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Oh Kageyama…

(This was supposed to come out around prom season but school and life happened. Soooo 7 months after I started it, its here now… :) )


Aside from desktop wallpapers, I also made some for phones.  Here’s my Persona collection so far.

Dimensions: 1440x2550 px

My DeSu 1 and 2 phone wallpapers and HQ versions of these on my Imgur

@flugglug @thebravoshow @growupkiddos @blackzodiacqueen @loudsoda @rotinutellaenak @zubneogeist Cool guys! I have edited all of our Flugs into one group to keep it a bit more organized. Thanks for participating and keep up the great artwork!


Let’s do a Flug pile! Tag with #star flug pile so I can find it easy! 👌