyalty with fear and by the threat of harsh retribution for disloyalty, but it isn’t the only way. The look on young Alys’ and Ned’s faces is proof enough of that. Sansa mentions Robb, but actually, one of the factors behind Robb’s downfall was his adherence to the letter of law and his unwillingness to exercise mercy and understanding to a single bad act by his allies. All things considered, it’s just not clear to me that Option 2 is obviously superior to Option 1 on the political merits.

And even Tywin said:

When your enemies defy you, you must serve them steel and fire. When they go to their knees, however, you must help them back to their feet. (ASoS)

If Jon means to rule, he’ll face no shortage of instances in which he’ll have to put aside moral objections and personal affinities to keep power or merely to stay alive. But if this is not one of them, so why do something you know to be wrong?


Edited to add bit about Robb.


“We shouldn’t kill innocent children… But we are allowed to kill guilty children, right?”

Ein Dalton || MS Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans

To everyone celebrating Castro’s death because he was a “commie”, you’re wrong. To everyone mourning him because he was an anti-imperialist/anti-capitalist revolutionary, you’re wrong too. He was a disgusting, ruthless, murderer. My family was torn apart by this man, murdered by this man. Countless other families have gone through the same thing. And for god’s sake, stop the Che worship. He was a murderer and a racist. Killed innocent children, actually. Go find your fucking anti-capitalist, communist icons elsewhere. 

anonymous asked:

You never risk more death of innocent lives for fear of "not doing the right thing." World rarely is so black and white, and sometimes harsh measures need to be taken. So if self-interest means protecting the greater whole, fine, cus numbers always trump self-serving honor (what Sasuke is basically doing. Aslo, arguing the moral implications of having ninja around is trivial; insinuating having a military is immoral because of the damage it may cause in the future is a tad bit nescient, isn't it

Think of it like this: would you choose to kill a dozen today to save a thousand tomorrow, or kill hundreds on a battlefield?

The obvious answer should be you DON’T kill innocent, you don’t kill children, you don’t kill civilians. 

First we’re talking about the “possibility” of a civil war, that’s a really weak argument for mass murder.

Second, in a war, trained combatants kill each other. They got to the battlefield prepared for this, and they made the decisions whatever at stakes are worth dying for.

In a massacre, civilians got slaughtered indiscriminately. They didn’t sign up for anything like dying for your country or freedom. They didn’t choose to use violence to resolve conflicts, they’re just having dinner and they got butchered because they happened to be in the group of the “smaller” number.

You tell me, this is better than a war, you’re crazy.

I’m guessing you also don’t give a shit about minority rights. By your logic, if the “smaller number” deserve to die so that the “greater number” group can live, without any consequences for their violence, I shudder to think how you’d treat minority rights.

I’ll give you a real world example, Sunni and Shia muslims have centuries’ conflicts, using your logic, to prevent any more internal strife, all sunni in Iraq and Iran should be exterminated.

That’d be crime against humanity. 

Tbh, even tho I’m aware this “greater number trumps morals” mentality is pretty common, because let’s be honest, counting numbers is way simpler than making decisions based on moral principles. It still baffles me how people are so lazy with their thinking when it comes to important moral decisions.

The other thing is people often confuse mercenaries with our military. Ninja are mercenaries, not state owned military. They exist to sustain themselves by taking jobs from private clients. They do not exist to protect anyone but their own interests. There’s nothing immoral about trying to get rid of mercenaries.

Also, what Sasuke said about his revenge is it’s an eye for an eye, he never said it’s honorable or it’s justice. That’s way more honesty than people who insist “greater number trumps morals” is the “right thing” to do. I’d have more respect for the “greater number” group if they can admit they happen to be in the greater number, it’s self interest, than this “all moral decisions come down to maths” nonsense.